Chapter 452: Thunderous Strike

Chapter 452: Thunderous Strike

Han Li was incapable of drawing on any of the magic power in his body, feeling as if it were frozen. It was clear that those ghost threads had restricted his true essence.

Han Li was overwhelmed with shock for a moment. He hastily turned his gaze to examine the black threads. The black threads densely coiling around his body were glossy and emitted a faint Yin Qi. Its baneful nature was clear at a glance.

Han Li’s face unconsciously twitched. It wasn’t that he didn’t suspect that it had been tampered with, but that after careful examination, he had been unable to find anything strange.

As he didn’t carry any pure gold magic tools on hand, he had no choice to be use that item. After he used the item to capture the spirit ginseng’s avatar, his suspicions about the item had been thrown to the back on his mind for the time being. It was beyond his imagination that just as they turned hostile that his magic power and true essence would be completely restrained.

However, his expression of shock only existed for a short moment before his calm was restored. That was because he immediately recalled that he still had the formation spell protecting him. He would have enough time to break free of the restrains before they could further act against him.

Han Li scoffed and thought to call out to his Gold Devouring beetles when he heard a puff from behind him.

The sound was barely discernable. If Han Li hadn’t earlier covered the area of the formation spell with his spiritual sense, he feared he wouldn’t had discovered it. Feeling a chill run down his spine, Han Li sharply whistled and instantly rolled his body over. At that same time, the Gold Devouring Beetles filled the skies as they swarmed behind him.

Upon hearing a loud explosion from behind him, Han Li’s face grew gloomy.

Han Li saw the swarm of Gold Devouring Beetles blocking the path of a strange dark green silhouette of light and doing their utmost to attack it.

The green light silhouette appeared blurred from having its body covered in ghost Qi. Its arms had transformed into two huge, dark green pythons. They were wildly lashing out at any of the Gold Devouring Beetles that attempted to approach. As none of the beetles were able to approach him, the Gold Devouring Beetles were at a complete standstill.

But what Han Li found even more inconceivable was that the formation spell was still completely intact. Just how was it able to appear behind him without triggering any of the restrictions?

But before Han Li could recover from his shock, the green silhouette loudly cursed, “These damned insects are actually capable of consuming my incorporeal body. How menacing!” It was the same unfamiliar voice he had heard before, but now, it was quite flustered.

Han Li had finally noticed that in the instant the beetles were flung away, they had taken bites out of green pythons and had swallowed specks of green light. It was no wonder why he was so perturbed.

In the mere time after it had just recently spoke from within the cloud, it had managed to conceal itself behind him and launch a sneak attack. Han Li was completely perplexed by this but the question soon faded from his mind. Now was not to the time to think of it.

He had no mind to chat with the silhouette and whistled once more. A small portion of the Gold Devouring Beetles separated themselves from the group and shot towards him. They were crawling all over his body, tearing away at the black threads.

Because his magic power was restricted, Han Li was only able to barely control the Gold Devouring Beetles by use of sound. He needed to set himself free before the enemy figured out a way to deal with his Gold Devouring Beetles. After all, the memory of the beetles’ Origin Qi being greatly damaged by the ghostly roars were still fresh in his mind. If such a thing were to occur again, it would be terrible.

At that moment, the barrier seemed to be rammed by a heavy object. After flickering with yellow light, the light barrier started to blur.

Han Li then indifferently glanced over. He saw the Bone Sage in midair, releasing his own attacks in coordination with the green silhouette’s attack.

The dark cloud continuously struck the light barrier with three-meter-wide masses of black Qi. It appeared that the barrier wouldn’t last for much longer.

A strange light stirred in Han Li’s eyes. He no longer paid attention to the Bone Sage’s assault and turned his gaze to the Gold Devouring Beetles that were blocking the flourishing green silhouette over forty meters away.

The Yin ghost threads on his body had already been torn nearly halfway through in that instant. Han Li could already feel his true essence and magic power slowly stir, causing him to involuntarily reveal a trace of joy.

Once his magic power returned to normal, he had many methods he could make use of.

At that moment, the green silhouette released a soft roar and started spinning its body. In a second, it had turned into a huge top spinning at great speed. It charged into the swarm of beetles and slowly inched closer to Han Li.

The ten thousand Gold Devouring Beetles continued to chase after it. Although a majority were quickly swatted away by the huge top, a small portion of them managed to cling onto it and slow it down.

When the other beetles saw this, they swarmed around it. A short moment later, the green silhouette had Gold Devouring Beetles crawling over its body and was no longer capable of spinning. It looked just like when they had devoured the grey ghost shadow previously.

Han Li was astonished. The green ghost’s suicidal action not only caused him to feel joy, but also great apprehension. What happened afterwards verified his suspicions.

In a breath’s time, the green shadow’s body that was being held down by the Gold Devouring Beetles started to inflate into a large sphere and glow with dazzling green radiance.

‘Not good!’ Han Li wanted to recall the Gold Devouring Beetles, but it was too late. The green sphere emitted a deafening bang and released an extremely cold aura that submerged all of the beetles.

The center of this explosion was shining with dazzling green radiance. Under it as cover, a fine wisp of green smoke shot out, quickly shooting towards the still bound Han Li.

“Your body will be mine!” With roaring laughter, the green thread flashed, transforming into a meter wide malevolent ghost head as it continued to charge towards him.

As the Bone Sage saw this from up above, he wore a slight smile. He immediately stopped his attacks, despite being only a few strikes away from breaking through it.

Han Li stared at the ghost head as it approached him with an icy, piercing gaze. When it arrived about three meters away from him, a ruthless glint appeared in his eyes and his body suddenly released a violent, baleful aura.

This violent, baleful aura appeared nearly tangible, and unexpectedly stopped the approaching ghost head from shock.

Han Li suddenly opened his mouth and shot a dense bolt of golden lightning, penetrating through the ghost head at point blank. The ghost head wailed in anguish and immediately turned into a ball of green Qi after being struck by the golden lightning. Furiously shrieking, it fled for its life.

Han Li wasn’t about to allow it to so easily escape. At that moment, his entire body was wildly releasing arcs of faint lightning. In an instant, the black threads had been thoroughly dispersed.

His body blurred without delay. After leaving behind several afterimages, he had chased down the green Qi.

Han Li expressionlessly raised his right hand and fiercely clutched the ball of Qi. Faint gold lightning sparked from his fingers and instantly erased the green Qi from existence, leaving a dark green crystal pearl in his grasp. It flickered with a strange brilliance as if it were alive.

Han Li indifferently looked at it for a moment before tightly closing his hand. The crystal pearl was then turned to ash from an arc of lightning.

Without a corporeal body, even the ghost king grade green shadow was destroyed in an instant by Han Li’s unrestrained use of the Divine Devilbane Lightning. Even Han Li himself was surprised by how easy it had been.

Then, Han Li raised his head and looked at the Bone Sage with an unphased expression, “Hand over the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng to me and I will pretend as if nothing happened, and we will continue our cooperation. Otherwise, one of us will have to die!” Although Han Li’s tone was serene, the cold intent of his words caused the Bone Sage to wear a grotesque grimace.

The Bone Sage directly stared at Han Li for a long while before saying, “Good! Good! Good!”

Han Li unconsciously narrowed his eyes as he rigidly stared at him.

“Since he was unable to take over your body, his skill was insufficient. I will naturally cooperate with the victor. Take good care of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng.” The dark cloud concealing the Bone Sage disappeared to reveal his true body. He then flung a golden box at Han Li.