Chapter 744: Battle to Break the Formation(6)

The ice-clad ribbon hawk shattered into pieces alongside the ice. But when the green-robed woman saw this while she was pursuing him, she coldly laughed and stamped down on the white lotus below her, causing it to scatter away the nearby mist with a wild gale.

Han Li narrowed his eyes, staring at her malicious expression. He calmly asked, “Is Fellow Daoist not heartbroken that her treasure was destroyed? Or do you believe my actions weren’t enough to destroy the treasure?” With that said, he casually glanced at the cleared air, not paying any attention to the shards of ice that were floating in the air.

“How about you tell me?” The green-robed woman pointed at Han Li. Insteadly causing the countless shards of ice at Han Li’s side to shine with white light.

Han Li was stunned and immediately raised his arm, unleashing an azure mist to engulf the glowing ice. But in that moment, the ice shattered and specks of white light escaped from them, each of them flocking towards the woman. The azure mist was too late.

Seeing that his attack failed, his face grew sullen, but he stayed his hand rather than waste his effort on attacks that might have no effect.

He saw that white light was condensing in front of her, soon reaching the size of a head-sized ball. With a spell seal striking the ball, a hawk’s cry immediately sounded out from the ball in a blinding flash of white light before taking shape of the snow-white hawk from before.

When Han Li saw this, he frowned, but soon he took note of how its spirit was listless compared to before. He revealed a pensive expression at the sight. It seemed shattering the treasure did have some effect; the hawk wasn’t truly immortal. He was sure that after killing the hawk several more times, it would definitely turn to ash and scatter.

Despite seeing that the hawk had weakened, she wordlessly waved her arm and commanded it to take to the skies. It then twirled in the air before drifting back down as a white ribbon. Once it touched the woman’s body, it disappeared.

With one hand holding the lamp, she brushed her hair with the other. With a detached tone, she said, “Your sudden stop must’ve been to infuriate me by shattering my magic treasure. It seems that this place should be your contingency plan.”

Han Li grew silent for a moment before speaking with spirited eyes, “Since you already knew this and chased me, it seems you hold much confidence in the treasure in your hand. Perhaps you might tell me something of it. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a lantern-type ancient treasure.”

The woman’s face grew sullen. She said without reservation, “No, rather how about I send you off to the underworld!” She then opened her mouth and spat a ball of Nascent flame into the lantern. Specks of azure light then began to slowly rise up from it.

Han Li sighed and he swept his arms, summoning a green formation flag and a red-azure formation plate into his hands. He took a deep glance at the woman before tossing the small formation flag in the air. He quickly struck it with a small seal and hurriedly muttered an incantation.

The formation flag flashed with light, instantly causing a green mist to suddenly form. It extended a hundred meters around the sky and scattered with the wind before transforming into a forty-meter-long flood dragon of green mist.

At that same time Han Li ordered the flood dragon to attack the woman, he had the formation plate in his hand shine with radiance. He tossed it underneath him and had it immediately transform into white mist as it disappeared further from sight. Suddenly, the seas of mist down below began to roil and release countless threads of red-azure light that shot towards the green-robed woman in a dense barrage.

He then took out a small silver bell with a wave of his sleeve. It wildly expanded in the blink of an eye and began to release silver soundwaves with a loud ring. Then with all of that done, he streaked towards the green-robed woman’s head.

Since he wasn’t able to grow close to the woman, he would make use of silver soundwaves to attack. Perhaps a formless attack would have some effect. Of course, against the green-robed woman’s white lotus flower and the unknown bronze lamp, Han Li’s killing move wasn’t any of the attacks he released; rather, it was Silvermoon, who had burrowed herself earlier in the earth.

At that moment, Silvermoon had already begun to unravel the Purple Cloudlace and was standing at the center of the formation. She was waiting for when the green-clothed woman would let down her guard so she could deliver the fatal blow.

Although the green-clothed woman didn’t know that there was someone lying in ambush, she turned a blind eye to the restrictions and attacks that Han Li unleashed. She only lowered her head to look at the lamp that was flickering with weak azure flames. A sneer appeared on her face.

She unhurriedly raised her arm and nimbly took out a pea-sized flame from the lantern with two of her fingers.

At that moment, the flood dragon of mist, the threads of azure-red light, and the silver soundwaves were all about the strike her. The woman didn’t reveal any worry in the slightest and simply pointed to the white lotus down below her feet. White light flashed and it began to quickly revolve. Its petals contracted before instantly shrouding the woman in an impenetrable barrier.

The flood dragon of mist was the first to strike the barrier. It opened its mouth and spouted out a surging breathe of green mist. At that same moment, a white lotus petal from within the barrier lightly swept and scattered the attack.

Then the red-azure threads followed. They had also been scattered. Only the sound waves weren’t blocked by the white lotus petals. They passed through the barrier, but it was unknown what effect they would have.

When Han Li saw this, he formed an incantation gesture with his hands, and the red-azure light threads ceased their attacks on the barrier. Instead, they formed a huge net and quickly layered upon themselves, blocking the white lotus from every side. As for the mist flood dragon, it surged and transformed into a large expanse of green mist, submerging the white lotus within it.

As for the silver bell, it quickly arrived before the white lotus and was controlled with Han Li’s full strength. The silver soundwaves became stronger and continuously struck at the green-clothed woman through the barrier.

For a time, the green-clothed woman from within the white lotus seemed to be restrained. However, Han Li didn’t appeared happy about this in the slightest; rather, he furrowed his brow at the sight.

As Han Li worried that the attacks actually made no difference, the contracted petals of the lotus immediately blossomed and spread out without the slightest warning. The petals were each razor-sharp. The surrounding mist and threads of light were completely scattered as soon as the flower unfolded.

Han Li appeared particularly grim at the sight.

The beautiful, green-robed woman was standing at the center of the white lotus with an expressionless face. She held the bronze lamp in one hand and clasped a seemingly ordinary blue flame in the other. She glanced at Han Li and then looked above him at the silver bell that was enveloping the woman in silver soundwaves.

A harsh expression flickered from her eyes. She suddenly raised her hand and sent an ember of flame into the bronze lantern. It crackled and trembled before instantly disappearing from sight.

In the next moment, the huge silver bell was struck by an azure fireball out of nowhere, and was enveloped by it. When the woman saw this, she uttered an incantation, and had the surface of the silver bell scorched by the unknown azure devilflame.

The silver bell wailed for a moment and released silver light in an attempt to resist the flames. But after an instant, the silver bell was deformed by the silver flames and turned into molten silver. After that, the azure devilflame scattered without a trace.

Han Li’s face paled at the sight of the ancient treasure being scattered. At that moment, the green-clothed woman swept her hand and picked off another azure ember from the lamp with practiced ease, and malicious glanced at Han Li.

Han Li inwardly cursed and flapped his Thunderstorm wings without another thought. He then disappeared, leaving only thunder in his place. The woman didn’t mind this in the slightest and dropped the azure ember into the lantern. Just as she was about to blow spiritual Qi into it, purple light suddenly flashed beneath her and a forty meter wide purple net rush towards her from below.

As the green-clothed woman stood in place, she suddenly heard another woman’s laughter before being instantly shrouded in a purple net.

A beautiful woman suddenly emerged with a yellow flash of light soon after the purple net appeared.  She chuckled and said, “Since you’re fond of playing with fire, how about witnessing the might of my Purple Cloudlace’s Jadesun Flames?” She raised her hand

The purple net flickered with flame, covering it with a layer of azure-white flame. There were even several azure-white flame serpents that suddenly emerged from the net and fiercely attack the white lotus. Soon, the white lotus was entirely engulfed in blue-white flame.

At that moment, Han Li appeared about forty meters away from the green-robed woman with a smile on his face. He flung out his sleeve and summoned his seventy-two Bamboo Cloudswarm swords before him. Once they swarmed into the sky, he struck them with several spell seals in quick succession.

The flying swords released a clear ring and condensed together into a twenty-meter-long sword. Thunder roared from within it as dense arcs of lightning began to shoot off from the sword, transforming the sword into one of thunder and lightning. 

However, Han Li didn't stop there. He took a deep breath and he spat a thread of Celestial Ice Flame onto the sword, adding a layer of faint blue flames onto the surface of the sword. 

Han Li pointed at the sword with an icy glint shining from his eyes. It trembled before cleaving directly towards the white lotus.

At that moment, the green-clothed woman finally realized what had happened. In furious alarm, she flung the azure ember above her.