Chapter 439: Ghost King (1)

Chapter 439: Ghost King (1)

When Fairy Violet Spirit heard Han Li, her face paled in an instant.

The old man looked at the white bones in silence with shifting eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

Han Li looked around and indifferently concluded, “Since a cultivator on the verge of mid Core Formation had fallen here, a fierce ghost with fearsome cultivation is certain to be nearby. Are Lady Violet Spirit and Fellow Daoist Ge prepared for the possibility of falling here? If you two turn back now, you won’t have to brave this danger. I’m going either way, with or without you!”

When the two heard Han Li’s calm voice, they couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay.

A while later, Fairy Violet Spirit came to a decision after some thought and resolutely said, “Senior Han! Even if I were to fall and become a ghost, I cannot return unless I have a way to reach Core Formation.” Her voice revealed great determination.

When Han Li heard this, he mentally sighed with reluctant acceptance and turned to look at the old man.

Ge Li’s expression was continuously changing.

After a long while, he dejectedly said, “I came here in hopes of acquiring a few life extending fruits, but I don’t wish to risk my life to acquire them. Since the danger is great, this old man will have to turn back. After all, peacefully dying in meditation would be far better than spending eternity as a ghost.

After that was said, the old man revealed a trace of shame. Soon after, he cupped his hands to the two and turned back without hesitation.

Han Li expressionlessly gazed in the direction that the old man disappeared in and remained silent for a long while.

Fairy Violet Spirit appeared disappointed. With one less Core Formation cultivator in her party, the ghost mist had become far more dangerous.

“Elder Han, should we not continue?” Fairy Violet looked at the dense fog around her and spoke to Han Li with a force smiled. Although her previous words were resolute, she had no idea whether or not she had made the correct choice. Her mind was now perturbed.

“Yea.” With a flat agreement, he lowered his head to look at the skeleton.

With a swipe of his hand, the Fire Repulsing Robes disappeared into his storage pouch.

Fairy Violet Spirit revealed a trace of amazement and was about to say something. But after some further thought, she decided to remain silent. Han Li’s following actions surprised the woman even more.

Han Li flicked his finger and released a ray of azure swordlight, striking open a three meter large hole into the nearby ground. Then with a sweep of his sleeve, the bones and the magic treasure fragments fell into the hole before being buried.

Fairy Violet Spirit’s expression became quite odd upon seeing this.

Han Li suddenly turned his head to look at her and calmly asked, “Are my actions strange?”

After some hesitation, she truthfully said, “Somewhat.”

Han Li gently smiled and unhurriedly said, “I buried him merely because I felt that as a fellow cultivator, there will come a time where I will unknowingly fall and become a pile of bones. Since I’ve come across someone else’s, I may as well lend a hand. I hope that when I fall to misfortune, there will also be someone that will come across my body and bury me. As for his refined robes, the dead have no use for such objects. It would be far too great a pity if they were to be buried. I may as well regard them as compensation for burying the body!”

Fairy Violet Spirit’s amazement faded away before she started to murmur to herself.

At that moment, Han Li started to continue his path forward.

When Fairy Violet Spirit saw this, she looked at the new burial mound and sighed before slowly following after him.

“Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit, how much do you know about the history of the Heavenvoid hall? Could you tell me about it?” As Han Li had waited for her, they were now leisurely walking side by side.

She felt a slightly complicated emotion from seeing Han Li’s calm expression. He was only an early Core formation cultivator yet he still appeared so calm in such a dangerous area. How truly unexpected. However, this had also greatly calmed her heart as she felt that Han Li could be relied upon.

Han Li’s question had startled her for a moment before she obediently replied, “The Heavenvoid Hall has existed in the Scattered Star Seas for countless years. It is only known to open every three hundred years. It will randomly descend at some remote, deserted location in the Scattered Star Seas and is filled with many treasures. Regardless of whether it be spirit medicines, cultivation techniques, or ancient treasures, all can be found here as a result of cultivators from the desolate era building this mysterious hall for unknown reasons. Thus, whenever the hall is opened, many high grade cultivators would come here in search of treasures.”

“However, the Heavenvoid Hall’s mechanisms are densely layered in formation spells. As one grows closer to the core of the inner halls, the more treasures one encounters but the greater the danger. It is said that the items in the inner hall are the Heavenvoid Hall’s true treasures. However, to come across them, one must pass through three great trials. Otherwise, there will be no chance of arriving there. Apart from Nascent Soul cultivators, only a small number of fortunate cultivators are able to pass through without injury. As a result, the inner halls have become a great mystery towards ordinary cultivators.

As Fairy Violet Spirit spoke with her beautiful voice, she carefully watched Han Li’s expression. However, she was slightly disappointed to see that Han Li’s expression didn’t change, causing her to feel that Han Li was somewhat unfathomable.

“While the Heavenvoid Hall has many treasures, shouldn’t there be fewer with each opening?” Han Li indifferently asked.

“That is quite unclear, but the Heavenvoid Hall is opened for only a finite time. Each of its treasures conceal countless secrets. Not a single treasure is a simple item, and their numbers remain many! It is said that anyone that acquires one or two treasures from here are considered quite fortunate. Normally, cultivators end up only picking a few common spiritual herbs. It depends quite a bit on one’s own luck. If there were not the case, the inner halls would’ve long been swept clean by Nascent Soul cultivators.” Fairy Violet Spirit spoke with uncertainty.

Han Li nodded with a stirred expression and remained silent. He slightly hastened his steps.

The two continued to follow the black-robed man’s trail. After walking for the time it took to finish a meal, nothing strange had occurred. Fairy Violet Spirit had somewhat relaxed as a result. She had come to think that these malicious spirits had traveled a different path than their own, resulting in a lack of encounters.

As these thoughts bloomed in Fairy Violet Spirit’s mind, Han Li frowned, and he came to an abrupt stop.

Fairy Violet Spirit was suddenly alarmed and also stood still. She asked with worry, “What’s wrong?” Soon after, she swept her spiritual sense past the nearby area, but she found nothing.

With a strange expression flickering through his eyes, Han Li coldly said, “That black-robed man encountered the demon ghost. They are currently fighting.”

After some hesitation, Fairy Violet Spirit said, “What will we do? Should we go help, or should we take advantage of the opportunity and slip past them?”

Han Li looked at the woman and knew that she most likely preferred the latter choice, wanting to slip past them. This choice couldn’t be considered incorrect. If they weren’t in the middle of the ghost mist, Han Li would’ve done the same without a second thought.

But now....

Han Li shook his head and sighed before walking forward in large strides.

When Fairy Violet Fairy saw this, she was stunned for a moment. After some slight consideration, she decided to follow after him.

As she followed a hundred meters behind him, she faintly heard the sounds of explosions caused from magic techniques and soft sobs. The voice seemed to be that of a woman. Her voice was muffled, shrieking, and seemed to be on the verge of breaking, causing those who heard it to feel extremely on edge and restless.

Although she could only faintly hear it, she felt anxious and greatly desired to run away. Fairy Violet Spirit was startled to have felt this and used a technique to stabilize her primal soul before daring to wipe away the cold sweat on her chin and raise her head.

By the time she looked up, she could no longer see Han Li.

Fairy Violet Spirit hesitated for a moment before clenching her teeth and walked forward with a solemn expression. After travelling for a short distance, she unexpectedly caught sight of Han Li’s solemn silhouette standing still with his hands behind his back.

The woman felt delighted and hastily ran over to him. But before she neared him, she suddenly heard a loud ghostly sob that left her dazed. Her limbs began frantically waving around without any control.

The woman’s terror drained the blood from her face!