Chapter 743: Battle to Break the Formation(5)

It appeared the white lotus wasn’t something that was created from a treasure, but was rather something that was formed from the woman’s own magic power. Han Li was truly amazed that something this powerful was solely produced by a technique. However, this amazement only lasted for only a moment. He took a deep breath with a sullen expression and quickly raised his arm, cover it in a layer of faint black Qi.

The black Qi appeared alive as it continuously lashed around and grew thicker. By the time it became pitch-black, Han Li’s expression grew stern. His arm quickly swelled, becoming three times as thick in the blink of an eye. Soon, a layer of dazzling crimson light began to cover the black Qi in an incredibly bizarre display.

At that moment, Han Li glanced coldly at the green-robed woman, and just as it so happened, the woman also raised her head to look at him, their eyes met. Then when her eyes saw Han Li’s monstrous arm, a cold glint shined from them.

“Go!” Han Li roared and dropped his arm, releasing a semicircular mass of black-red light. Once it left his arm, it grew to the length of ten meters.

It ripped through space as remnants of light dragged behind it, instantly arriving before the white lotus.

The green-robed woman raised her brow at the sight of the Yin Devil Execution and spat out a mist of lustrous white Qi onto the lotus. In an instant, a huge lotus mirage suddenly emerged from the white lotus, enveloping both itself and the woman.

In a flash of light, the Yin Devil Execution rammed into the lotus mirage and easily cleaved into it. But after travelling ten meters deep into the mirage, it slowed down before coming to a stop.

A trace of pride appeared on the woman’s face, but soon, her expression vastly changed. At that moment, she saw Han Li fling a black object at her. As soon as it left his hand, it began to exponentially expand and overbearingly pound downwards on both woman and lotus.

“The Thousandfold Mountain!” When the woman saw this huge towering mountain, she couldn’t help but shout its name. This ancient treasure was renowned amongst spell warriors. Even if a mid Nascent Soul-stage spell warrior like her were to use a secret Buddhist technique from antiquity, they wouldn’t be able to receive an attack from the mountain unscathed.

The green-robed woman formed a hand incantation without a further thought, immersing the white lotus above her, the small yellow cauldron, and herself in a fusion of white light. In an instant, the air surrounding the lotus became completely still before suddenly erupting with azure radiance. The woman came into view once more.

Despite no longer being sustained by the woman’s magic power, the lotus mirage grew dim and didn’t immediately fade away. It managed to last for a short moment before being completely scattered by the descending mountain.

Revealing not the slightest joy from his face, Han Li muttered, “Wind Movement Technique?” He then began to inwardly curse. He didn’t expect that this woman would be capable of a strange movement technique on par with his lightning movement. In this case, he wouldn’t be able to harm her unless he somehow trapped her.

He had managed to come up with a plan, but he felt unsure of it. She was as skilled with her wind movement technique as he was with his Thunderstorm wings. So long as he managed to keep up with her, he was confident that he would be able to easily wound her with the fearsomeness of the Celestial Ice Flames.

With that thought, Han Li raised his hands and pointed to the black-red light and the tens of Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords that had finally escaped their restraints. Quickly, they fiercely shot towards where the green-robed woman had appeared. Thunder then roared from behind Han Li and silver wings appeared from his back.

As for his Bluelight Shield, he waved both his arms and it quickly shrunk before flying back into Han Li’s sleeve. At that same moment, the huge black-red hand relaxed its grip on the white ribbon hawk, and it streaked towards the woman in a ball of black light.

But that was not the end of his preparations. He raised his arms once more, but this time, a blue flame emerged from his palm. It crackled with a wavering blue brilliance.

Finally, Han Li took it upon himself to personally close in on her, having done what he could to restrict her movements. In a flash of silver lightning, he disappeared, leaving only rolls of thunder in his wake.

When the woman saw Han Li release so many treasures in a single display, she felt her head suddenly ache. She originally believed that this measly early Nascent Soul cultivator’s power only extended to a few strange abilities. So long as these abilities were restrained, she should be able to smoothly deal with him.

But she didn’t expect that in a single move, he would unleash several powerful treasures in succession. In comparison, the only treasure she released had been restrained by her opponent. As someone who was used to being revered amongst the spell warriors, this embarrassment had given rise to fury. However, the woman clearly understood that since he possessed so many treasures, it would be difficult to injure him with ordinary techniques and treasures, let alone kill him. 

When she saw Han Li flap his wings and disappear in a flash of lightning, she snorted and eventually came to a decision to exhaust a bit of her strength and finish Han Li off with one of her killing moves.

Of course, she couldn’t allow Han Li to easily approach her during this time. As she pondered this, the white lotus had dropped down onto her head and disappeared into her body. Just as this happened, Han Li’s figure appeared about ten meters away from the woman’s body in a flash of lightning.

With a blur of his body, he suddenly appeared three meters away from her and hastily extended his cackling blue palm against the yellow barrier that surrounded the woman’s body.

Han Li was confident that the wood attribute barrier placed by the cauldron would be broken by the Celestial Ice Flames. And his attack smoothly succeeded. However, the woman remained still and showed no indication that she was going to use her wind evasion technique. An unease filled his heart as a shiver spread across his back.

At that moment, the woman suddenly shined with a soft white radiance as lotus petal mirages blossomed from her body. And against expectation, the faint yellow light barrier that Han Li just struck had actually managed to withstand his attack. Just as the white light and the blue flames made contact, Han Li felt his entire arm tremble.

In the instant that the white brilliance shined, the lotus petals began to sweep towards him. Although they appeared slow, he wasn’t able to evade their attacks, and he could only helplessly stare as the petal struck his body.

Astonished, Han Li was struck back, a wave of pain assailing his chest.

He was launched a hundred meters away before he managed to barely stop himself, his body swaying. He glanced at the woman with alarm as he held his hand against his chest.

He glanced up and saw the green-robed woman was now standing above a lotus that spanned ten meters wide. White lotus petals were slowly fluttering all around her, and the woman herself was coldly staring at Han Li.

The treasures he had launched to attack her, they had been easily stopped by the pedals surrounding her. They were far more powerful than the lotus mirage from before.

At that moment, Han Li suddenly felt his throat become hot and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. He wryly smiled in his mind. He had suffered quite a bit in that exchange.

Han Li then spat out the turbulent Qi in his body and slowly moved his palm away from his chest. He glanced down at his chest to see that his robes were already shattered, revealing a tri-colored luster that laid underneath. The battle armor had a huge dent in it with thumb-sized cracks on it.

Han Li felt his breath turn cold, and the pain he felt from his chest became far sharper. With a gloomy face, he raised his head to look at the green-robed woman. As a result, he saw both astonishment and disappointment from her face when she laid her eyes on his armor.

He coldly snorted and tore away at the remnants of his robe, revealing the beetle armor in its entirety. Then in an azure flash of light, he swept his hand across the armor, and repaired it with an unbelievable speed to its original condition.

Shock appeared for just a moment on the woman’s face, but her cold demeanor was soon restored as her killing intent against Han Li only grew stronger. Without further thought, she placed her palm against her chest and began to utter a cryptic incantation. A ball of azure light then flew out of her sleeve and dropped into her hand.

The light faded away to reveal an azure oil lamp of ancient and worn condition. It appeared even slightly blackened. The green-robed woman looked at the lamp with a faint reluctance to use it, but then she turned her eyes to fiercely glare at Han Li.

This scene left Han Li with a slight sense of dread. He didn’t know what kind of ancient treasure this bronze lamp was, and this was the first time he ever saw a treasure lamp. Various thoughts quickly passed by his mind before he decided to fly into the sky and recall his treasures. Then with a flap of his wings he disappeared.

He reappeared in front of the frozen ribbon hawk, and bluntly took it into his hand before disappearing once more, reappearing on the border of the dense mist.

The green-robed woman’s mouth dropped in amazement. Ever since she ascended to her current cultivation, she encountered many fearsome opponents that had been her match, but this was the first time she saw a high grade cultivator turn tail and run.

But when she saw Han Li take her ribbon hawk with him, she awoke from her stupor with fury. Grasping onto the lamp, she glided through the air on the white lotus, closely following him in a breeze. Afterwards, she entered the dense fog and disappeared without a trace.

Azure light flashed with each appearance of silver lightning, closely chasing after it. The sounds of thunder and wind intertwined. In an instant, Han Li lured the green-robed woman into an unfamiliar area of the formation.

It was there that Han Li stopped and glanced at the frozen ribbon hawk in his hand. With a cold chuckle, golden lightning flashed from his hand and shattered it.