Chapter 654: Clan Extermination (2)

When the Fu Clan Ancestor flew out of scope of the Fu Clan Castle, he heard woman’s soft voice speak, “Your earth movement technique is truly slow. How about you hand over your head and allow me to report back to Master?”

The Fu Clan Ancestor was greatly shocked and couldn’t help but stop. In a white blur, a gorgeous beauty appeared before him. She stood only a meter before him and faced him with an enchanting smile.

“You...” Just as the Fu Clan Ancestor was about to cry out in alarm, the woman parted her sweet lips and blew out a pink fragrance mist, enveloping the vulnerable Fu Clan Ancestor in an instant.

The Fu Clan Ancestor inwardly cursed. He hastily attempted to cast a spell and flee, but the sweet scent made rendered his body lax and powerless. Before he could do anything to defend himself, he fell unconscious.

When Silvermoon saw that her prey had fallen unconscious, she faintly smiled and casually waved her hand, sending a white crescent streak towards his neck.

Blood splattered.


Inside the large hall of the Fu Clan Castle there were several hundred guests that were festively chatting. Several Core Formation cultivators that had personally come to pay their respects were kept company by a few of the higher grade cultivators in the Fu Clan. Friendly relations flourished between the guests and hosts.

But suddenly, there were several screams of anguish that could be faintly heard from outside the hall. The bustling voices in the hall came to an abrupt stop, and many guests looked at each other in dismay. A few of the more quick-witted cultivators immediately turned their gazes onto the Fu Clan cultivators.

The blue-robed old man sitting at the side of the two Devilflame Sect enforcers also appeared shocked, but soon, he wore a calm expression and loudly shouted, “Everyone, please do not worry. It is possible it is but a small matter. I will call over someone and see what’s going on.” He was the younger cousin of the Fu Clan Ancestor and was the third Fu Clan Core Formation cultivator.

At that moment, he excused himself from the company of the two Devilflame Sect enforcers and turned to the two Fu Clan cultivators standing behind him. He immediately gave them orders to quickly rush out the hall and report back.

The two Devilflame Core Formation cultivators both appeared calm, but they glanced at each other with a trace of doubt.

Two more miserable screams came from the outside. It was clear that the two Fu Clan cultivators that were sent outside had met a vicious attack. The guests in the hall had clearly heard this, and their expressions vastly changed.

The blue-robed old man’s expression grew unsightly and he deeply sighed before standing up. He said with a deep voice, “Activate the hall’s restrictions and quickly send word to the Ancestor.”

When a nearby Fu Clan cultivator heard this, he acknowledged the order with a pale complexion. He then took out a sound transmission talisman from his robes and whispered a few words before releasing it.

The talisman shot out from the roof in a streak of red light, but a moment later, the cultivator spoke with a raspy voice, “Not good! The sound transmission talisman was shot down. We seem to be surrounded.”

When this was said, even the Core Formation guests couldn’t remain calm.

The pockmarked Devilflame Sect Enforcer frowned and said, “Fellow Daoist Fu, it seems enemies have snuck into your castle. Brother Sun and I will go out with you and have a look.”

The blue-robed old man’s anxiousness was greatly relieved upon hearing him. He immediately rejoiced and said, “I am greatly thankful for your assistance. I will have to trouble you to do so.”

The middle-aged man surnamed Sun frowned as if disapproving of his companion’s actions, but he followed him nevertheless.

As for the remaining four Core Formation cultivators in the hall, they glanced at each other and didn’t reveal the slightest intent to help. The others in the hall grew completely silent, watching the three Core Formation cultivators walk out from the hall.

As the three calmly approached the hall door, loud buzzing suddenly came from outside the hall. The three couldn’t help but halt their steps upon hearing this.

In the blink of an eye, a thirty-meter-long beam of azure light swept inside and wrapped around the three Core Formation cultivators. A dozen lines of fine azure light then shot out from the azure beam in a display of blinding brilliance, forcing the cultivators in the hall to momentarily close their eyes. In that instant, the azure beam spiralled throughout the hall.

The blue-clothed old man and the two Devilflame Sect cultivators halted and their bodies grew motionless as if from shock. As the cultivators in the hall were stunned in their awe, they were completely oblivious to what was happening.

The sudden shriek of a female cultivator attracted the attention of all in the room.

The paled female cultivator was sitting at the side of a Fu Clan steward whose head had tumbled down at an unknown time. The headless corpse was still sitting upright as blood sprayed from its severed neck.

The other cultivators then discovered that tens of Fu Clan cultivators, regardless of their rank, had their heads tumbling onto the ground in a silent death.

“The azure light! Someone is using a magic treasure to attack them! Fellow Daoist Fu, you must...” A cultivator who had decent relations to the Fu Clan loudly shouted in alarm as if to warn the three Core Formation cultivators, but soon, his words came to a sudden stop and his face became ashen.

At that moment, the blue-robed old man and company suddenly split into pieces as if they were made of paper. Their bodies had collapsed into piles of gore.

When this occurred, the guests of the birthday celebration felt their breath turn cold. Although these cultivators were able to somewhat keep their calm previously, they were now in a complete panic. Each of them enveloped themselves in a colorful barrier and filled the room with the bright glow of various colored lights. Magic tools of all sorts began to float in front of many cultivators. Even a few of the cultivators who held more than friendly relations to the Fu Clan gathered together restlessly with terrified expressions.

For three Core Formation cultivators and tens of Fu Clan disciples to be killed in the instant, how could it be anything else apart from the fearful existence known as a Nascent Soul cultivator! If it was truly a Nascent Soul cultivator, killing everyone else in the hall should be an extremely easy matter.

As fear filled the hearts of those present, none dared to make any noise. Many guests presently felt vast regret for attending this Fu Clan celebration. Wouldn’t they be caught in the crossfire?

Deathly silence filled the hall.

A few of the Core Formation cultivators with stronger spiritual senses thought to stealthily release their spiritual sense to observe the outside. However, the Fu Clan had placed down many spiritual sense restrictions in order to protect their secrets from prying eyes. As a result, they were blocked and couldn’t help but resentfully curse the Fu Clan.

As anxiousness filled the hall, the voice of an unfamiliar man spoke, “Those present are restricted from leaving this hall for two hours. Those who disobey will be killed! After those two hours are over, you may leave as you wish.”

The man’s voice was simple and cold, but it also carried an indescribable malice, shaking the hearts of those who heard it. Once those words were said, the cultivators in the room were greatly relieved. From his tone, it appeared that he had no intention of killing them.

However, they clearly understood that they were spared most likely because they hadn’t seen the man’s true appearance. As such, none dared to disobey him.  As for taking revenge for the Fu Clan, the thought itself was a joke. Even if one had the capability, who would feud with a Nascent Soul cultivator over the mere Fu Clan?

The two hours passed by neither fast nor slowly.

During this time apart from a few whispers, screams of anguish occasionally came from the outside. They were curt and lasted only a moment. It was clear none in the Fu Clan castle was able to retaliate as they were killed.

The cultivators in the hall felt their heart tremble upon hearing these screams. Each of them guessed that the Fu Clan had offended an expert or great power and was being exterminated as a result. There were many in the hall that felt schadenfreude or pity for them.

After the time it took to finish the cup of tea, the screams in the Fu Castle had ceased and the outside became as silent as within the hall. The guests then glanced at one another but none of them dared to act rashly.

Once the two hours had passed, the man’s voice didn’t return. In the end, one of the braver Core Formation cultivators decided to leave the hall and he safely left.

In the following moment, the other guests began to rush out with relief.