Chapter 440: Ghost King (2)

Chapter 440: Ghost King (2)

“Ghostly Soul Snare!”

Fairy Violet Spirit instantly recognized the ghost technique she was suffering from.

This magic technique was innate to high grade demon ghosts and was used to attack weaker enemies. Enemies of lower cultivation would have their blood run rampant, and they would madly dance about without any control of their limbs. What a fearsome damaging Yin ghost technique!

When she had originally heard the sound, she had regarded it as a common ghost’s howl and was now paying the price. Fairy Violet Spirit felt terrified upon seeing her body wildly flitter towards the ghost’s sobs.

“Tai!” At that moment, she heard a man’s voice. Although the voice wasn’t loud, she felt her heart and soul tremble, causing her to collapse onto the floor with weakened legs.

She soon discovered with delight that she had regained control of her body. Her heart relaxed and she looked in front of her with a grateful expression where Han Li, the source of the voice, stood.

“Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit! Use your cultivation to guard your mind! You were careless, but you cannot allow the ghost wail to take advantage of your distraction.” The woman heard Han Li’s calm voice in her ear.

“Yes,” Fairy Violet Spirit blushed and softly replied. She then stood from the floor with slight embarrassment and walked towards Han Li with a guarded mind.

When she arrived behind Han Li, she unexpectedly discovered that Han Li stood motionlessly in place and was staring forwards. She followed Han Li’s gaze to witness a scene that tensed her heart.

In the ghost mist not far away, a thick black fog roiled without end. Flashes of red and green light would occasionally shine through along with sounds of muffled explosions along with the ghost sobs that had embarrassed her.

Within the black fog, the black-robed devilish cultivator was controlling a strange, fire-red hammer that spouted out countless blue flames. The flames were currently fighting against an indistinct ghostly shadow. The ghostly shadow was surrounded in fog and was controlling a thumb-sized green pearl that released a pitch-black, profound Yin Qi. The black-robed man was trapped within the green pearl’s black Qi and appeared to be at a great disadvantage.

As for the Weeping Soul Beast that was capable of consuming souls and beasts, it was tangling with two ghostly silhouettes covered in green fur.

Apart from their pointed heads and the several-inch-long white bone prongs held in each of their hands, they appeared exactly the same as ordinary green furred jiangshi[1.The chinese hybrid of a vampire and a zombie. It was normally described to move by hopping]. At that moment, their white bone prongs spouted out a stream of green flame wisps towards the Weeping Soul Beast.

In response, the Weeping Soul Beast spurt out a yellow glowing light from its nose that violently collided with the flame wisps. After being wrapped by its glow, the wisps of flame were completely absorbed into its nose.

At first glance, the Weeping Soul Beast had the advantage because the green furred monsters were merely attacking from a distance with the flame wisps and they didn’t dare to approach the beast as if they were fearful of its yellow glowing light. But in reality, the Weeping Soul Beast was being tied down by the monsters and was unable to assist the black-robed man.

“Nightfiend Ghosts!” Upon seeing the two green furred monsters, Fairy Violet Spirit took a breath of cold air.

Han Li’s heart stirred. Without turning his head around, he asked, “What? Does Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit recognize what those are?”

“It should be correct. Although this is the first time I’ve seen them, they appear exactly the same as described. They are a particularly rare type of Jiangshi that are able to travel underneath the sun. It is no wonder they dare to brave the Weeping Ghost Beast’s power. As they have physical bodies, they are able to suppress the beast so long as they distance themselves from the Weeping Soul Beast’s soul absorbing light. After all, the Weeping Soul Beast seems lacking in skills. It probably doesn’t have anything apart from its soul absorbing light.”

After Han Li heard this, his face displayed no abnormalities, but he let out a long mental sigh. This woman’s cultivation wasn’t high, but her knowledge was far greater than that of a rogue cultivator like himself. Despite having read through many records during his days at Yellow Maple Valley, he didn’t possess the qualifications to read through the truly valuable secret information as his cultivation was too low.

As for when he arrived in the Scattered Star Seas, he had purchased many records but the information hadn’t filtered or organized by a sect. If the records weren’t duplicates, then they missed a great amount of information. He normally wouldn’t look at them. But during this crucial moment, his own knowledge was shown to be lacking. If he made it out of here alive, it seemed he would have to pay a visit to the Exquisite Sound Sect and look through their records. It was unlikely they would reject an Elder of their own sect!

As Han Li thought this, a change had occurred. The blue flames of the fire-red hammer had been completely enveloped by the black Qi of the ghost shadow’s green pearl. Seeing that his own flames had been extinguished, the black-robed man revealed furious alarm in the face of imminent crisis.

He had believed that by relying on the might of the Weeping Soul Beast that he’d able able to easily charge through this first trial, the Vengeful Ghost Haunt. As a result, he had refused the others’ invitations. But he hadn’t expect to come across a profound malicious spirit with such skill and had comprehended all sorts of attrition techniques. It had even taken advantage of a moment of carelessness to separate him from his Weeping Soul Beast, leaving him in a dangerous position.

Unfortunately, apart from being able to refine a Weeping Soul Beast and comprehending a few peculiar techniques, the disciples of his sect possessed no outstanding abilities for confronting enemies. He could only stare on helplessly as he watched the splendor and might of his devilfire hammer weaken along with his will.

Once he thought of the fearful consequences of falling in this place, the black-robed man’s heart grew ice-cold, and he became stricken with panic.

At that moment, Han Li hurriedly approached as if he were going to seize this opportunity to save the black-robed man’s life. However, the proud black-robed man’s delight soon turned into an anger so intense that he could spit out blood.

When Han Li saw that he would also be placed in a dangerous situation, he didn’t have any intention of helping. Instead, he watched their battle from a distance with great indifference. The black-robed man couldn't help but grind his teeth from the deep hatred he felt towards Han Li during that moment.

Soon after, Fairy Violet Spirit had rushed over. As she watched the black-robed man bitterly fight against the ghost demon, Fairy Violet Spirit was flabbergasted as to why Han Li wasn’t assisting him. Could it be because of the black-robed man’s earlier attitude that he deliberately wanted to watch him die?

Since she felt that Han Li wasn’t such a short-sighted man, she became increasingly puzzled. Because Han Li had just saved her life, she found it improper to voice any of her suspicions and could only silently watch the black-robed man fight the ghost shadow.

But at that moment, the black-robed man was unable to further endure. His flying hammer was engulfed in the Yin Qi, completely extinguishing its devil flame and leaving it firmly trapped in mid-air. The black ghost shadow shrieked and transformed into a black streak of light before shooting towards the black-robed man’s heart.

Although the devilish cultivator’s expression were hidden by his clothes, it appeared as if he was standing still and waiting for his death with eyes closed.

The black-robed man clearly understood that although his body’s exterior was protected by defensive magic techniques, it would prove to be little more than paper to the malicious soul. His hammer could block it, but it had already been seized by the enemy, and his remaining protections could be easily broken though. Now, all he could do was wait for his death.

During this time of crisis, Han Li, who had been indifferently watching from the side, suddenly acted without the slightest warning.

With a wave of his hand, five streaks of slender azure sword Qi shot out, arriving at the black shadow’s vitals in the blink of an eye.

If the black shadow were to ignore them and solely focus on killing the black-robed man, it would succeed. But in turn, its crystal core had a high likelihood of being shattered by the streaks of sword Qi.

The black shadow naturally didn’t follow through with such a disadvantageous action. Its body blurred several times before returning to its original location. Its eyes stared at Han Li with an intense green radiance without the slightest glimmer of emotion.

Han Li’s eyes flickered with a strange light upon seeing this. With a flip of his hand, he took out a small, exquisite spirit beast pouch.

He didn’t immediately release the pouch. With his other hand, he shot over ten azure lights towards the two green-furred nightfiends.

The two ghosts had quick reflexes. Having seen that Han Li launched a surprise attack at them, their bodies blurred several times, fading away into two wisps of smoke. A short moment later, they reappeared at the ghost shadow’s side. They vengefully bared their fangs at Han Li, revealing their mouths full of sharp, black and yellow teeth.

Taking advantage of the ghost shadow’s shift in attention, the black robed cultivator gambled the entirety of his magic power to seize back control of his magic treasure. In the next instant, he felt great delight and had it fly back towards him in a streak of red-light.

At that moment, Han Li’s face froze and he loudly shouted, “Careful! There are other ghosts!”

The black-robed man was startled. In that very moment, a nearly incorporeal grey silhouette shot out from the other side of the ghost mist, arriving in front of the black-robed man in an instant.

The black-robed man’s eyes were filled with fear. It was too late for him to dodge!