Chapter 453: Zenith Yin’s Intrusion

Chapter 453: Zenith Yin’s Intrusion

Han Li expressionlessly watched the box rebound off of the light barrier and fall to the ground outside. He didn’t have the slightest intention of releasing the restrictions. He only solemnly stared at the gold box in complete silence.

With his hands behind his back, the Bone Sage serenely spoke, “What? You fear that that the box is under the effect of ghost thread alterations? Relax. This old ghost has already given up. I can no longer act against you as I only have you left to assist me with Zenith Yin. The large number of Gold Lightning Bamboo magic treasures that are contained within your body were particularly outside of my expectations. They will prove to be extremely effective when dealing with Zenith Yin’s Profound Yin Arts. Harming you at this point would be harming myself.”

Han Li focused his sights on the Bone Sage. If he plotted against him once, he would naturally be willing to do it again for reasons still unknown. Although his words and actions were agreeable, it was best for him to remain vigilant.

With that thought, Han Li raised his arm and shot a slim arc of faint gold lightning, striking the gold box with shock. After swaying several times, no odd transformations had occurred.

Han Li let out a sigh of relief. If the box was transformed from something demonic, it would’ve undoubtedly shown a reaction.

With his heart at ease, he beckoned to the box and the gold case shot towards him. At that same moment, the light barrier flickered, allowing the gold box to pass through the in that instant.

Han Li saw that the Bone Sage still had yet to move with his spiritual sense and had somewhat relaxed. He then lowered his head to look at the gold box.

With a cold glint shining from his eyes, Han Li stared at the box in his hands, contemplating about something.

When the Bone Sage saw Han Li’s cautious appearance, he scoffed and leisurely watched from above without any intention of urging him.

Han Li then looked down at the avatar of the spirit ginseng, the white rabbit. It was motionlessly lying on the ground as if it were unconscious.

Han Li muttered to himself for a moment. Then without any further hesitation, he gently flipped the cover of the gold box, revealing a sudden azure light shining from the box. The box then fully opened the rest of the way by itself and revealed what was inside.

Han Li hastily focused his gaze on the small item before him. It was half a foot long and an earthy yellow with dry, wrinkled skin appearing like one would commonly expect from the roots of an old tree.

Han Li was speechless.

While Han Li was doubting whether this truly was the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng or whether the Bone Sage had replaced some unknown item to dupe him with, the motionless rabbit that was lying on the ground suddenly leapt towards him as an orb of white light, shooting towards the roots in the golden box.

Han Li was initially surprised but he soon revealed joy.

The Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng’s white rabbit avatar’s sudden actions clearly revealed that this item was truly the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng, causing him to feel assured.

However, Han Li wasn’t about to just ignore this avatar and allow it to fuse with its main body. He flicked his finger, striking the rabbit’s head with a streak an azure swordlight. It tumbled off a distance away.

But with its true body before its eyes, it leapt forward again with the entirety of its strength, completely unwilling to give up.

Han Li grew somewhat impatient. He immediately shot off an arc of lightning, thoroughly knocking out the white rabbit. A large patch of its fur had turned black.

Afterwards, Han Li reached in the direction of the white rabbit, causing it to fly into his hand. After taking a look at it, he decided to place it into the golden box.

Once the white rabbit avatar touched the body of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng, it merged into the ginseng with a flash of white light. Han Li then closed the lid and placed a minor restriction on it to prevent it from fleeing.

With that done, Han Li released a breath of true relief.

The Bone Sage’s inaction caused Han Li to feel relaxed, but it had increased his wariness as well.

After placing the golden box into his storage pouch, he calmly asked, “After Senior gave the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng to this Junior, did he not fear that Junior would take it and run?”

The Bone Sage’s wandering gaze focused on Han Li. He unhurriedly said, “Run? Even with the ginseng, what would you think to do without the formula to refine it?”

Han Li frowned and thought about what else he should say.

The Bone Sage sneered and couldn’t help but explain, “Zenith Yin has already acted on your body. You can either be pursued to the ends of the earth or cooperate with me. Even if you left the Heavenvoid Hall with the spirit ginseng, Zenith Yin would later... hehe!”

“Acted on me?” Han Li’s expression momentarily changed. He didn’t believe that his body could be affected by something without his knowledge, given his immense spiritual sense.

The Bone Sage naturally guessed that Han Li doubted this and immediately smirked. But just as he was about to offer evidence, his expression abruptly changed, and he turned his gaze to the distance.

Han Li was baffled by this, but he immediately felt alarm swell in his mind. He couldn’t help but believe the old devil had sought to trick him.

But for some unknown reason, the Bone Sage hastily turned back around and said something that caused Han Li to immediately tense.

“Zenith Yin is coming. Most likely for you. You’re on your own! I am going to conceal myself.” The Bone Sage then turned into a dark cloud and flew off, disappearing in an instant.

Han Li was dumbstruck!

Just as he was pondering whether or not the Bone Sage spoke truthfully, he heard booming, ghostly wails from the horizon. A huge sea of dense black clouds imposingly covered the skies. It appeared that they were heading in this direction!

Han Li’s heart dropped!

This dark cloud possessed the astonishing pressure of the Profound Yin Arts. It was most likely that the person who was coming was Grandmaster Zenith Yin. Could it be true that Zenith Yin had schemed against him without his detection? How else could Grandmaster Zenith Yin have flown such a far distance towards him with complete accuracy.

At that moment, Han Li inwardly rained profanities at the Bone Sage. Wasn’t he going on about wanting to cooperate with him to deal with Zenith Yin?! Now, he was left behind, abandoned with great speed. This caused Han Li to be beyond gloomy.

Now that he had hid, it was too late for Han Li. He could only brace himself to cope with this directly.

As Han Li remained inside the formations spell, the black clouds arrived above the forest in the blink of an eye and came to a sudden stop.

With this, Han Li no longer had any choice. He could only silently stare at the dark clouds with a tense heart. He believed that Zenith Yin wouldn’t kill him on sight and would be given a proper explanation of why Grandmaster Zenith Yin was so intent on pursuing him. After a long while of strenuous thinking, Han Li couldn’t figure out why he was being chased, much to his annoyance!

With that thought, Han Li recovered his calm state of mind and he attentively gazed at the black clouds, waiting for Zenith Yin to speak.

But contrary to his expectations, a cold snort came from the dark clouds and shot out a jet-black light beam towards the magic formation at a speed greater than lightning.

With a flash of yellow light, the light barrier was thoroughly destroyed with a deafening rupture. It was unable to hold for even a second.

Completely unobstructed, the black light beam directly struck at Han Li. Han Li’s face became deathly pale in an instant. His body blurred several times out of instinct and he dodged out of the way, appearing over a hundred meters away with an expression of furious alarm.

Han Li waved his arms without any further hesitation. Over a hundred huge ape puppets appeared around him. He then twirled several spirit beast pouches around him, having them lightly sway in front of him.

Han Li’s gaze grew ice-cold. Although he knew his chances of victory were pathetically small, if Zenith Yin truly wished to kill him, he still had to try his utmost! He was unwilling to resign himself to death!

At that same time, nine Bamboo Cloudswarm swords that were sealed in his body’s true essence began to stir.