Chapter 745: Battle to Break the Formation(7)

As soon as the azure ember left the green-robed woman’s hands, it shined with blinding azure light. Afterwards, it began to revolve around her head and give rise to an astonishing display. The azure-white flames that burned on the exterior of the white lotus was overtaken by the lantern ember, and were quickly absorbed.

Once the Jadesun Flames were cleanly absorbed, the flaming ember floating above her head had stopped, and were simply shining slightly brighter.

The green-robed woman then pointed at the ember and had it flutter in the direction of Silvermoon.

Silvermoon was greatly alarmed and pointed at the Purple Cloudlace without another thought. Suddenly, the purple net brightly shined with light and a portion of it moved in front of her. At that same moment, the ancient flower basket appeared in her hand.

Then, the huge azure sword — roaring with thunder — arrived above the woman, immediately striking down at her under Han Li’s command. Of course, Silvermoon conducted a joint attack at that moment. She had the flower basket envelop her body as white mist and clutched her hands in an incantation gesture, opening a large hole in the white lotus barrier in a sudden flash of purple light.

Having witnessed the astonishing pressure of the huge sword, the woman’s expression changed in alarm, wearing a grave expression for the first time in this encounter. After a moment of hesitation, she ceased her attack on Silvermoon and completely concentrated her body’s spiritual power into the white lotus beneath her. In an instant, the white lotus petals surrounding her increased several times in number and mirages of lotuses began to fold around her in a dense barrier.

At that moment, she suddenly pointed at the the lantern ember and had it return to flying above her head. Afterwards, the woman lifted the copper lantern in her head and waved it in front of her. A series of azure flame mirages appeared along with two flame embers. The two flame embers then flew towards the woman’s head and condensed together with the original azure flame ember to form a first-sized azure fireball.

At that moment, the huge sword arrived at the lotus petal barrier. Rolls of thunder and a huge rumbling explosion sounded out as white light, golden lightning, and blue flame entwined.

While the tensome lotus petals were rather remarkable, the Divine Devilbane Lightning and the Celestial Ice Flames were also a force to be reckoned with. While they alone might not be able to overcome the lotus mirages, when combined together into the huge sword, the combined might of seventy-two Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords eventually shattered through the lotus mirages despite their greatest attempt to resist, and faded away into specks of starlight.

Unimpeded, the huge sword continued its descent, only for the blue ball of flame to unhurriedly meet it. Han Li’s expression turned solemn at the sight. Although he felt some fear towards this odd azure flame, he was quite interested in measuring the might of the Celestial Ice Flame against the lantern’s flame. 

The impact between the huge sword and the azure fireball was completely silent. Regardless of whether it be the golden lightning or the icy flames, they were both instantly consumed by the azure flame. It then began to engulf the huge sword.

The Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were Han Li’s bonded magic treasure so it was natural for him to feel it quite closely. In the instant the azure flames completely enveloped the huge sword, he felt his mind tremble as unbearable pain and scorching heat assailed him. His body’s temperature abruptly risen; he could almost feel his blood boil.

In great alarm, Han Li instantly formed an incantation gesture and pointed to the huge sword. With that done, the sword wildly flickered, and transformed back into many small swords before scattering.

He originally believed that this would rid him of the strange flame. But when he clearly saw what happened, his expression vastly changed. All of his flying swords were simultaneously covered in burning azure flame.

Han Li’s expression wavered as he felt his body’s condition worsen, sweat began to profuse from his body. He gritted his teeth in astonishment and quickly cycled through several hand incantations, ordering the tens strands of spiritual sense controlling the flying swords to fly to the sky. Then in an attempt to escape the flames, they began to wildly revolve.

Having saw the silver bell melted into silver liquid, he grew even more fearful of having his own bonded magic treasure destroyed. If this were the case, his vitality and spiritual sense would suffer a great decrease.

At that moment, the destroyed lotus mirages had been replaced as more lotuses emerged from below her to restore the gap. The woman then coldly glanced at Han Li’s flame-clad flying swords. The woman sneered upon seeing the swords flutter around in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

However, she didn’t rush to act. She simply waited for Han Li’s bonded magic treasure to be destroyed — for his cultivation to be greatly damaged. A short moment later, the woman’s sneer had froze, soon to be replaced with astonishment.

The bronze lamp in her head was no common magic tool. Strictly speaking, it didn’t even belong to her. It was one of the two lineage treasures that were passed down by the Moulan Tribes.

This Sage Le was able to acquire this treasure not only because of her profound cultivation, but also because she was the most powerful female spell warrior in the Moulan. Most importantly, she was the only woman who held a similar rank to the Soaring Tribe’s Saintess Tianlan, and received much esteem amongst other high grade spell warriors. Even the Moulan’s Three Divine Sages had to treat her with respect.

Ever since she acquired this ancient treasure, she had only used the lantern a few times due to its restrictions and peculiarities. When the treasure reached the maximum quantity of uses, it would immediately be revoked and be given to the next suitable master. The treasure was held with great importance amongst the Moulan.

However, the most important use for the bronze lantern wasn’t for battle. Rather, it had a specific and extremely important use. Of course, this treasure was obviously powerful in battle, and was used by its masters to slay many formidable enemies and destroy countless treasures. Be they ancient or magic treasures, the flames were incapable of being extinguished once they were covered. Wood-attribute treasures were particularly vulnerable to the flames and would be destroyed in an instant.

But while Han Li’s set of flying swords were obviously wood-attribute magic treasures, they had been enveloped in the lantern’s flames for quite a while and didn’t show the slightest indication of becoming ash. But in the instant that she was absorbed by her surprise, purple light suddenly flashed above her head along with the abrupt appearance of a purple cloud.

The green-robed woman was stunned and she turned her gaze to look at Silvermoon, who had used the opportunity to launch a restriction with the Purple Cloudlace. Then with a turn of her body, Silvermoon filled the air with a fragrant pink mist, covering the white lotus in the blink of an eye.

The green-robed woman snorted and glanced at the lantern in her hand. After a moment of hesitation, she decided not to further use it and instead raised her arm, summoning a yellow jade pendant into her hand.

Just as she thought to activate the pendant and deal with Silvermoon, the pink fragrant mist was shaken and the scent grew stronger. Afterwards, countless handsome men and beautiful women began to emerge from the mist and embrace each other in an extremely bold and intimate fashion, causing the green-robed woman’s complexion to grow scarlet.

“She-demon, you’re courting death.” The woman’s complexion soon grew pale, and yellow light glowed from the jade pendant. Yellow mist enveloped her and scattered the pink mist around her. However, Silvermoon could no longer be seen.

The green-robed woman sneered. But just as she thought to seek Silvermoon out, something suddenly came to mind and she hastily glanced in Han Li’s direction.

In the short amount of time that Silvermoon had bothered her, Han Li had already condensed his flying swords back into its huge form and recalled it before him. He was currently staring at it with a grave expression.

The woman was hit by another wave of shock upon seeing that the flying swords had yet to be scorched, but she was no longer about to continue staying still.

She immediately raised the bronze lantern in her head, but just as she thought whether or not she should waste another of its uses to strike down Han Li, he suddenly placed both of his hands on his chest. With one hand holding a mist of white frost and the other holding blue flickering flames, he spat a mist of azure Qi to envelop them together.

With a gust of wind, an egg-sized purple flame appeared in his hand. Han Li pointed it with his free hand and it suddenly ruptured before transforming into a small fluttering bird. It spread its wings and charged towards the huge sword that was enveloped in the lantern’s azure flames.

With a light bang, a strange scene occurred before them. The purple flame and the azure flame blazed on the surface of the huge sword. Both of the flames swayed and gave neither way to one another, giving its utmost to consume the other. For a time, neither flame had the advantage.

As Han Li observed this with a nervous expression, the green-robed woman appeared even more shocked.

What were these purple flames to not fear the flames of her lantern? Had she not seen this personally, she wouldn’t have dared to believe it. But this woman soon awoke from her shock and only felt a stronger desire to kill Han Li. How could a mere early Nascent Soul cultivator possess so many heaven-defying abilities? If he were to enter mid or even late Nascent Soul stage, he could sweep through the entire Moulan Plains without a match.

With that thought, the woman’s expression grew sullen and she flung the lantern in the air. It stopped about three meters above her. She then solemnly sat down.

At the moment, the woman had truly resolved herself. Even if she consumed all uses of the bronze lantern, she would slay Han Li with complete certainty.

Han Li had also taken note of the woman’s actions and he felt his heart drop. He bitterly cursed in his mind before deciding to retreat. Although he still had the Purple Apex Flames and the Blood Devil Sword, there was no need for him to stake it all on this fight. The woman before him was no ordinary mid Nascent Soul-stage cultivator. He was particularly unwilling to end this battle in mutual destruction.

As these thoughts stirred in Han Li’s mind, a silhouette suddenly appeared in the mist and charged towards them, much to their surprise.

As the both of them were distracted, purple cloud formed from the Purple Cloudlace above the green-robed woman’s head and suddenly parted and released an immensely fast streak of white that flew towards the lantern. Then in a flash of white light, the lantern was completely enveloped by the light and was fiercely dragged back towards the purple cloud.