Chapter 1471 - Arrangement

“Ying’er, stay hidden for now. You are not to reveal yourself,” Qianye Fantian said as his eyebrows pinched together.

Qianye Ying’er’s golden eyes slanted as she coldly asked, “When did my royal father, who has always looked down on the world, become so timid and fearful?”

“This is an order!” Qianye Fantian’s voice suddenly went cold.

Qianye Ying’er gave a small frown. This was the first time Qianye Fantian had spoken to her like this since she became a Divine Master.

“Since it is Royal Father’s command, then how would Ying’er dare to disobey,” she said indifferently. “However, I will decide whether to reveal myself or not!”

After her voice fell, her figure had already silently vanished into thin air like drifting mist.

Qianye Fantian pondered the issue with a sunken brow before sending out a sound transmission, “Number Nine, go and personally welcome Yun Che and the Moon God Emperor, and bring them directly into the temple. Remember, you must not be rude.”


Starlight permeated the Star God Realm, moonlight filled the skies in the Moon God Realm, and the Eternal Heaven God Realm was wreathed by clouds and mist. When Yun Che had first entered the three great king realms of the Eastern Divine Region, he felt as if he had entered some sort of heavenly celestial realm.

But the moment he entered the Brahma Monarch God Realm, the strongest king realm in the Eastern Region, he did not see any gaudy landscape nor did he see the unique profound light that was representative of the other king realms. All of the buildings were simple and bland, their edges and angles clear and distinct, a cold metallic light gleamed off the surface of the buildings and even the most ordinary house released an aggressive invasiveness. 

Furthermore, with every step and breath that Yun Che took, he could sense an indescribably violent and frenzied feeling from the aura in this place. This was especially so for the elemental auras in this place; they were far more active and violent here than they had been in the other three king realms. 

As Yun Che continued to walk, every person whom his spiritual perception had come into contact with, whether they were old, young, man or woman, even children, everyone radiated an aura that made him secretly gasp in astonishment.

Mu Xuanyin had told him long ago that there were no ordinary people in the Brahma Monarch Realm, but now that he saw it with his own two eyes, he could not help but feel shocked.

“There are no ordinary people in Brahma Monarch,” Xia Qingyue, who was beside him, said, “you’ve definitely heard that phrase before. All of the profound practitioners in the Brahma Monarch God Realm view the profound way as their very lives. From the moment they are born, a burning desire to reach the very limits of the profound way has been instilled and nurtured in them. In this place, the weak are despised, and laziness is viewed as a disgrace. In such an environment, everyone will become a lunatic.”

“Qianye Ying’er is a lunatic,” Yun Che said with cold eyes.

“You’re right, she’s a lunatic through and through. In order to reach an even higher level in the profound way, there is nothing that she would not do,” Xia Qingyue replied. “This sort of conviction and ambition may seem completely deranged to you, but in the Brahma Monarch God Realm, it could not be more than ordinary.”

“The Qianye Fantian back then surpassed even the current Qianye Ying’er!”

When she mentioned Qianye Ying’er, Xia Qingyue’s expression did not change, but when she mentioned Qianye Fantian, a purple light uncontrollably flashed in her eyes. 

After having inherited Yue Wuya’s memories, her apprehension towards Qianye Fantian was several times greater than it was towards Qianye Ying’er!

The number one god emperor… The ones who were able to obtain such a title, which of them were not emperors amongst emperors and demons amongst demons!?

“Qingyue, after the Brahma Monarch God Realm lost the Three Brahma Gods, are they still stronger than the Eternal Heaven God Realm?” Yun Che asked.

“Without a doubt, the one who is stronger is still the Brahma Monarch God Realm,” Xia Qingyue said without even a moment of thought. “Just the strength that the Brahma Monarch God Realm openly displays is already incomparably frightening, to say nothing of… the fact that no one has ever been able to see the entirety of the Brahma Monarch God Realm.”

Despite losing the Three Brahma Gods who were second only to the god emperors, the Brahma Monarch God Realm’s strength was actually still above the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s… It was truly frightening.

At this moment, a dull-golden figure appeared in their vision as it swiftly approached them.

It was a short middle-aged man with a cheery face and unremarkable features. He raised his hands in greeting and said, “Number Nine welcomes the visit of the Moon God Emperor and the God Child Yun.”

His tone was gentle, lacking any sharpness, and his expression even looked a bit silly… But the faint light shooting from those long and narrow eyes, that had been narrowed into slits, told Yun Che that this was definitely an extremely scary person. 

“Ah, so it’s the Ninth Brahma King, you look exactly like the rumors described you,” Xia Qingyue said as she shot him a glance and gave a small nod of her head.

The Ninth… Brahma King!?

This person was actually one of the Brahma Kings of the Brahma Monarch God Realm!

The look in Yun Che’s eyes changed slightly, as he firmly etched this person’s features into memory.

“Being able to see the new Moon God Emperor and God Child Yun, who saved all of creation from the returned Devil Emperor, is truly Number Nine’s good fortune.” The Ninth Brahma King gave another bow, his behavior seemed to be charmingly naive as he said, “The god emperor is already waiting for the two of you in the temple, please.”

The two of them followed the Ninth Brahma King into the Brahma Heaven Temple. Once they walked inside, they saw that Qianye Fantian had already come out to greet them. He said with a face full of smiles, “God Child Yun, Moon God Emperor, for either one of you to be able to come here is already an event that would brighten the entire realm. So for the both of you to come this day, this Qianye is well and truly honored.”

His greeting addressed “God Child Yun” first and “Moon God Emperor” second… Yun Che’s brows twitched at that. Mnnn, for the husband to come before the wife, how very appropriate!

“There is no need for the Brahma Heaven God Emperor to waste his time on courtesies.” Yun Che spoke before Xia Qingyue could open her mouth, “Since I promised that I would cleanse the devilish energy from your body, I won’t go back on my words. Also, I am finally able to see what the number one king realm in the Eastern Divine Region looks like thanks to this, so it was a fruitful trip.”

“This Qingyue did not inform you in advance so I was presumptuous in coming. I hope that the Brahma Heaven God Emperor does not take offense to that,” Xia Qingyue said with a small curtsy.

“He he, what is the Moon God Emperor even saying? Please, come in,” Qianye Fantian said with a chuckle as he stretched out a hand to welcome them. At the same time, his eyes slanted to the side as he continued, “Number Nine, you may take your leave. Inform everyone else that we are not to be disturbed.”

“Yes,” the Ninth Brahma King did not ask a single question as he quickly left.

After they entered the temple, Qianye Fantian once again repeated a string of pleasant courtesies, it was clear that he was treating them as honored guests. He said to Yun Che, “God Child Yun, it is rare for you to come to my Brahma Monarch God Realm, so how about you let this king show you around the place for a bit? Even though the scenery cannot be compared to the Star God Realm, the Moon God Realm, or the Eternal Heaven Realm, it has its own unique charms.”

“Please do not trouble yourself,” Yun Che also replied in a refined and courteous manner. “This junior has come to help the Brahma Heaven God Emperor cleanse away his devilish energy. Oh, that’s right…”

“Is the Lady Goddess here?” he asked in a seemingly casual manner.

“Ah, as luck would have it,” Qianye Fantian said in a regretful voice, “Ying’er is often abroad and she very rarely returns to the realm. Even now, I don’t know her whereabouts. However, if God Child Yun is interested, this Qianye will tell her to return to the realm immediately.”

“Oh, there’s no need. This junior was simply asking,” Yun Che said with a faint smile as he stood up. “Brahma Heaven God Emperor, your time is extremely precious, this junior does not dare disturb you anymore. So let me start cleansing away the devilish energy in your body.”

“Alright, then I’ll have to trouble the God Child Yun,” Qianye Fantian did not decline and stood up as well. “That’s right, I still do not know why the Moon God Emperor has chosen to personally pay me a visit. Is there anything I can provide guidance on?”

“I would not dare to ask you for your guidance.” Compared to Yun Che, Xia Qingyue’s tone was harsh and cold, “But since Yun Che’s safety concerns the fate of our current universe, I naturally need to ensure that he is safe and sound.”

Qianye Fantian smiled and said, “All living beings in this world owe a debt of gratitude to God Child Yun, so who would dare to offend God Child Yun now? Would that not be tantamount to provoking the wrath of all under heaven?”

“There are many bold people in this world, especially in your Brahma Monarch God Realm. So what does the Brahma Heaven God Emperor think?” Xia Qingyue asked indifferently.

“Hahahaha,” Qianye Fantian let out a loud laugh as he said, “this Qianye will calmly accept the praise of the Moon God Emperor. Since that is the case, I will trouble the Moon God Emperor to protect God Child Yun.”

After that, Yun Che released light profound energy and began to once again cleanse the Brahma Heaven God Emperor of the Evil Infant’s devilish energy. He had not forgotten what Xia Qingyue had said, and the light profound energy he released was several degrees weaker than what it had been last time, he even got distracted a few times during the process of the purification.

Perhaps normal people would not be able to detect these tiny changes, but Qianye Fantian definitely would.

After many hours had passed, Yun Che’s brow was already full of sweat and he was in a state of exhaustion. He ended the purification then and there as he opened his eyes and said to Qianye Fantian, “This junior’s cultivation is too shallow, so I definitely must have made a fool of myself in front of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor. This junior will come another day to purify Senior again. After that, we must ‘handle’ the matter of the Devil Emperor returning to this world, so I’m afraid that it will be hard to find an opportunity to completely cleanse the Brahma Heaven God Emperor of his devilish energy.”

“No matter, no matter. Of course, important things must come first,” Qianye Fantian hurriedly said, “God Child Yun has bestowed his favor upon me time and again, so this Qianye is simply filled with gratitude. When I think of the offenses my daughter has committed against God Child Yun, I am filled with extreme terror and guilt.”

Yun Che laughed and said, “Since it is grievance, then the sooner we resolve it, the better. If not, a grudge will only become harder and harder to solve. This junior hopes that when he visits you again, I would have the ~fortune~ to meet the Lady Goddess.”

“Fine!” Qianye Fantian nodded his head without the slightest hint of hesitation, “God Child Yun is right. Since God Child Yun has such a wish, then this Qianye will send a sound transmission ordering her to return to the realm before tomorrow ends. So that she can apologize to God Child Yun for her actions back then.”

“Mn, then I will have to trouble the Brahma Heaven God Emperor,” Yun Che said with a seemingly casual nod of his head.

“God Child Yun is already exhausted, so why don’t you rest and recuperate in my Brahma Monarch God Realm for these two days. If you need anything, feel free to ask, you definitely must not stand on ceremony.”

“There is no need,” Xia Qingyue spoke up just as Yun Che was about to agree to the suggestion. “For the next two days, this Qingyue will shuttle him back and forth from the Moon God Realm, so we won’t need to trouble the Brahma Heaven God Emperor to accommodate us.”

“This…” An anxious look appeared on Qianye Fantian’s face as he said, “Without the favor of God Child Yun, this Qianye does not know how many times I would have to endure a torment that devoured both heart and soul over the past few days. The Dragon Queen is in seclusion, so there was no one for me to turn to. The favor of God Child Yun is like a gift from heaven, and this Qianye still does not know how to repay him. At the very least, allow me to show my friendship…” 

“Since I said there is no need, there is no need.” Xia Qingyue’s voice was laced coldness as she said in a frank tone, “The aura of the Brahma Monarch God Realm is indeed worthy of its reputation, this king does not feel quite used to it. But if I were to leave Yun Che here alone, this king would not be able to feel at ease either, so it is best for us to return to the Moon God Realm!”

“Yun Che, let us leave.” As Xia Qingyue said those words, she started to leave together with Yun Che.

“Since that is the case, then we will follow the will of the Moon God Emperor.” It seemed as if Qianye Fantian was not angry at all. He did not try to persuade them to stay any longer as he stood up to send them off.

After sending Yun Che and Xia Qingyue off, the smile on Qianye Fantian’s gradually started to disappear and a rare puzzled expression slowly replaced it.

Qianye Ying’er appeared at his side and she did not speak for a long time.

“When Yun Che helped me cleanse away that devilish energy, he clearly had other ideas, and cleansing away this devilish energy was merely a pretense. But it did not seem as if he had come because of you either. Even though Yun Che mentioned you twice, and his tone was serious, it… seemed a little too deliberate.”

“This coupled with the Moon God Emperor… Just what exactly are they trying to do?” Qianye Fantian said as he pondered the question with knitted brows.

At this time, Qianye Ying’er’s eyebrows suddenly sank and she uttered seven words in an incomparably low and deep voice, “The Primordial Seal of Life and Death!”

“?” Qianye Fantian instantly shot her a look.

“Xia Qingyue… She somehow found out about the Primordial Seal of Life and Death. Just a little over a month ago, she even came here to threaten me.” Upon recalling the words Xia Qingyue had said on that day, an incomparably dangerous light flashed through her eyes.

“What!?” Qianye Fantian’s complexion drastically changed.