Chapter 653: Clan Extermination (1)

The Fu Clan Ancestor wasn’t near the main hall as of current. Instead, he was within one of the castle’s secluded pavilions. He was looking at a faint sparkling jade slip in his hand. 

Since he was the main character in the birthday celebration, he would be making his appearance at the last moment. He may as well take advantage of this idle time to handle a few more urgent matters as the Fu Clan’s master.

In addition to the Fu Clan Ancestor, there was a large copper-skinned man sitting in the pavilion. His cultivation was at early Core Formation stage, and his waist was filled with variously-sized pouches.

The Fu Clan Ancestor suddenly slapped the table and shouted with a gloomy expression, “Humph! This isn’t the State of Zijin! Those Spirit Controlling Sect want our assistance in acquiring information? Just what are they looking for? Do they consider our Fu Clan to be subordinates? Absurd!”

The large man stroked his chin and curiously said, “There is no need for Seventh Uncle to be so angry. Does the jade slip mention what they're looking for? Surely this must be something important for the cultivators of the Controlling Spirit Sect to act so nervously?”

“It is irritating how they wish to use us, but still keep us in the dark. They merely want us to be mindful of any strange events that have taken place recently in the State of Yuan Wu, and inform them as soon as anything occurs.”

A spirited glint appeared in the large man’s eyes. He pensively said, “Oh! So its like that? It seems the Controlling Spirit Sect wishes to conceal this matter from the Devilflame Sect, and sought our Fu Clan out as a result. This must also be why they are speaking so vaguely.” 

The old man twirled his beard and muttered, “Little Third, your words seem true. In order to further protect our Fu Clan, we should also secretly befriend the Spirit Controlling Sect just in case, in addition to serving the Devilflame Sect. While we’ve had friendly relations with the Controlling Spirit Sect for some time, they still don’t trust our Fu Clan much. It seems we should take a look at our plans. Perhaps the weakest of the Six Sects, the Ghost Spirit Sect, would also be good to befriend.” 

“This may be...”

“Tch tch! I didn’t think that the Fu Clan was colluding with the Controlling Spirit Sect while so eager to please the Devilflame Sect. It is no wonder why your clan has been so prosperous the past hundred years.” The large man’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the derisive voice of an unfamiliar man.

The Fu Clan Ancestor and the large man felt shocked and simultaneously jumped up from their chairs. After glancing at each other in shock, the Fu Clan ancestor loudly asked, “Who is the lord that honors the Fu Clan with his presence? I, Fu Tianhua, hope Senior will forgive me for not welcoming him!”

“There is not need to welcome me. I came here uninvited.” As soon as that was said, azure light suddenly glowed from within the pavilion.

The Fu Clan Ancestor and the large man shouted out in alarm and withdrew to a corner of the room in a blur. A translucent barrier appeared on each of their bodies.

The Fu Clan Ancestor spat out a white flying sword and had it revolve around him. As for the large man, he grabbed onto the spirit beast pouch that was at his waist. It was black and unremarkable.

At that moment, the light faded away to reveal an azure-robed cultivator. He appeared to be an unremarkable youth in his mid twenties.  It was Han Li who had sneaked into the castle.

At that moment, Han Li had his hands behind his back and swept his gaze past the two vigilant Fu Clan elders. He slowly said, “My spiritual sense swept past your Fu Clan castle and found that your cultivation was the highest amongst the few Core Formation cultivators in the castle. You must be the Fu Clan’s leaders!”

Han Li’s expression was tranquil and revealed not the slightest emotion.

With Han Li’s cultivation unconcealed, the two Core Formation cultivators were able to sense Han Li’s profound cultivation. In the old man’s alarm, he forced a smile in spite of his apprehension and said, “So it turned out to be a Nascent Soul Senior! May I ask why Senior honors us with his presence? Is there something that the Fu Clan may assist you with?”

Han Li narrowed his eyes and stared at the violet-robed old man at the corner of the room, “Are you the Fu Clan Ancestor?”

Upon hearing Han Li’s emotionless question, the Fu Clan Ancestor respectfully replied, “Junior doesn’t dare to call himself an ancestor in front of Senior. Junior’s name is Fu Tianhua, the current Fu Clan Master.” The unease in his heart only became more fervent. He faintly felt that this Nascent Soul cultivator didn’t hold any good intentions with his arrival.

Han Li looked at the old man and revealed a strange expression. “Hm, since you’re the Fu Clan Ancestor, it seems I hadn’t found the wrong person. Since I’ve come to the Fu Clan for reparations, it is better to first speak with your esteemed self.”

When the Fu Clan Ancestor heard Han Li, he felt his heart drop down an endless abyss. “Reparations? Senior must be joking. This is the first time Junior has ever seen Senior. Is Senior mistaken?” 

When the large man at the side heard this, his complexion became bloodless and he couldn’t help but grasp the spirit beast pouch with greater force.

To hear of a Nascent Soul cultivator demanding reparations was a matter that was far from good.

Han Li casually glanced in the direction of the large man and beamingly smiled, “Mistaken? That can’t be! Originally, I thought to give you an explanation to avoid having you become wronged ghosts, but you’ve had a long history of dirty behavior so I won’t waste my breath. You two will be the first to go. I’ll promptly send the rest of the Fu Clan to accompany you on the other side.”

As soon as Han Li finished speaking, the Fu Clan Ancestor furiously shouted, “What!? You wish to exterminate the entire Fu Clan?” He took out a yellow talisman and quickly withdrew into the wall in a flash of light as if it were an illusion. It appeared to be a rarely seen earth movement talisman.

“Just where could you possibly run away?” Han Li scoffed, but he didn’t chase after him. Instead, he flicked his finger in a different direction.

A streak of azure light appeared as quickly as it disappeared, penetrating through the chest of the large man at the corner of the room. His barrier had been instantly shattered.

But in the instant the large man died, the spirit beast pouch flickered with light before soon fading away, releasing a faint roar.

The large man’s corpse fell to the floor, but Han Li didn’t bother to look at him. As of current, killing an early Core Formation cultivator was child’s play. However, he was somewhat interested in the spirit beast pouch in his hand and casually took it with a wave of his hand.

Han Li then glanced at the wall the Fu Clan Ancestor had disappeared in and smirked.

With a wave of his sleeve, a white fox flew out and appeared before Han Li.

Han Li ordered the small fox, “Use your earth movement technique to deal with the Fu Clan Ancestor. With your illusions and cultivation as a tool spirit, it should be quite easy for you to deal with a mid Core Formation cultivator.”

“Of course, Master! It will take just a moment. I will return quickly!” The small fox revealed a proud appearance and it disappeared from the pavilion in the flash of yellow light. At that moment, Han Li patted the storage pouch at his waist, releasing countless black-tainted Gold Devouring Beetles in the air. A moment later, a huge cloud of black, gold, and silver swirled above him.

“Go!” Suddenly, the cloud of beetles separated into countless strands, instantly forming a hundred small blades swarming out from the window.

Han Li then sat cross-legged inside the pavilion and began to use the Great Development Technique to envelope the entirety of the Fu Clan Castle in his spiritual sense.

The direct descendants of the Fu Clan were easily identifiable. Regardless of what they wore, they all cultivated several of the same techniques, all of which were revealed underneath Han Li’s spiritual sense. As for the Fu Clan mortals that were lacking any spiritual roots, Han Li took no notice of them. He merely directed the tri-colored flying swords to devour the Fu Clan cultivators.

An instant later, miserable screams, shouts of alarm and the dense smell of blood filled the air.

As this was occuring, the Fu Clan Ancestor was deep underground and was quickly flying through the earth through the use of the talisman. His only thought was to escape into the distance. As for disciples and Juniors in the castle, he had no intention of thinking about them.

Although he didn’t personally see his large nephew die, he had already imagined what happened.

Even with the Fu Clan’s sect protecting beast, escaping from a Nascent Soul cultivator was simply a pipedream. However, the Fu Clan Ancestor would be perfectly content if he occupied his attention for even just a moment.

As for the other Fu Clan members, he wished to save them, but he lacked the strength; he would merely become another casualty. As such, he may as well just preserve himself.

So long as the Fu Clan Ancestor still remained, the Fu Clan could be considered to be alive. Apart from the Fu Clan Castle, there were many other Fu Clan estates in the State of Yuan Wu. Provided that he survived, the Fu Clan would eventually rise once more.

However, he was particularly depressed and puzzled about how the Fu Clan had possibly attracted the ire of an unfamiliar Nascent Soul cultivator. He actually declared that the Fu Clan would be exterminated as soon as he began speaking. Although this Nascent Soul cultivator was entirely emotionless, the old man felt his heart tremble upon recalling his expression.