Chapter 721: Return to Soaring Heavens City

Although Han Li didn’t know the full details of the Blood Devil Sword, he did know of its devilish Qi backlash. He quickly put it away, not wishing for Nangong Wan to use such a dangerous devilish artifact.

As for the other items such as the Light Stasis Mirror and her other treasures, Nangong Wan had no intention of taking them. It seemed she wished to save her Senior Martial Sister a bit of face. Not to mention that the Light Stasis Mirror was made famous while in this woman’s possession; if others were to discover that it had been taken, it would cause no end of problems.

At that moment, Nangong Wan held the restriction talisman in her hand and gently squeezed it. In a flicker of red light, it released a thread of inky black Qi before fading away into nothingness.

In high spirits from dissolving the restriction, Nangong Wan sweetly smiled, “The Heart Containing Restriction is already dissolved. But before we go, I have to leave a message behind for my Senior Martial Sister.”

Han Li didn’t raise any opposition to her. Nangong Wan then took out a white jade slip and gracefully placed it against her forehead. The jade slip sparkled with a series of light before Nangong Wan’s spiritual sense began to leave a message behind in the jade slip.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, she placed the jade slip on the pile of remaining items on the floor. She then placed them all in the icy woman’s storage pouch and put it back on the icy woman’s waist.

Nangong Wan smiled to Han Li with a trace of bashfulness, “Let’s go. Senior Martial Sister is still under effects of my Divine Incarnation Light. It’ll take her more than just a day for her to break free.”

When Han Li saw Nangong Wan’s gentle expression, his heart began to stir. He gently pulled her close to him and they flew out the hall in a streak of light.


On a small nameless mountain on the border of the State of Beiliang, Nangong Wan stood underneath an ancient tree and frowned, “What do you mean? Why would you have me go ahead alone to the Drifting Cloud Sect?”

Han Li stood shoulder to shoulder with Nangong Wan. He slowly said, “My concubine and my Senior Martial Brother Lu have still remained in Soaring Heavens City for some reason. I reckon it likely has to do with the Moulan invasion. Since the two are related to me, I cannot go back on my own. I have no choice but to check up on them.

Nangong Wan glanced at Han Li with a displeased expression and said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll go with you. Why must I leave on my own?”

“Wan’er, you’re a Masked Moon Sect Nascent Soul cultivator. There will be many high grade cultivators in the Nine Nations Union that will recognize you. Although I already taught you the Appearance Exchange Technique, those possessing greater cultivation than you will have a chance of seeing through your disguise. It’d be best for you to head back to the Drifting Cloud Sect first.”

Nangong Wan wrinkled her nose and worriedly said, “But you’ve already offended our Masked Moon Sect and the Flowing Mind Sect. I feel uneasy that you’re still heading to Soaring Heavens City.” 

Han Li chuckled and said, “Don’t worry! It’s not like you haven’t seen what I’m capable of. Perhaps there are plenty of people with greater cultivation than mine in the Heavenly South, but there are sparsely few that are able to trap and kill me. Moreover, I am an elder of the Drifting Cloud Sect. And with the full brunt of Moulan invasion bearing down upon the Nine Nations Union, they won’t dare to meddle. Besides, I reckon your Senior Martial Sister will have followed what you’ve suggested to excuse your disappearance. Otherwise, her dealings with Wei Wuya will turn for the worse. There is hardly anything to worry about.”

“Since you’re insistant, I won’t block you, but you’d best take care of yourself. So that you’re a bit more safe, I’ll hand this treasure over to you.” Seeing that Han Li had made up his mind, she said little else and slapped her storage pouch. She then calmly handed an embroidered scarf over to Han Li.

Han Li felt a strange spiritual qi from the scarf and curiously asked, “What’s this?”

Nangong Wan warmly explained, “This is a nameless ancient treasure that I unintentionally happened across while I was travelling. It is extremely convenient to use and will move in accordance to your thoughts. You might encounter danger on your trip. I will feel less worried if you have it by your side.” 

Han Li grew silent and stared at Nangong Wan’s fluid eyes for a long while before seeing her faintly blush. He then took the item with a smile and carefully put it away.

When Nangong Wan saw this, she also wore a faint smile. Soon, something else came to mind and she took out a sparkling red jade pendant. “This Fire Repelling Ornament is a token I often carry around. Although I dislike being tied down with external affairs, there was a time where I had taken in a few in-name disciples out of a passing interest. Although they recognized me as their master, they weren’t Masked Moon Sect Disciples. There are two that have currently opened a shop in Soaring Heavens City. If you are in need of assistance, hand over this token to them, and they will follow your instructions.” She then whispered the names of these two disciples.

Han Li felt a trace of warmth and sentiment and silently commited the names to memory.

It had been a while since he’s experienced someone else’s concern.


A month later, Han Li found himself in the wilderness outside Soaring Heavens City. He glanced at the huge city from a distance in silence.

After he and Nangong Wan reluctantly parted, he made his way directly to the State of Yu. Along the way, he heard from a few passing cultivators that war had already begun on the borders of the State of Fengyuan and Yu.

The outcome: the main forces of the Nine Nations Union had suffered vast losses three times in a row. They had no choice but to rely on many grand spell formations to difficultly protect their vital strategic locations. The Nine Nations Union were clearly losing. When Han Li heard this, he frowned, but it was unfortunate that no one knew of the specific details, let alone the reason for such vast defeats. He could only continue on his way.

After he entered the State of Yu, he managed to acquire more detailed news. The Moulan spell warriors seemed to have found several huge savage beasts. The Nine Nations Union were caught unprepared by the attack, resulting in their repeated losses. This had greatly shocked Han Li when he heard this, and hastened on his way to Soaring Heavens City.

Although Soaring Heavens City had already removed their restrictions of flight, they had already activated a majority of the restrictions for the Greater Light Extinguishing Formation. Strange nearly indiscernible fluctuations filled the air. It appeared as if the cultivators in the city were already preparing for war.

After taking a glance at it, Han LI calmly flew to the city’s front gate.

There were eight cultivators guarding the gate. Apart from a Core Formation elder, the rest were Foundation Establishment cultivators. When they saw Han Li approach them, the Core Formation cultivator thought to interrogate him. But after his spiritual sense swept past Han Li, he wore great shock on his face.

Once the light surrounding Han Li’s figure faded away, the old man respectfully saluted him, “Welcome Senior! Have you arrived to participate in the treaties meeting? May I ask for you esteemed name? I’m afraid I must register your name in accordance to the rules.”

 Han Li’s mind stirred and expressionlessly asked, “Treaties meeting? What meeting?”

After a moment of surprise, the old man asked, “Senior isn’t here to participate in the treaties meeting? Could it be that Senior is a vagrant cultivator?”

“No, I am a cultivator of the Heavenly Dao Alliance.”

The old man carefully explained, “Because of the overbearing assault of the Moulan, our Nine Nations Union have found it difficult to block them. As such, there has been a treaties meeting being held with the other powers. Since Senior is a cultivator from the Heavenly Dao Alliance, so long as he states his name and sect, he can enter the city.”

Han Li’s eyes flickered and he said, “I am the Drifting Cloud Sect’s Han Li!” He inwardly scowled. It appeared this trip wouldn’t prove as simple as he imagined.

The old man didn’t have the slightest intention of validating Han LI’s name and he hastily stood to the side and allowed Han Li into the city.

Han Li nodded his head and he calmly entered the city.

There were far fewer cultivators on the streets of Soaring Heaven City compared to when the trade fair was taking place. Furthermore, all of them wore worried expressions. It seems the news of the losing war had reached their ears.

Han Li directly flew towards his previous residence. If Mu Peiling and Senior Martial Brother Lu still hadn’t left the city, they should be there.

Not long after, Han Li arrived before the building and used his spiritual sense to search for any auras. He found a weaker spiritual Qi fluctuation on the second floor. It should belong to Mu Peiling.

Han Li faintly smiled and silently opened the restriction before entering the pavilion.

Mu Peiling couldn’t help but reveal delight upon seeing him, “My Lord, you’ve returned!”