Chapter 655: Descendant

The Fu Clan Castle was entirely empty apart from a few bloodstains on the ground. It appeared that all of the direct lineage disciples of the Fu Clan had been exterminated and even their corpses were burnt to ash. 

However, there were a few people that flew over on their magic tools and surveyed the entirety of the Fu Clan Castle, only to discover that the mortals and low grade external disciples of the Fu Clan were all unscathed. They even appeared to be completely ignorant of what had happened inside the castle. It seemed the attacker felt that killing off the direct lineage of the Fu Clan was enough to ensure its extinction.

Having just experienced that frightful affair, these cultivators naturally didn’t dare to remain. A majority of vagrant cultivators immediately set off while a small portion of them temporarily stayed behind to have a whispered discussion before also departing.

The Fu Clan’s extermination was an extremely important matter to both friendly and hostile powers. And with two Devilflame Sect Enforcers slain as well, the Devilflame Sect would now be forced to take action regardless of whether or not it was a Nascent Soul cultivator who had exterminated the Fu Clan!

The witnesses of this incident quickly brought the information back to their sects and clans as quickly as they could. These powers needed to prepare for the vast changes that would soon occur!

As the last few cultivators were hurriedly leaving the Fu Clan, many green-robed cultivators had arrived just outside the Purple Road Mountains. They were surprised to see that the restrictions protecting the Fu Clan Castle were unmanned.

At that moment, a few of the Fu Clan outer disciples entered the castle and discovered what was inside. These Qi Condensation cultivators made a huge uproar and each of them had completely lost their minds to fear.

The many green-clothed cultivators that were waiting in the air looked at each other in dismay upon seeing the panicked low grade disciples.

The top clan in the State of Yuan Wu had met their end at the hands of a mysterious Nascent Soul cultivator. Word of this event spread throughout the entire cultivation world in the State of Yuan Wu, raising an uproar amongst the various powers.

With two of the Devilflame Sect Enforcers having perished during the Fu Clan extermination, the upper echelon of the Devilflame Sect flew into a humiliated rage, and sent out men to find the mysterious and vicious attacker who did this. They even stated that their own Nascent Soul Founder wouldn’t allow this expert to run free.

However, those with sharper judgement would realize that the Devilflame Sect was merely putting on airs, and would most likely not take action. After all, according to the witnesses, the two Devilflame Sect Enforcers had recklessly taken the initiative to stand closely to a Fu Clan cultivator as the Nascent Soul cultivator was carrying out his revenge. It was merely bad luck.

Even if the Devilflame Sect was even more powerful and attempted to hunt down the murderer, cultivators weren’t easily trapped or killed once they had reached Nascent Soul stage. They would need to dispatch four Nascent Soul cultivators of a similar grade or place down a fearsome restriction to even think of killing him.

Of course, the Devilflame Sect wasn’t about to dispatch several Nascent Soul cultivators over revenge for a few Core Formation enforcers. Even if the sect was willing, the Nascent Soul eccentrics weren’t about to take action over something so trivial.

Regardless of the declaration, a tremor swept through the entirety of the State of Yuan Wu. The Fu Clan’s spirit stones, marketplaces, and other holdings were divided up by several different powers.

However, this had nothing to do with Han Li. Unlike what other cultivators guessed, Han Li had remained inside the State of Yuan Wu for several days after the extermination was carried out. He was currently at an small, unremarkable mountain.

At the moment, he was floating in the air with his body enveloped in azure light, and was staring at the fog surrounding the mountain’s center with a reminiscent expression.

“Over a hundred years have passed yet this place is still the same. Since the restrictions here still exist, could it be that other cultivators are living here now?” Han Li muttered with a calm expression.

After he had exterminated the Fu Clan cultivators with his black-tainted Gold Devouring Beetles, Han Li directly flew to Xin Ruyin’s secluded mountain with the Fu Clan Ancestor’s severed head in his possession.

In the past, he had made friends with Xin Ruyin and Qi Yunxiao. Now that he had taken revenge on their behalf, he planned on paying his respects at their graves and bringing the matter to a conclusion. However, he didn’t anticipate that Xin Ruyin’s former residence was being occupied by other cultivators. He couldn’t help but wear a doubtful expression.

After some thought, Han Li’s directly flew towards the mountain’s restrictions. With his current cultivation and understanding of spell formations, the restrictions were incapable of stopping him.

As Han Li stood in front of the fog, he calmly flicked his fingers and shot many various colored magic seals into the restriction. Soon after, the mist roiled and revealed a small passageway that Han Li immediately flew through. A short moment later, the mist disappeared and Han Li arrived before the residence that Xin Ruyin had personally built.

Glancing at the deep yellow bamboo buildings, Han Li felt a trace of nostalgia as well as a feeling of sadness at times long passed.

At that moment, a middle-aged woman walked out from a bamboo building. Her face still contained beauty and weak spiritual Qi fluctuations were emitted from her body. She was only a fourth layer Qi Condensation cultivator. When Han Li saw her, he couldn't help but frown. This woman gave him a familiar impression.

“Ah! Who... Who are you? How did you get in here?” The middle-aged woman spotted Han Li and couldn’t help but shout in surprise. Soon after, she flusteredly took out two fire-red talismans from her waist and looked at Han Li with a hostile expression.

This was to be expected. This woman suddenly found an unfamiliar cultivator in a place that she had deemed to be completely secure. It was only natural for her to be alarmed and wary. Moreover, while this woman was unable of recognize Han Li’s true cultivation with her meager power, she was able to feel that Han Li’s magic power was profound beyond imagination. As such, she grew fearful.

Just as Han Li stroked his chin and planned to ask for the woman’s identity, she suddenly shouted in pleasant surprise after closely examining Han Li, “Yi! Could it be Senior Han?”

Han Li was stunned when he heard this and revealed a trace of amazement. After muttering under his breath for a moment, he faintly realized something. He wore a friendly expression as he asked, “What relationship do you have with Xiao Mei? You look very similar to her.”

When the woman heard Han Li call out her ancestor’s name, she realized she was correct and respectfully bowed, “Oh, Senior must be speaking of my ancestor! My ancestor passed away many years ago. For the time being, this Junior is staying in Miss Xin’s residence.”

Han Li wryly smiled and said, “You’re Servant Mei’s descendant? To think that the silly little girl is now an ancestor.” He then wore a puzzled expression and asked, “Still, how was it that you recognized me?” 

The woman blushed and embarrassingly said, “In the past, my ancestor personally drew Senior’s portrait. I’ve looked at this portrait since I was small. That is why I was able to recognize Senior at a glance.”

“Oh! A portrait! I had no idea.” A trace of amazement appeared on Han Li’s face. He then curiously asked, “Could I take a look at it?” 

“Of course, Senior. How about Senior first head inside? I’ll bring it to you there.” The woman stepped to the side and respectfully invited Han Li in.

After a moment of hesitation, Han Li walked into the bamboo building and noticed that the interior was unremarkable. But upon seeing that it was clean and well kept, Han Li nodded his head.

Once Han Li took a seat, the woman hastily steeped a pot of tea.  Although it couldn’t be compared to the spirit tea that Xin Ruyin once made, it was still pleasant and exceptional.

As he began to drink the tea, the woman excused herself and went to fetch the portrait.

Han Li casually swept his spiritual sense around and immediately spotted the woman. As expected, she was walking towards a pavilion.

The first floor of the pavilion was completely empty, but on the second floor Han Li saw a long wooden table. The table had two pitch-black memorial tablets that were inscribed with the names of Qi Yunxiao and Xin Ruyin.

When Han Li saw this, his heart grew dim while he recalled the smiles the two wore in the past. It was a pity the two had passed so long ago.

After the woman deeply saluted the memorial tablets, she took a rolled-up, foot-long scroll from the table drawer. She then hurriedly descended and ran directly towards Han Li’s building.