Chapter 720: Another Ring

Nangong Wan’s scarlet moon was lagging behind in its attempt to chase her Senior Martial Sister, granting her senior martial sister the opportunity to fly towards the ceiling and strike it. 

With a muffled thump, a red light pulsed from the ceiling, but it was unbroken; only a few loose pieces of rock had fallen down.

The icy woman was stunned. Before she realized what had happened, the roof flashed with light and swarms of black, gold, and silver beetles emerge from it. Buzzing, they quickly gathered at the room’s center and formed a tri-colored shield.

In the icy woman’s alarm, she waved her hand without any further thought, summoning a silver talisman in between her fingers.

When Nangong Wan saw this, she naturally knew what her senior martial sister planned to do. Her expression immediately sank and slapped her storage pouch rather than using the Divine Incarnation Light. A small red flag appeared in her hand and she immediately flung it into the ground.

The icy woman waved her hand and activated the talisman in her hand. The talisman flew from her hand enveloped in a ball of yellow light and streaked towards the ceiling like a shooting star. The yellow light broke through the huge shield as if nothing had been there and directly flew towards the hall’s ceiling.

But at that same moment, Nangong Wan had finished uttering an incantation and activated the hidden restrictions in her cave residence. The entire hall began to glow with a red light, surrounding all the surfaces in a barrier of blinding light, the ceiling included.

As if a nemesis of the icy woman’s shooting star, the shooting star immediately stopped moving once it struck the light barrier as if sealed onto it. A large expanse of red light then gathered and wrapped around it.

Nangong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister was astonished by this sudden change, but as a greatly experienced cultivator, she immediately realized what restriction this was. She immediately flicked her finger with a sullen expression, launching a bone-chillingly cold white swordstreak from her hand. It circled once around the enveloped talisman and quickly scattered the red light that imprisoned it.

The icy woman was delighted by the result. In a flash of yellow light, she immediately flew towards the ceiling through the opening of the scattered red light.

But as soon as she arrived halfway through the opening, purple light suddenly flashed before her. Something suddenly enveloped her and forcefully dragged her away from hall’s ceiling.

With a light chuckle, a white silhouette appeared in a blur, revealing a white-clothed young woman. Silvermoon had suddenly appeared from the ceiling and was grasping a translucent purple thread in her hand. The other end of the purple thread led directly towards the icy woman’s body. 

At that moment, Nanlong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister discovered that her body was enveloped in a net of sparkling purple thread. The thread was nearly invisible to the eye.

In the icy woman’s furious alarm, she flicked her fingers without any further thought, shooting over ten streaks of black-white sword Qi. Soon after, she followed up by spitting out a dense green flame from her mouth onto the purple net.

Purple light flourished from the net. But regardless of whether it be the green flame or the black-white sword Qi, they were incapable of harming the purple thread in the slightest.

The icy woman became truly flustered by the sight. Just as she resolved herself to consume a great amount of vitality to employ a secret technique, Silvermoon smiled and pulled on the purple thread, uttering the word, “Restrain.” 

The originally loose net immediately tightened and completely fettered the icy woman, completely preventing her from making even the slightest movement.

The woman’s face grew blood-red. Ever since she condensed a Nascent Soul, she had always been looked up to with respect. She had never been caught in a situation such as this one, especially ever since she entered mid Nascent Soul stage. With shameful fury, a cold glint appeared in her eyes as her entire body magnificently shined with light. In a moment, the light violently surged to double its size and began to faintly contain a faint tinge of crimson.

When Silvermoon saw this, her smile disappeared and she knew things wouldn’t end well. But just as she commanded the Purple Cloudlace to release all of its Jadesun True Fire, Nangong Wan sent her a voice transmission, “Do not harm her. Leave her to me!” As soon as she said this, her vermillion moon flew up from below and enveloped the icy woman within it.

The moon hurriedly revolved and it soon began to ripple, filling the hall with silhouettes of itself. 

As Han Li stared at the twirling moon from down below, he was shocked to find his mind completely shaken and his focus broken. It was no wonder why the icy woman felt so fearful towards Nangong Wan’s Divine Incarnation Light.  

After the moon revolved for the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Nangong Wan finally stopped; her face pale from exhaustion.

Then with a wave of her hand, the vermillion moon scattered into starlight with a light bang. Her Senior Martial Sister reappeared from within it as she floated in the air, still restrained by the Purple Cloudlace. However, the spiritual Qi in her body grew completely calm and she remained unconscious with a strange smile on her face.

“What’s this?” Han Li bewilderedly said.

With a bit of color returned to her face, Nangong Wan smiled, “Those trapped by my Divine Incarnation Light are incapable of escaping it, even if they manifest their Nascent Soul. This technique also possesses an incredibly powerful bewitchment effect. My senior martial sister’s mind had been lost to the divine light for a time being. This way, we are able to spare her.”

Han Li rubbed his nose and helplessly said, “It was no surprise your Senior Martial Sister was so fearful of it. It is able to prevent even a Nascent Soul from manifesting. However, there would’ve been no need to go through such troublesome methods if we didn’t need to keep her alive. Lethal methods would’ve been far easier.”

Nangong Wan sighed and forced a smile, “Exterminating my senior martial sister, the sect’s grand elder, is unacceptable! Since I plan on following you, the Masked Moon Sect will already suffer a blow to its strength. It we kill her as well, the sect will become crippled. The past Masked Moon Sect Grand Elder had treated me with great kindness. Although I cannot sacrifice myself for the sect, I cannot bring myself to doom it to extinction.”

Han Li wryly smiled and said, “But your senior martial sister sure didn’t treat you leniently when she attacked you and restricted you.

“That doesn’t matter. Since I’ve spared her life, I can consider the debt to the sect’s previous master repaid. I won’t feel uneasy later when I’ve left with you. However, the last battle was truly dangerous. I truly didn’t know that Senior Martial Sister had a heaven-defying devilish artifact such as the Blood Devil Sword. It nearly led to a disastrous outcome. Had I known of this earlier...” Nangong Wan brightly flickered and she wore an apologetic expression.

However, Han Li simply smiled and showed not the slightest concern of it, “It’s nothing. Wasn’t the Blood Devil Sword incapable of harming me either way? Anyhow, let’s quickly acquire the restriction medallion and leave!”

Nangong Wan nodded her head in response. Silvermoon obediently shook her hand the unraveled the Purple Cloudlace from the icy woman.

Nangong Wan took several steps forward and bluntly tapped several places on her Senior Martial Sister’s body, placing several restrictions on top of it. She then reached out for the dark green storage pouch at her waist and gently shook it open. Then in a bright flash of light, a pile of items appeared on the floor.

When Han Li saw this, he curiously walked over.

The Heart Constraining Restriction Medallion was quite easy to find. Nangong Wan quickly took it into her hands with a smile.

As for Han Li, he quickly swept his gaze past the pile and suddenly beckoned a small exquisite ring into his hands. It was completely dark and lightless. Han Li frowned and brought the item to his eye and began to examine it.

Nangong Wan astonishedly said, “What are you doing with that? It looks like just an ordinary magic tool.”

Han Li chuckled and suddenly slapped his storage pouch, summoning a jade box into his hands. The box then opened in a flash of azure light, revealing an identical jet-black ring.

“Yi!” Nangong Wan couldn’t help but yelp in surprise.

Han Li brought the two rings together and felt that they both possess a similar absence of Qi. He then placed both of the rings back in the box before placing it into his storage pouch. 

Nangong Wan sweetly smiled and said nothing else as her mind began to wander. Then paying no further attention to the large pile of items, she walked towards her Senior Martial Sister. With a flash of red light glowing from her hand, Nangong Wan nimbly touched her Senior Martial Sister’s head before closing her eyes in silence. 

When Han Li saw this, he silently walked over with a faint smile on his face.

A short moment later, Nangong Wan opened her eyes and raised her hand, revealing the Blood Devil Sword in her grasp.

Nangong Wan glanced at the sword for only a moment before tossing the devilish artifact to Han Li, “This devilish artifact is mighty and proves to be a great threat against us so it’d be best to take it with us. While I am incapable of using this item, you are able to restrain this treasure with your golden lightning. Let’s leave it in your hands!”