Chapter 719: Blood Devil Sword

Han Li responded to Nangong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister with an unhurried tone, “It doesn’t matter who I am, but it does matter why you are being so obstinate. Just give the Contraining Heart Restriction Medallion to us and we’ll immediately release you. As for the Blood Devil Sword, I have nothing to fear from it despite not knowing of it. It would be best if you didn’t rely on it.”

The icy woman sinisterly stared at Han Li and curled her lips, “You are overestimating yourself! If you knew about Blood Devil Sword, you wouldn’t dare to speak so boldly. I’ll kill you first and see if Junior Martial Sister Nangong changes her mind.”

Immediately after, she bit the tip of her tongue and puffed a large mist of blood essence onto the small crimson sword and clutched her hands in an incantation seal. In a bright flash of crimson light, the small sword grew to a meter in length, flourishing its wicked, bloody appearance. The scent of blood it emitted became all the more repugnant and pervasive as well.

The icy woman then grabbed onto the sword’s handle without much care, and she began to glare with brilliantly light as she began to pour the entirety of her spiritual power into the crimson sword.

“Quickly act! We cannot allow her to attack first!” Unable to retain her calm, Nangong Wan shouted fearfully to Han Li. She knew much about the fearsomeness of the Blood Devil Sword and couldn’t hold much confidence in Han Li’s words.

Before she could finish condensing her Divine Incarnation Light, she pointed to the huge barrier of light above her head. The dome of light trembled and began to quickly revolve. A short moment later, a gorgeous emerald-green light flew out towards the icy woman in an instant. 

When the icy woman saw this, she casually waved her hand and tossed out the triangular flag. When the flag left her hand, it turned into a large cloud of eerie green fog as it intercepted the attack.

As soon as the ray of emerald light struck the green fog, a flood dragon suddenly appeared from the emerald light. The flood dragon suddenly gained the upper hand in the struggle and surged through the fog in an attempt to disperse it. But like a tenacious disease, a layer of the fog stuck onto the flood dragon and prevented it from breaking free.

Nangong Wan grimaced at the sight, and the icy woman revealed a trace of joy.

The icy woman then swept the air with the crimson sword and slashed the sword over Han Li’s head. A spacial fluctuation soon followed, carrying a three-meter-wide wave of sword Qi towards him.

The sword Qi was scarlet red and flaunted an ominous, evil aura as it cut forward without restraint.

After the icy woman consumed a majority of her power in her attack, her complexion increasingly reddened several times in the following instant. Then in a flash of light, the crimson sword returned to its original small size.

As the sword Qi traveled through the air, the nearby spiritual Qi flowed forward with the force of a thousand streams, dragging the blood sword Qi forward and concealing it. Han Li could only feel his body tense and suddenly felt his body shackled. Let alone cast any techniques, he couldn’t even bring himself to move a single finger. He could only stare at the sword Qi as it slowly made his way towards him.

Nangong Wan’s complexion turned deathly pale at the sight of this, and her Senior Martial Sister simply smirked.

Both of them believing that Han Li was about to meet great catastrophe, Han Li simply took a deep breath as he stared at the blood sword Qi. With ringing thunder and wildly flickering golden light, a net of faint gold lightning appeared around Han Li.

The icy woman was stunned at the sight. Before she could even react, the blood sword Qi struck the net of lightning.

A huge explosion sounded out as the divine lightning and the blood Qi collided.

Despite overbearing sword Qi savage attempts to break through the golden net, it was incapable of severing the thin strands of lightning. Instead, the golden net gradually wrapped around it as if it were a fish.

Then, the net of Divine Devilbane Lightning around Han Li disappeared as it quickly moved to wrap around the sword Qi.

Han Li glanced at the lightning-restrained sword Qi in the air with a trace of astonishment. The Divine Devilbane Lightning appeared to be quickly consumed in its struggle to contain the sword Qi despite its evil warding properties. Had he not released a third of his lightning reserves, it was quite possible he wouldn’t have been able to restrain this wicked sword Qi.

Actually, this was the first time he had even encountered an evil Devil Dao treasure that he hadn’t been able to easily subdue with the Devilbane Lightning. But if this continued, both the blood sword Qi and the Devilbane Lightning would likely both scatter. This wasn't something that he was going to allow.

With that thought, Han Li raised his hands with a sullen expression, violently releasing two extremely dense bolts of lightning onto the net of lightning that was already restraining the crimson sword Qi.

With the reinforced vigor, the golden lightning was able to defeated the sword Qi, leaving only a small cloud of crimson mist in the air.

Without any further thought, Han Li pointed to the golden lightning in the air, and had it completely encase and condense the golden mist into a golden fist-sized ball. After it fell into his grasp, he expressionlessly glanced at the woman across from him.

The scene had left the icy woman completely dumbstruck with completely disbelief on her face. Nangong Wan was also shocked to the point where her mouth was slightly hanging open.

Seeing the full force of the Blood Devil Sword rendered ineffective was beyond belief for the two women.

Ever since this sword made its appearance in the Heavenly South, it was unknown whether or not it was an ancient or a magic treasure. This sword was similar to an ordinary magic treasure by which it can be kept within one’s body, but it was incapable of refined by an owner like an ancient treasure. Despite this, it was still capable of displaying astonishing strength.

Unless one avoided the sword’s spacial slash ahead of time, there was no method of blocking it. Any techniques or magic treasures used to block the attack would most likely be cleaved into two. As for the sword’s user, unless they used a large amount of blood essence and vitality to activate it, they would have to be wary of devilish Qi backlash.

This was because the body’s true essence became increasingly tainted by devilish essence the longer the sword was used. If too much devilish essence was accumulated, one would experience devilish Qi backlash; they would lose any rationality and transform into a raging devil until their death.

There are only a few of these “devilish artifacts” in the entirety of the Heavenly South. It could be said to be a name that was both feared and admired!

Just after Han Li dispersed of the blood sword Qi, he took action without waiting for the two women to recover from their shock. With a fierce whistle, he had the Gold Devouring Beetles swarming above him roar and flood the room as they charged towards the icy woman.

Han Li’s had awakened the icy woman from her stupor. In furious alarm, she opened her mouth and spat out a small silver sword from her mouth and quickly formed an incantation gesture with her hands. The silver sword brilliantly shined and created a barrier of blinding silver light.

With a sudden pop, the silver sword trembled and shot out over a thousand strands of silver light towards in the incoming swarm of golden beetles from within the barrier.

“Sword condensed threads!” Han Li muttered to himself with a frown. So it turned out that Nangong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister was originally a sword cultivator. It was no wonder why she had so many sword type magic treasures.

In the following moment, the silver threads struck the golden insect cloud. With a loud burst of crackles, countless golden shells fell from the sky, thinning out much of the swarm. Holes were left in the cloud of beetles from where the silver sword threads had struck.

Han Li’s heart sank at the sight. Were his current Gold Devouring Beetles still incapable of contending against Nascent Soul cultivators? He had spent such meticulous time and effort to develop them.

The icy woman felt relief at the result of the strike. With several more waves of attacks, the entire swarm of these odd insects should be fully exterminated. It appeared there was nothing to fear from them.

However, Han Li’s disappointment was soon replaced with joy. The beetles that had fallen from the strike had begun to move once more. With a shriek, they began to fly once more and followed the rest of the beetles towards the icy woman.

At that moment, a phoenix cry suddenly sounded out from the green fog and a radiance of a thousand suns suddenly shined and cleanly scattered it away to reveal a vermillion moon from within it. The moon shimmered with light before rushing towards the icy woman’s barrier.

The icy woman’s expression vastly changed. Suddenly, the light barrier began to spin around her and her body transformed into a streak of black-white light as she attempted to escape from the hall.

After this exchange, the woman finally realized that it would be extremely difficult to take on Han Li and Nangong Wan together. As such, she decided to flee the cave residence and restrain the two once she gathered reinforcements.

While Han Li and Nangong Wan were particularly formidable, they couldn’t stand up to the countless disciples of the Masked Moon Sect. And once she arrived outside, she’d be able to activate the Masked Moon Sect’s sect guarding formations and trap the two inside.