Chapter 405: Greater Possession Technique

Chapter 405: Greater Possession Technique

Following Fairy Violet Spirit’s chilling words, the other cultivators focused their gazes towards where Elder Zhao and a middle-aged confucian scholar expressionlessly stood. The confucian scholar was another elder of the Exquisite Sound Sect that normally accompanied Zhuo Ruting at her side.

When this occurred, Lady Fan and Zhou Ruting thought of something and their expressions became extremely unsightly. Lady Fan’s complexion was the worse of the two, and she appeared both flustered and exasperated.

“Who is secretly spying over there?!” Eccentric Scarletflame suddenly shouted furiously. He then released a series of fiery lightning bolts from his cloud, which attacked a nearby area as if they were living snakes.

An originally desolate area suddenly darkened and a vast amount of black Qi bursted out, completely consuming the fiery lightning. A short youth then appeared in the aftermath.

‘Wu Chou!’ Han Li, who had stealthily retreated to the group’s rear, inwardly shouted this name upon seeing the youth.

At that moment, many of the other cultivators recognized the youth and also cried out in alarm. The members of the Hidden Fiend Sect fiercely stared at Wu Chou with even greater alarm. However, when the middle-aged sect leader saw Wu Chou, he wore a queer expression and revealed a faint trace of fear.

“Hehe! As expected of the famed Eccentric Scarletflame, you’re capable of seeing through this young master’s secret concealment technique.” Wu Chou swept his gaze past the other cultivators without a care and set his sights on the black cloud.

“Humph!” The black cloud snorted and didn’t say anything further, causing Wu Chou’s expression to darken.

“With you here, I don’t suppose this is a scheme by Zenith Yin Island?” Zhuo Ruting finally spoke after discovering that something was amiss.

“That’s right! This matter was planned by this young master. The valuables of your Exquisite Sound Sect were plundered by my sect’s men and your two elders were under my orders to shift the blame to the Hidden Fiend Sect!”

This was beyond their expectations! Wu Chou didn’t have any intention of concealing his plans and admitted to everything with a sneer. In addition, his eyes shifted around the violet-clothed woman’s body obscenely.

The violet-clothed woman merely looked emotionlessly back at Wu Chou in silence.

At that moment, Elder Zhao, the confucian scholar, and the cultivators that had just attacked suddenly flew towards Wu Chou’s side, joining Wu Chou in a three sided confrontation against Fairy Violet Spirit and the Hidden Fiend Sect.

Although Fairy Violet Spirit and Zhuo Ruting had long guessed the truth, their expressions still became far more serious.

“Elder Zhao, Elder Meng, our sect has always treated you two well. Why have you done this?” With a pale, bloodless complexion, Lady Fan couldn’t help but shout this out as Elder Zhao and the others flew towards their side.

In order to rival Zhuo Ruting in the Exquisite Sound Sect, she had spent great amounts of effort to rope Elder Zhao in, to the point of even using her own body. But now that he had abandoned her without a word, she was overcome with fury and alarm.

Elder Zhao’s face twitched and he stiffly said, “Left Envoy Fan, this old man didn’t want to do this. However, both of our lives have fallen into their hands. We had no choice in the matter!”

Lady Fan was stunned for a moment and raised her eyebrows, wanting to say something more. However, she was interrupted by Fairy Violet Spirit’s cold voice, “Senior Martial Sister Fan, there is no point in talking. Since the enemy dared to ensnare us, they are certain to have a backer. Let us put this off for later and escape from this calamity first.”

Wu Chou lecherously stared at the violet-clothed woman’s concealed face and clicked his tongue, saying, “Fairy Violet Spirit is indeed worthy of being called peerless. This young master has admired you for quite some time. Would you be interested in marrying this young master? Although this young master has many concubines, I have yet to decide on my main wife.”

Fairy Violet Spirit said, “Yes, that’d be acceptable!”

Han Li and the others were all greatly startled by these words.

After a moment of surprise, Wu Chou then bewilderingly asked, “Is Young Lady Wang serious?”

Fairy Violet Spirit answered with a chilling voice.“If you execute all the cultivators that killed my mother, then I will marry you!”

Wu Chou’s happy expression disappeared and he shook his head with a frown, “I cannot do that! Many of my grandfather’s trusted aides acted on that day, and I simply do not have the power to execute them. Would Fairy Violet Spirit like to change her condition?”

Fairy Violet Spirit then coldly laughed and whispered something to Lady Fan at her side, ignoring Wu Chou.

Wu Chou’s extremely ugly face flashed with cruelty, but after some thought, he suppressed his fury and turned his gaze to one of the cultivators from the Hidden Fiend Sect.

“Martial Uncle Sun, I didn’t expect to see you after so many years. I offer you my sincerest congratulations on nurturing so many disciples!”

“Martial Uncle?” Wu Chou’s proclamation greatly startled the others.

Han Li felt his heart thump with great unease. He spread his spiritual sense all around but didn’t discover an ambush. He was currently hesitant, not knowing whether he should flee or stay to see how the situation developed. After all, he still didn’t know whether or not the matter of the “Heaven Lightning Bamboo” was forfeit.

At that moment, the middle-aged man coldly snorted and replied with an incessantly shifting expression, “I am well! I truly didn’t expect to be discovered by your men after taking my disciples out for an exercise. It seems things have gone quite wrong.”

Wu Chou gazed at the middle aged man with a trace of insatiable greed and said, “Hehe! Martial Uncle Sun is quite funny. Who would go to the Heavenmist Seas for several tens of years and be out for a mere exercise. Martial Uncle Sun most likely went out for a matter regarding Heavenvoid Hall! During that year, those many Martial Uncles took the ruined Heavenvoid Map with them. Perhaps Martial Uncle is carrying it with him. The three hundredth year for Heavenvoid Hall’s emergence is nearing. However, if Martial Uncle takes the initiative to hand it over to Martial Nephew, then I will personally beg for mercy on your behalf to my Martial Ancestor to spare your life.”

Having heard these coercing words, the middle-aged man grew silent for a moment before coldly replying, “We were once his disciples. How could I not know of Old Devil Zenith Yin’s methods? If we give you the map, he’ll sadistically move to slaughter us regardless. Furthermore...”

Wu Chou asked with a frown, “Furthermore?”

“Did you really think that you are enough by yourself? Old Freak, you no longer need to hide. Quickly, show yourself!” The middle-aged man grimly said.

After hearing those words, Han Li and the other cultivators were greatly startled and hurriedly looked in every direction. Could it be that Grandmaster Zenith Yin was here?”

However, their surroundings were still calm and nothing strange occurred. The crowd of cultivators then looked at the middle-aged man and Wu Chou with bewilderment.

“What’re you trying to do? How am I not enough...” Wu Chou started to talk after he recovered from his amazement, but halfway through, his expression grew sluggish, and his expression revealed a trace of peculiarity.

After staring at the middle-aged man for a moment, he let out a strange laugh and said, “Not bad, not bad at all! It’s no wonder why you were the disciple I most regarded during that time. You were actually able to see through the identity of this old man!”

After this was said, Wu Chou’s face began to vaguely distort. A short moment later, he had become a thin, ugly old man with squinted eyes, much to everyone’s amazement.

Afterwards, Han Li and company felt a cold chill down their back.

“Greater Possession Technique! Now I know why you had entrusted such an important affair to a Junior. You had personally come, despite not being in your own body.” The middle aged man nervously gazed at the old man.

“Dear disciple, do you still dare to act against your teacher?” Without moving his lips, the newly emerged old man spoke with a sharp voice coming from his abdomen. As the noise caused the cultivator’s inner ears to ache dully, they involuntarily recoiled back.

“Humph! Disciple? That year, you thought to kill us all without giving us a single moment to explain. You killed many of us and even refined their souls. Did you ever regard us as disciples? Or did you only see us as slaves? Moreover, you are only making use of a possession technique. At best, you will only be able to make use of a third of your cultivation. I have nothing to fear from you!” The middle-aged man words were scornful. He then waved his hands, causing his ghost head to swell and appear even more sinister and fearful.

All of the cultivators present were shaken by this bizarre situation and their expressions were all different!

The old man didn’t grow furious. Instead, he insipidly said, “That’s right. Were it a hundred years ago, you’d be correct! It would’ve been quite difficult to capture you alive with a third of my cultivation. But now...”

He then revealed a derisive sneer.