Chapter 437: Weeping Soul Beast

Chapter 437: Weeping Soul Beast

This woman wasn’t a peerless beauty, but that smile of hers was ravishingly beautiful and breathtaking to behold.

Han Li was shocked. Had his Great Development Technique reacted, Han Li would’ve written it off to a superior charming technique that she had used. But to great confusion, his uncharacteristic loss of control a moment ago had been entirely natural.

Han Li inwardly muttered to himself before taking another look at Fairy Violet Spirit. The young woman had already returned to her humble, charming appearance. Her previous dangerously enticing and breathtaking beauty had disappeared without a trace.

As Han Li felt doubt, the grey-clothed old man walked towards him.

“This one is Mount Heaven Island’s Ge Li. May I know the names of you Fellow Daoists?” The old man cupped his hand with great politeness and greeted the two.

Han Li threw his doubts to the back of his mind for the time being and replied with a smile, “I am Han Li. This woman is the Exquisite Sound Sect’s Fairy Violet Spirit.

The old man was calm upon hearing Han Li’s name. But once he heard the words, ‘Exquisite Sound Sect’ and ‘Violet Spirit’, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

“This old man has long heard of the great reputation of the Exquisite Sound Sect and Fairy Violet Spirit. I didn’t expect that I’d finally be able to see your true appearance. How fortuitous!” Although the old man said this, his eyes contained strong doubt. It was clear that the old man was surprised by how much her appearance differed from the reputation of her great beauty.

Fairy Violet Spirit also saw this and merely smiled in silence.

However, the old man wasn’t an ordinary person. His expression quickly returned to normal, before speaking to Han Li with a smile, “Since we’ve arrived here together through the transportation formation, it could be considered fate. Would it not be better to travel together and combine our strength for this journey? After all, the Vengeful Ghost Haunt won’t be easy to traverse. I heard that many Core Formation cultivators have been devoured by the ghosts of this trial, leaving not even their bones behind.

When Ge Li said that last phrase, his expression unconsciously grew serious as if he knew much about the Heavenvoid Hall.

When Han Li heard him say “Vengeful Ghost Haunt”, he turned his gaze towards the distance.

About forty meters away from their small dirt cliff, he saw only an ocean of grey mist that appeared to be endless. There were gusts of evil winds blowing from the mists, faintly carrying ghostly wails and shrieks. Those that heard it felt their hearts unconsciously tremble.

The ghost fog was firmly blocked from approaching the hill by a layer of faint white light that was surrounding it. Were this not the case, Han Li and the others would be too busy dealing with the feral ghosts and lonely souls brought by the mist to have such a leisurely chat.

After seeing this, Han Li raised his head and looked upwards. The rolling fog seemed to conceal something, but Han Li felt some disbelief as it didn’t resemble the main hall in the least. It was more like a desolate countryside.

At that moment, Fairy Violet Spirit interjected herself into the conversation and spoke with deep worry, “I also heard that this first trial, the Vengeful Ghost Haunt, was originally not that difficult. But as an increasing number of cultivators fell to the ghost fog, it has become increasingly dangerous in turn. The heavy resentment carried by those fallen cultivators has transformed them into powerful malicious souls after death. They hold great envious hate towards us cultivators who challenge the halls. They are relentless and won’t stop their pursuit until their quarry is dead, resulting in many cultivators’ deaths in this trial whenever the Heavenvoid Hall opens. In addition, I heard that in the previous opening of the Heavenvoid Hall, a group of cultivators in the Vengeful Ghost Haunt spotted a fully sentient ghost king. As a result, the entire group perished save for one.”

“Ghost king?” Han Li stroked his chin and revealed slight surprise.

Although he didn’t fully understand the cultivation differences amongst ghosts, he knew that ghost king ranked malicious spirits were equivalent to late Core Formation cultivators. The addition of its intelligence only made this enemy even more troublesome.

Seeing that Han Li was still wearing a contemplative expression, Ge Li continued, “Although there isn’t a large chance of encountering this ghost king, it would be safer to travel together. I may be old, but I still do not wish to fall here and join the ghost fog as a malicious spirit.” This old man was quite blunt.

When Fairy Violet Spirit heard this, she stayed silent. As she was very intelligent, she understood that he did not raise the proposal of cooperation because she was a Foundation Establishment cultivator. He was directing the offer to Han Li. As such, after her interjection, she obediently stood by Han Li’s side without another word.

Han Li smiled at the old man. He didn’t immediately answer him and instead turned his gaze towards the black robed man, calmly asking him, “Fellow Daoist Ge isn’t going to ask that brother? Is he not willing to cooperate?”

When Han Li mentioned the black-robed man, Ge Li’s face immediately became unsightly. But after a moment of hesitation, he resentfully snorted, “Humph! Don’t talk about that Devilish Daoist. When I finished my teleportation, I amiably raised the topic of cooperation with him only to be told to get lost! If this old man’s temperament wasn’t kindly, I definitely wouldn’t have left him be.” The old man revealed great anger after he said this.

Han Li remained silent and felt some interest towards this black-robed man.

He turned his head towards the Devil Dao cultivator and shouted, “Is Fellow Daoist interested in collaborating towards a common goal? If we join hands, we may stand a chance against the ghost king rank demon if we were to encounter it!” Han Li’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was heard with full clarity.

But after hearing him, he merely glanced at them with a cold expression before indifferently turning his head away, ignoring Han Li’s suggestion.

“Fellow Daoist Han, I didn’t speak wrongly. That person doesn’t know what’s good for him. Let us three set off!” The old man coldly snorted towards the black-robed man. It seemed he was quite insulted by the previous rejection and had taken it to heart.

Han Li faintly smiled, but before he could say something, Fairy Violet Spirit shouted out in surprise.

Han Li followed her gaze and saw the black-robed man step towards the ghost fog as if wanting the challenge the trial alone.

Han LI and the other two looked on in amazement. But soon after, Ge Li sneered disdainful, “This person truly wishes to bring about his own destruction! Daring to charge through the ghost fog will most likely be met with failure.”

Han Li paid no notice to the old man’s mocking ridicule and stared at the black-robed man’s every movement with narrowed eyes. He believed that the the man wasn’t suicidal, but that he held complete confidence in a particular method that he possessed.

The black-robed man walked to the boundary between the white light barrier and the ghost fog and calmly lifted his sleeve. A ray of green light shot out and landed in front of him. It was a delicate spirit beast that appeared similar to a monkey.

This small monkey was only about a foot tall with faintly glowing dark green fur. Most notably, its nose was bulging to an unusually large size as if it took up an entire half of its height. It appeared truly bizarre.

Han Li was astonished by its appearance, but he didn’t react. When the old man at his side saw this, he yelled with a greatly changed expression.

“It’s a Weeping Soul! He actually had such a spirit beast. No wonder he was so arrogant.” The old man revealed slight shock. Fairy Violet Spirit had a similar expression upon seeing the small monkey.

Han Li frowned and asked, “Weeping Soul Beast? What kind of strange beast is it? Why have I never heard of it before?”

Han Li’s words brought Fairy Violet Spirit back to her senses. She then hastily gave Han Li an explanation, “The Weeping Soul Beast isn’t a spirit beast that naturally comes into this world. It is a living being refined by a secret Devil Dao Sect from a spirit beast and a demonic soul. Although it normally doesn’t have much use, it has an innate ability to consume ghosts and souls. Regardless of whether they are demonic ghosts or malicious souls, they will be absorbed with a light sniff of its nose. After being contained for a short time, it will be be refined into nothingness. They are truly formidable.” Fairy Violet Spirit spoke with admiration.

“However...” Fairy Violet Spirit’s tone changed, and she softly sighed.

“What is it?” Han Li was annoyed by her sudden stop.

As Ge Li gazed at the black-robed man’s disappearing figure, he said with a complicated expression, “However, this beast’s refinement technique is possessed solely by that secret sect. This heaven disrupting evil art is bloody and has a high chance of failure. It is said that the beast appears only in times of great strife in the cultivation world.”

“Great strife in the cultivation world whenever it is seen?” Han Li couldn’t help but sneer. Han Li scoffed and said, “Even if the beast weren't seen, the Scattered Star Seas will experience chaos regardless. Do you really believe that this beast could bring about disaster?”