Chapter 438: Remains in the Ghost Fog

Chapter 438: Remains in the Ghost Fog

Although Han Li walked the path of Immortality, he didn’t hold the slightest belief in destiny or fate. In his view, Immortal cultivation was merely a method of pursuing eternal life. If any true immortals were to appear before him, he would show great reverence, but he wouldn’t become absolutely subservient to them.

Fairy Violet Spirit and Ge Li were stunned in response to Han Li’s blunt words, before revealing embarrassment.

To tell the truth, it wasn’t only Han Li who thought this. A majority of cultivators merely treated this “Weeping Soul Beast” as a rumor. Under these circumstances, who wouldn’t directly dismiss this like Han Li did? After all, topics relating to destiny and heavenly law only existed in their heart.

At that moment, the black-robed man had gone deeper into the ghost fog with the Weeping Soul Beast and had completely disappeared from sight.

After glancing into the ghost fog, Han Li formed a faint smile and said, “Let us go! Since there was someone willing to scout the path, we shouldn’t be so disrespectful.”

“What does Fellow Daoist Han mean?” The old man Ge Li didn’t seem to fully understand Han Li. Of course, he did understand what Han Li meant and would’ve also done this if Han Li hadn’t agreed to cooperate with him. However, he viewed the black-robed man with contempt. To now take advantage of his lead in front of the other two was truly quite a loss of face. As such, he could only assume an appearance of confusion and have Han Li take the initiative to mention it.

When Han Li heard the old man’s words, he gave him a mysterious smile. He then wordlessly look the lead and walked in the direction that the black robed man had disappeared in. Naturally, Fairy Violet Spirit closely followed after him without any hesitation.

Ge Li was initially stunned upon seeing then. But he soon followed after them with a red face.

Once the light grey ghost fog felt living people walk into it, it flared up as if it were alive and started rolling towards the three.

If common mortals were to be plagued by this grey mist, their blood essence would be immediately drained, turning them into dried up corpses. In addition, their souls would then become a part of the ghost fog and they would be unable to free themselves from their fates as ghosts. However, as Han Li and the other two were cultivators, they had no fear of this trifling ghost fog.

With flickers of radiance, each their bodies were enveloped by their own methods of protection.

Ge Li raised his hand and released a small, fire-red umbrella. It swivelled about three meters above his head and enveloped the old man in a red beam of light. When the ghost fog touched this red light, threads of strange azure smoke were released with a puff, followed by ghostly wails. When the ghost fog saw this, it only dared to appear menacingly before the red light and no longer approached it as if it was intelligent.

Fairy Violet Spirit released four fist-sized balls that spiralled around her body, creating a three meter wide moving boundary. The boundary was a white, sparkling square that would repel the ghost fog’s slightest approach towards Fairy Violet Spirit.

However, the most strange defensive method was Han Li’s. Apart from a layer of lithe azure light emitting from his body, he didn’t take out any magic tools or treasures. When the ghost fog neared Han Li’s body, several arcs of light shot out without explanation, turning the mist into fading smoke.

This strange scene astonished the other two, but neither of them were willing to take the initiative to rudely ask.

During her musings, Fairy Violet Spirit seemed to faintly recall the Heaven Lightning Bamboo, but still felt uncertain.

Han Li walked at the very front as if he were unaware of their attention. However, this wasn’t because he sought to be some hero, but rather that the ghost fog filled the entire area. Since there would be no difference if he walked at the very back, he may as well walk at the front and get a better grasp of any incoming danger.

As for the lightning, it was merely a result of using the Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords’ Qi to protect his body. By using the protective sword barrier divine ability of his Azure Essence Sword Arts, he was able to draw on his flying sword’s might without releasing his magic treasures. This was a technique Han Li had only recently comprehended. With the Gold Lightning Bamboo’s devilbane properties, this ghost fog posed no threat.

Of course, Han Li didn’t display the entire might of the Gold Lightning Bamboo, causing the arcs of lightning to be a faint white. As such, he didn't have to fear others recognizing the Gold Lightning Bamboo. In addition, he had also released his immensely powerful spiritual sense since he had entered the ghost fog to warn him of any lurking dangers from ghosts. After all, they couldn’t see through the dense ghost fog with only their eyes.

However, the tracks of the black-robed man were exceptionally easy to follow. He left behind a three-meter-wide trail of far thinner fog. It was so obvious, they could follow after it with their eyesight alone.

While it was unknown whether this was caused by the black-robed man’s technique or the “Weeping Soul Beast”, Han Li didn’t care in the slightest. He just didn’t feel like thinking about it.

The more ferocious this Weeping Soul Beast was, the more beneficial it was for them while following after it.

As he expressionlessly watched his surroundings, he took careful steps forward due to the exceptionally bumpy terrain. He also felt a dampness at his feet as if the air was extremely humid.

Thus, they continued walking for an unknown amount of time without encountering any mishaps. But as they unwittingly followed after the black-robed man in the ghost fog, the color of the ghost fog gradually turned black.

As this went on, Han Li’s expression gradually became gloomier before he started to frown.

With a large crack, Han Li suddenly stopped and lowered his head. Fairy Violet Spirit and the old man curiously walked forward to see what had happened.

Han Li narrowed his eyes but his expression soon returned to normal. He had merely stepped on a pile of bones. The bones were wearing clothing that was surrounded in a layer of azure light, appearing quite unordinary. At its side, there were shattered fragments of a sword. From its incisive luster, it seemed as if it still possessed a spiritual nature.

It was a cultivator that had fallen here. A flicker of emotion shined from Han Li’s eyes as he shook his head.

With the magic treasure fragments still holding spirit so many years after their death, this cultivator must’ve had an impressive cultivation. But this person’s body being left unattended after death was truly vastly different than the grandeur they had held during life. It was truly pitiful! If those who tread the path of Immortality aren’t careful, they would be eternally doomed to a miserable end.

As for this cultivator’s soul, it should’ve become a portion of the ghost fog or turned into a malicious spirit. It would be quite difficult for it to enter the path of reincarnation.

As Han Li lamented, he casually turned his gaze to the other two.

Fairy Violet Spirit’s face had turned pale, but when she saw Han Li look at her, she forced out a smile.

Ge Li’s expression was quite odd. He gazed at the azure clothes for a long while with a creased brow before suddenly flicking his finger and throwing an egg-sized fireball at the remains. Upon contacting the remains, the fireball was extinguished with a flash.

“Sigh, it really is him!” Ge Li raised his head and muttered to himself with a sad expression.

“Does Fellow Daoist Ge recognize him?” Han Li indifferently asked as he looked at the skeleton with raised eyebrows.

Fairy Violet Spirit also displayed great curiosity.

“This person should be Daoist Master Yu, who I had met several times before. He had entered Core Formation far earlier than I had. His Fire Repulsing Robes were refined from hundred year ice silk so common flames would have no effect on it, and it was somewhat well known. I had heard he entered the Heavenvoid Halls the last time it had opened, but he had never returned. I didn’t expect that he had fallen here, unfortunate enough to not even pass the first trial!” Ge Li let out a long sigh.

Han Li was silent for a while before suddenly asking a question that left the old man shocked, “Was the cultivation and magic treasure of Daoist Master Yu far greater than yours?”

Ge Li seemed to understand what Han Li meant and twirled his beard for a moment before speaking with certainty, “Although Daoist Master Yu was an early Core Formation cultivator such as myself, at the time it was said he was about to breakthrough to mid Core Formation. As such, his magic power should be far greater than my own. In addition, he possessed rarely seen ice attribute mutated spiritual roots. His ice cultivation arts should be far superior to my own. As for his magic treasure, I hadn’t seen it used in a fight so I have no way of knowing, but it shouldn’t have been any weaker than mine.” As the old man spoke, his expression became increasingly unsightly.

“Since its like that, then there must be a formidable enemy nearby. I had originally felt it quite odd that since we’ve followed the Weeping Soul Beast’s path, we hadn’t encountered any ghosts or malicious spirits apart from the ghost fog. It seems that we can’t expect the black-robed man to always clear the way on our behalf.” Han Li said with a solemn expression.