Chapter 451: Two-Faced

Chapter 451: Two-Faced

There was no doubt. This small animal was certain to be the avatar of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng.

Han Li excitedly looked at the white rabbit and circulated the entirety of his Great Development Technique through his eyes. The white rabbit’s pure spiritual Qi was astonishingly brilliant.

It was undoubtedly a wondrous item born from nature. Han Li felt deeply moved, but he didn’t relax in the slightest. As he rigidly stared at the white rabbit, his hand had already formed an incantation seal.

The rabbit continued to stay outside the great formation before its two fire-red eyes glanced at the jade box several times. It was clearly unsatisfied with merely staying in place and continuing to only smell it. It was now coming up with a clever plan.

Now that he saw the rabbit’s intelligence, Han Li became increasingly careful and revealed a tense expression. After all, the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng was most adapt in evasion techniques. Were he not careful, he would’ve wasted all of his previous efforts.

After the rabbit circled around the large formation, its two ears swayed incessantly while still as if it were attempting to sense any oddities with the nearby spiritual Qi.

Han Li felt slightly worried. If the spirit ginseng avatar saw through the trap and wouldn’t enter the formation, he would have to forcefully capture it with the gold net. However, the chance of success would be pathetically small.

During Han Li’s moment of hesitation, the white rabbit’s body blurred and disappeared into the underbrush.

Han Li was left completely stupefied.

During Han Li’s bafflement, a white blur appeared from a different side of the underbrush. The white rabbit’s speed left incomplete afterimages. It shot towards the jade box in an instant. After grasping the jade box in its jaw, it ran back without the slightest hesitation.

Although the white rabbit’s actions had left him in a slight daze, he immediately awoke. How could he allow its mere tricks to succeed?

An arrow-like ray of gold light shot down from the trees, intercepting the white rabbit’s path of escape. The white rabbit fearfully twisted its body in mid flight and threw itself in a different direction.

It was already too late. A barrier of yellow light had already surrounded it, firmly sealing it. The white rabbit’s head knocked against the light barrier and was repelled.

After rolling several times across the ground, it got up with a swaying head and eyes filled with panic. With a flash of white light, it turned into a fist-sized ball of rainbow light and immediately flew downwards into the ground.

But when the ball of rainbow light sunk several inches into the ground, it was pushed back by another burst of yellow light.

Now it was truly worried. The rainbow ball of light flusteredly knocked against the light barrier like a housefly, but it was always met with resistance. At that moment, a streak of golden light shot down towards the ball of light white it was in midair. It was caught completely unprepared.

Then with a blur, Han Li appeared on the ground. The golden light then flew into his hand, revealing itself as the gold threaded net that the Bone Sage had given him.

The light turned back into the white rabbit while in the net, and it struggled to break free. It’s figure became blurred, large, and small, but it proved to be of no use. The gold net closely matched its transformations, firmly holding it in place.

Han Li smiled at the sight. After he brought the gold net close to his face and closely examined the white rabbit, he hung the net at his waist. He then sat down at the center of the formation with no intention of disabling it. He then took out the flower basket desolate antiquity and placed it in front of him. He also released two spirit beast pouches of Gold Devouring Beetles and had them continuously spiral above him, forming a huge glowing cloud of gold and silver.

Han Li then calmly sat down and closed his eyes, waiting for the Bone Sage to bring back the main body of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng.

With all of this in place, Han Li hoped that this would tacitly tell the Bone Sage that it would be best to not shed all pretenses of cooperation and to sincerely hand the spirit ginseng over to him. He clearly understood that their cooperation would only persist so long as the Bone Sage believed that he wasn’t weak. Naturally, if the Bone Sage showed any killing intent, Han Li would bluntly take the first move.

Regardless of whether on not the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng truly possessed the miraculous effect of condensing a Nascent Soul, he was still determined to acquire it. After all, this spiritual item possessed great fame. He was convinced that even if it didn’t hold any effect towards Nascent Soul formation, he was certain it still had other equally impressive uses.

With that thought, Han Li unconsciously opened his eyes and looked at the white rabbit at his waist, the avatar of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng.

He was left stunned. It completely lacked its previous vigor and had grown completely powerless.

Han Li’s heart stirred. Its main body was certain to be in the Bone Sage’s grasp. Otherwise, its avatar wouldn’t appear so lifeless. Han Li then turned his gaze to the skies outside of the forest.

After the time it took to finish a meal, the Bone Sage eventually flew over as a dark cloud. He came to a stop outside the formation spell and wordlessly floated there.

Han Li expressionlessly stood up and stared at the dark cloud. He didn’t plan on speaking first.

A long while later, the Bone Sage’s bone-chilling voice came from the cloud, “You appear as if you’re facing a great enemy. What are you planning?”

“Nothing. It’s just that my cultivation is too low. I am truly scared of suddenly having a falling out with Senior.” Han Li calmly replied.

“Humph! You really are overly suspicious! If I didn’t plan on giving this spiritual item to you, then why would I bring you to such a far away place. Don’t forget that I still need your help in dealing with my traitorous disciple!” The Bone Sage spoke as if he were suppressing anger.

“Senior, I’m not sure if you know, but times have changed! Perhaps Senior truly needed my help before entering the Heavenvoid Hall. But now, I’m not entirely sure that Senior hasn’t already acquired another assistant.” Han Li stared at the Bone Sage with a gaze sharp as a sword.

“What do you mean?” The Bone Sage’s voice grew colder, and he faintly revealed an expression of shock.

Han Li frowned and impatiently said, “Senior doesn’t need to continue to feign ignorance. Why don’t you call out to him. I saw him appear when he was looking for the spirit ginseng.”

After hearing this, the Bone Sage grew silent. Not long after a man’s deep, unfamiliar voice came from within the cloud, “Youngster, how did you discover me? I cannot believe that you saw through my disguise technique.”

“I have no interest in answering a stranger. Now I will ask a question to Senior Bone Sage. Do you truly wish to fight in a battle where both sides suffer, only to the benefit of Zenith Yin?” Han Li spoke with a mocking expression.

“Both sides suffer? You truly overestimate yourself! Although killing you would consume a bit of effort, I am willing to pay the cost.” With that said the dark cloud suddenly shot out a streak of yellow light, striking the barrier of the formation spell.

The color of the barrier abruptly changed to a fiery red. The center of the formation spell began to release a scorching heat as if it were a furnace.

Han Li’s expression didn’t change upon seeing this, and he lightly sighed. He raised his hand and shot an azure incantation seal towards the barrier. The barrier’s color fluctuated many times between red and yellow before finally returning to its original yellow. The scorching heat had disappeared as if it were an illusion.

“Yi! What did you do to my formation flags?” A shocked voice came from the dark cloud.

“What did I do? I just did what you did!” Han Li spoke with a noncommittal tone.

“Humph! Very good. You’ve must also used my golden thread ball quite well then.” The Bone Sage tone turned icy.

“What!? Could it be!?” Han Li’s expression underwent a massive change. He immediately threw the gold threaded net from his waist into the distance.

But just as the Bone Sage finished speaking, the golden net turned pitch-black with a flash. It quickly shot towards Han Li as a fine thread of black Qi and hastily bound him. As for the rabbit that was within it, it was discarded to the side without regard. It remained motionless as if it were unconscious.

With this sudden entrapment, Han Li was unable to conceal the abrupt shock on his face.

“Youngster, how do you like the feeling of ghost threads? Are you still able to use any of the magic power in your body?” The Bone Sage’s proud laughter came from the cloud above.

When Han Li heard this, he hastily felt for his magic power, but his face soon turned ashen.