Chapter 1472 - Brahma Monarch’s Secret

“How does she know about the Primordial Seal of Life and Death!?” Qianye Fantian actually seemed to have lost control of his emotions as he roared in a low voice.

Because that was his greatest secret, and it was the greatest secret of the Brahma Monarch God Realm as well!

It was only after he had let out that low roar that he suddenly grew vigilant. With a wave of his arm, he conjured up a huge sound-proof barrier.

The Primordial Seal of Life and Death was the third ranked heavenly treasure, second only to the Ancestral Sword and the Evil Infant’s Wheel. It belonged to the primordial Creation Goddess of Life, Li Suo. If it recognizes one as its master, that person would have a limitless lifespan.

In other words, they would have eternal life!

Even though it was not the strongest treasure, the two words “eternal life” were undoubtedly the goal of all creation, and that was true even if they were True Gods or True Devils. 

If all seven great Heavenly Profound Treasures were placed in front of a person, and he could choose any one of them, the Seal of Life and Death would be chosen by most people instead of the Ancestral Sword or the Evil Infant Wheel!

It was recorded in ancient times that when the Creation Goddess of Life, Li Suo, died, the Primordial Seal of Life and Death fell into the hands of the devil race. Since then, there had been no news of its and it had not reappeared in the present world either.

But in actual fact, it had been obtained by the Brahma Monarch God Realm a hundred thousand years ago.

It was just that after it went through the first Calamity of the Evil Infant, the Primordial Seal of Life and Death, which was most afraid of the power of darkness, was just like the Sky Poison Pearl. Its spirit had died long ago, leaving behind a dead Primordial Seal of Life and Death.

Yes, the Primordial Seal of Life and Death that was able to give eternal life to any living being was dead. Even though it sounded rather subtle, those were the facts.

But given the temptation of those two words “eternal life”, how could the Brahma Monarch God Realm simply give up because it was dead? Over the intervening years, all the Brahma Heaven God Emperors had spared no effort in searching for a method to revive the Primordial Seal of Life and Death.

Ever since the Brahma Heaven God Emperor of two generations ago found the Primordial Seal of Life and Death, its existence had been the greatest secret of the Brahma Monarch God Realm. Its existence was only known by all the previous Brahma Heaven God Emperors and Brahma Gods, even the Brahma Kings were not qualified to know about it.  

If news that the Primordial Seal of Life and Death was in the Brahma Monarch God Realm were spread to others, it would unquestionably gather the attention of countless pairs of greedy eyes. Even if it was the number one king realm in the Eastern Region, even if they knew that the Primordial Seal of Life and Death was dead, and even if no one from the Brahma Monarch God Realm had ever attained “eternal life”. It certainly would not extinguish the insanity that the two words “eternal life” sparked in all living beings.

Currently, the Brahma Monarch God Realm had just lost the Three Brahma Gods and they were also being oppressed by Yun Che, who had the backing of a Devil Emperor… If this matter was leaked out, the Southern Sea God Realm would most definitely start making trouble for them immediately!

No, perhaps they would not even need to wait for the Southern Sea God Realm, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself might just show up herself!

The device for eternal life was something that was enough to thoroughly excite the greed of even a Devil Emperor.

And this is also why Qianye Fantian would have such a reaction after hearing what Qianye Ying’er had said.

“Over the last few years, Xia Qingyue has been busy suppressing the civil unrest in the Moon God Realm, so she has never once left her realm. It is impossible for her to learn of this on her own,” Qianye Ying’er said in a low voice. “The only possibility is Yue Wuya!”

Qianye Fantian’s gaze turned dark and gloomy.

“I already realized quite some time back that he had long known that what had happened to Yue Wugou was my doing. He never showed it in public, but he secretly laid quite a few traps,” Qianye Ying’er said, “but you don’t have to be too worried, Royal Father.  Even if the Moon God Realm has picked up some clues, they are still only limited to guessing. If they dare to spread this matter, I have countless ways to make it seem as if the Primordial Seal of Life and Death is actually in the Moon God Realm instead.”

“Also, the Moon God Realm doesn’t have the qualifications to fall out with us publicly.”

“Perhaps not in the past, but now times are different.” Qianye Fantian’s brow furrowed even more, “If Yun Che told the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor about this matter… then we won’t be able to predict what happens next.”

“No, he wouldn’t dare.” Qianye Ying’er gave a soft snort, “If the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor attained the Primordial Seal of Life and Death in that manner, she would favor him even more. But if not, she would think that he had deceived her and it would only result in her anger, the anger brought about from gaining nothing, being directed towards him. Does Royal Father think that Yun Che would risk that before he gained any confirmation?”

“That is precisely why Yun Che and Xia Qingyue came here. They have most likely come to seek confirmation on this matter!” Even Qianye Fantian’s eyes would show signs of anxiety when others touched upon his greatest secret, “Cleansing the devilish energy is but a ruse, coming to settle our differences is also a pretense. This time there was no mention of it, but the next time…” 

He sucked in a deep breath and turned his body suddenly, “Ying’er, inform the rest that I need to spend the next two days in quiet contemplation, no one is to disturb me!”


The same profound ark was traveling through the cosmos once more, but this time, its destination was the Moon God Realm.

“Mission accomplished!” Yun Che stretched his body, “Qingyue, can you tell me what your purpose was now?”

“I will tell you everything after we reach the Moon God Realm. Only you can accomplish this task,” Xia Qingyue told him.

“Hmm…” Yun Che thought about it for a moment before he said, “Putting your goals aside, the trip we made today was probably just a ruse to distract the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, wasn’t it?”


“Pardon me for being candid,” Yun Che glanced at Xia Qingyue, “this ruse might perhaps deceive others, but it would not be able to deceive Qianye Fantian. Otherwise, his title as number one god emperor would have been for nothing… but then again, you should be well aware of this, right?”

“My goal was precisely not to deceive him,” Xia Qingyue said serenely. “His mind and his thoughts should have been led to ‘another place’ now.”

“Another place?” Yun Che asked puzzledly, “What other place?”

“I know another one of his secrets, and he should also be aware that I know of this secret. Our ‘visit’ this time was initiated by you and he originally had suspicions about it. So by suddenly coming together with you… he would definitely think in that direction, even without a word being said.” Xia Qingyue stared at the moon as she said, “For sure!”

“Oh?” Yun Che raised his brows, “Why are you so certain?” 

“Because this is the secret that Qianye Fantian is most afraid of being exposed, he will naturally be extremely sensitive about it. Once it is touched upon, he will be unable to take his mind off it. But he does not know… that the true goal was to deceive him all along.”

If Yun Che made contact with Xia Qingyue’s eyes at this moment, he would probably be “afraid” of her.

“Such a secret actually exists in the Brahma Monarch God Realm?” Yun Che thought for a moment before asking, “Can I know what that secret that is?”


“Tch, I knew it.” Yun Che pouted.

“Knowing of it now brings you no benefit,” Xia Qingyue said. “If one day your strength is able to grow to the extent where the Brahma Monarch God Realm fears you, I will tell you everything without you even needing to ask. It is also entirely up to you to decide what to do when you know the secret.”

“Alright!” Yun Che stretched out his finger, “That’s a promise!”

The Moon God Realm was located not far from the Brahma Monarch God Realm. After a short few hours, the Moon God Realm started to appear in their line of sight.

The return of a god emperor was supposed to be a huge matter. But Xia Qingyue had already stored the profound ark in advance and intentionally concealed her aura. She hid from everyone else and directly brought Yun Che to Divine Moon City.

Obviously, she had no intention of letting others know that Yun Che had arrived in the Moon God Realm.

“It seems that you don’t want others to know that I have arrived. And here I thought that you would welcome me into the Moon God Realm with great fanfare,” Yun Che said with some slight bitterness.  

“You don’t have a good reputation in the Moon God Realm!” Xia Qingyue coolly replied. “If you don’t want any trouble, stay here quietly and don’t go anywhere.”

While speaking, she brought Yun Che past the barrier surrounding the god emperor’s bedchambers.

This was the sleeping quarters of Xia Qingyue, but it was also a special small world. A slow gentle breeze welcomed them as they entered. The murmuring sound of water entered their ears and gentle moonlight that came out of nowhere seemed to spill across the floor. It was as if he had suddenly entered a moonlit fairyland that was as beautiful as a painting.

The gentle moonlight reflected the beautiful figures of three young maidens. 

They came over directly, their steps light and graceful. Though their robes were of different colors, they could violently move the hearts of others. Their skin was white as snow, delicate, and translucent. Their figures were slender and graceful, with elegant curves in all the right places. Though they had different temperaments, their faces were as beautiful as a painting or a poem. 

“This servant girl welcomes Master and Young Master Yun.”

All of three of them greeted Yun Che and Xia Qingyue with a bow, and they were not surprised at the arrival of Yun Che either. It was clear that Xia Qingyue had transmitted word of Yun Che’s arrival beforehand.

Among the three girls, Yun Che recognized the one in the middle who was wearing a yellow robe. He recalled that her name was Jin Yue but this was the first time he had seen the other two. They stood side by side and they were so dazzling that even Yun Che felt dizzy while he looked at them… Even with Xia Qingyue beside them, they all looked stunning beyond compare, enough to send ripples through any man’s heart while causing their minds to run wild with fanciful thoughts.

“You may all leave,” Xia Qingyue said. “During the next few days, no one is to come in without my instructions.”

“Yes.” Jin Yue, Yao Yue, Lian Yue all complied obediently before softly leaving, and only their fragrance was left floating in the air.

“The Moon God Realm is truly a great place,” Yun Che said beamingly. “But it’s a good thing that your personal servants are all ladies, if they were men… I would most definitely chase all of them out for you!!”

“As the Moon God Emperor, I am even allowed to have a thousand male concubines, let alone male servants.” Xia Qingyue’s beautiful pupils shot him a leisurely and indifferent glance from the corner of her eye.  

“Male concubines?” Yun Che suddenly ground his teeth, “If you truly dared to take any, I will kill as many as you have taken!”

“Oh really?” Xia Qingyue gave a smile that did not seem like a smile as she said, “Let’s not talk about male concubines first, if you are able to chase off those three servant girls you saw just now, I will be yours to deal with. How’s that?”

“Oh right, don’t blame me for not telling you this later.” Without waiting for Yun Che to reply, Xia Qingyue continued, “The three of them, Jin Yue and Lian Yue are my personal Divine Moon Envoys, and each of their cultivations is that of a fifth level Divine Master. And Yao Yue, who looks like she’s the weakest and easiest to bully is my assistant Moon God and like me, she is one of the Twelve Moon Gods of the Moon God Realm. Her strength among the Moon Gods is second only to me and the Golden Moon God.”

 “~!@#¥%…” Yun Che was just about to speak when his words were smashed back down into his stomach by a hammer.

“So if you can’t keep your hands to yourself and offend them in any way and their hands were to slip, even a hundred lives wouldn’t be able to save you.”

“...” Yun Che heavily swallowed a mouthful of saliva. If one could become the servant girl of a god emperor, they naturally could not be ordinary people.

Those three young maidens looked so delicate and gentle that they looked even less threatening than a rabbit. But they were far too extraordinary, weren’t they!?

“You don’t have enough strength so don’t flippantly speak such nonsense. Do you really think that you have the capability to stop me if I wanted to take a male concubine?”

“Even if I can’t stop it, I still have to try!” Yun Che said in a fit of pique, but his expression turned serious afterwards, “But I believe that you definitely won’t do that.”

Xia Qingyue gave a small smirk, “Do you think that everyone is as lecherous as you?”

“Uh…” Yun Che was momentarily at a loss for words.

Xia Qingyue did not mock him any further. She slowly took a few steps forward and as she stood in the moonlight, a light breeze blew by her, causing her black hair and purple robes to flutter in the wind. This unintentionally outlined her wonderfully shocking curves and caused Yun Che to stop and stare.

Xia Qingyue brought her pale hands behind her back, as though she had sensed his suddenly still gaze. Her broad and lustrously purple muslin sleeves naturally fell past her rounded and provocative buttocks, blocking Yun Che’s vision. “I will now tell you what you have to do next.”

“The first time that you helped Qianye Fantian cleanse the devilish energy, you had a few impulses to poison him and you also said that he would not find out. I did not understand what you meant back then but I understood later on when I found out that you possessed the Sky Poison Pearl. So then…” Xia Qingyue slightly narrowed her eyes as a misty and chilling look appeared in them, “I want you to go ahead with your original plan the next time you help him cleanse the devilish energy from his body and take the opportunity to release the poison of the Sky Poison Pearl when your profound energy enters his body!”

Yun Che’s brows furrowed and he said, “With the current aura of the Primal Chaos, the potency of the Sky Poison Pearl is recovering at an extremely slow speed. Judging from its current recovery speed, he would not die even if I were to release all of its poison.”

“When my profound energy entered his body the last time, it was but a wild thought that naturally came about when such an opportune moment presented itself. It can’t even be counted as a rash move. Not only that… even if I truly could poison him to death at that moment, it would only be an impulse and I would not really act on it.”

Xia Qingyue slowly replied, “I don’t want you to poison him to death, and you also won’t be able to poison him to death either. What I want is for Qianye Fantian to be in desperate straits, not for him to meet a dead end!”

For one to be in desperate straits would bring about hope and struggle in the other party, but if one were to meet a dead end… it would only provoke a desperate counterattack and result in an unrelenting fight to the death.

The latter was definitely something that both Yun Che and the Moon God Realm would not be able to handle.