Chapter 406: Heavenwide Corpsefire

Chapter 406: Heavenwide Corpsefire

The spirit in the middle-aged man’s eyes dimmed, and he revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Could it be that you refined the Devilish Art?” His voice carried a hint of terror.

“You’ve guessed quite well. If you obediently give yourself up, I will give you a method of survival. Otherwise... well, you already know, don’t you?” While the old man said this, he raised his hand and with a boom, a sphere of flames as black as ink appeared in his palm.

“Heavenwide Corpsefire! You’ve finally refined it.” The middle-aged man’s face grew beyond pale, and his voice became hoarse from terror.

Grandmaster Zenith Yin sneered and suddenly turned towards the Exquisite Sound Sect, proudly saying, “My mood is quite good today. Thus, I will give you a way to survive! You only have to swear your allegiance to Zenith Yin Island, and you can continue to live freely. However, you all must follow my commands obediently or else your souls will be scattered. I will have you all seal a third of your primal soul into these soul restriction medallions before you leave.” With that said, he took out many pitch-black wooden medallions and coldly glared at the group.

When the other cultivators heard this, they looked at each other in dismay. Everybody stood in place, neither taking the initiative to grab the medallion nor putting up any brave words of refusal. They merely looked at him in absolute silence.

Aside from Han Li and Crooked Soul, there were three other Core Formation cultivators on the side of the Exquisite Sound Sect: Eccentric Scarletfire who was invited by Fairy Violet Spirit, cultivator Meng, and the man with the aquiline nose that was invited by Zhuo Ruting. As for the others, including Fairy Violet Spirit and Lady Fan, they consisted of seven late Foundation Establishment cultivators.

As for Eccentric Scarletflame who remained hidden in his black cloud, he had already silently released the three Hidden Fiend cultivators and stayed silent.

Zenith Yin’s expression darkened and he eerily said, “It seems you wish for both your body and soul to be extinguished. Fine! This Grandmaster will fulfill your desires!”

As soon as this was said, the cultivator with a aquiline nose behind Zhuo Ruting suddenly flew away in a streak of yellow light. Under Zhuo Ruting’s furious gaze, he flew a hundred meters away in the blink of an eye and coldly snorted, “Humph! Since I hold neither any desire to fight against great master nor to be controlled, I will be taking my leave.”

After this was said, the yellow streak flew another hundred meters further at an impressive speed.

When Grandmaster Zenith Yin saw this, his eyes released an ominous glint. He lightly waved the hand containing the black fireball towards the yellow streak, causing the black fireball to flash several times and turn into a thin black streak that quickly vanished without a trace.

The others were baffled, but when Han Li saw this, his expression tensed up.

An instant later, a miserable scream came from the yellow streak, and with a clang, the yellow streak turned into ball of demonic black flame. The flame soon faded away to reveal nothing aside from a pitch black throwing knife magic treasure.

Han Li let out a breath of cold air. Those black flames were too fast to avoid!

He pondered whether or not he could avoid the attack, given he had distance and a concentrated mind. But even at a distance of a kilometer, he would have no method of dodging them.

In addition, the intensity of those black flames were absolute and entirely superior to the “Azure Sun Devilfire” he had previously seen; it wasn’t something a common magic treasure was capable of blocking.

Knowing that his life could soon end at the mere whim of this expert, Han Li’s mouth grew dry and his heart slammed with intensity.

It took a majority of his self control to prevent him from bolting away at that instant. He clearly understood that if he were to act blindly, he would only be hastening to his end.

However, giving the enemy a third of his primal soul was a price Han Li was incapable of paying; it would be equivalent to handing over his life.

So long as the soul restriction medallion was crushed, the affected cultivator would become an idiot at best, and live the rest of their life with the mind of an infant. At worst, they would go insane and perish.

In addition, these vicious primal soul restriction techniques were something that could only be performed by a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Han Li forcefully suppressed his panic and looked at the others to see whether or not they had a good plan.

When the nearby Core Formation cultivator Meng felt Han Li look at him, he only bitterly smiled and shook his head before gloomily turning his gaze back towards Grandmaster Zenith Yin.

At the front, Fairy Violet Spirit’s expression remained clear and cold. But behind her, ten strings of white jade were intertwined and slightly twisted, leaving Han Li dumbfounded.

As for the other cultivators of the Exquisite Sound Sect, their complexions became bloodlessly pale after witnessing the might of the black devilflame. Although their expressions were calm, their eyes contained inconcealable terror.

Han Li licked his lips and brought his gaze towards the cultivators of the Hidden Fiend School.

After recovering from the awe of witnessing the might of the black devilflame, the middle-aged man squinted his eyes.

When Han Li looked at him, the middle-aged man said in a deep voice, “Do not provoke the old devil. Since he is possessing another’s body, he can only refine those flames a few times at most; otherwise, the possessed body will burn away and perish. Right now, we can only act together to get rid of the old devil.”

As the middle-aged man said this, he turned his gaze towards Eccentric Scarletflame’s black cloud. In his mind, he would only be able to fight against Grandmaster Zenith Yin if he joined forces with the Late Core Formation Eccentric Scarletflame.

However, there was no response from the black cloud. This strange occurrence caused Han Li and the others to become nervous.

Fairy Violet Spirit in particular gazed at the black cloud with icy intensity.

At that moment, Grandmaster Zenith Ying coldly laughed and clasped his hands together. After separating them, two more black fireballs appeared in his hands. Everyone’s complexion abruptly changed as they all stared at the black fireballs.

At that moment, the black cloud started to roll, and Eccentric Scarletflame’s faint, hoarse voice could be heard, “Grandmaster Zenith Yin, do you wish for me to surrender to you?”

“Of course! Since I’ve personally arrived here via possession, everyone present must either recognize me as their master or die! There will be no exceptions.” Grandmaster Zenith Yin indifferently replied, looking at the black cloud.

“Good! Good! Even with a trifling possessed body, you actually dare to take on this island lord! It seems I’ll have to test the power of your esteemed self’s devilfire!” Eccentric Scarletflame flew into a rage from humiliation and the black cloud rumbled with increasing intensity with sounds of fierce thunder ringing out.

Seeing that the talks had collapsed, the Exquisite Sound Sect and the Hidden Fiend School cultivators inwardly let out a breath of relief. Since the Eccentric was on their side, they still had a fighting chance.

After all, Eccentric Scarletflame’s Water Sunflower Devilish Art was extremely well-known in the Scattered Star Seas. It may prove to be able to subdue this Devilfire!

Fairy Violet Spirit suddenly asked, “Senior Zenith Yin, are you not afraid of the Star Palace coming to knock on your door due to your unrestrained use of the soul restriction technique? To the best of my knowledge, the two Heavenly Star Sages strictly forbid Nascent Soul experts such as yourself from using them.”

Although Grandmaster Zenith Yin was an old Nascent Soul devil, his expression slightly changed upon hearing the Star Palace and the Heavenly Star Sages being mentioned.

However, he immediately recovered his calm and coldly chuckled, “It seems this girl knows quite a bit! However, the Star Palace’s ban was only a matter of the past. Do you really believe that the Heavenly Star Sages dare to casually leave Heavenly Star City? Without them acting, the Star Palace has no way of enforcing those restrictions!”

Those words stunned Han Li and the others like lightning striking from a clear sky. Only the cultivators from the Hidden Fiend Sect showed no surprise; it seemed they already knew of this.

Fairy Violet Spirit’s heart grew sullen, but soon after, she decisively shouted in a cold voice towards the middle-aged man, “Deal with the old devil with Eccentric Scarletflame and have the others take care of the traitors. Afterwards, we will take on the old devil together!”

The middle-aged man was slightly surprised, but he immediately understood and waved his arm towards his subordinates, ordering, “Follow her instructions for the time being. If we do not strike down the old devil, none of us will survive.”

Afterwards, he stared at Grandmaster Zenith Yin with a mask of frost as Eccentric Scarletflame’s black cloud arrived above him with a blur.

The Hidden Fiend Sect’s Core Formation cultivators looked at each other before wordlessly flying towards the Exquisite Sound Sect cultivator’s side, coldly staring at the traitors.

Without the fear of facing Zenith Yin’s frightening devilfire, the Exquisite Sound Sect cultivators’ expressions greatly improved, taking out their magic tools and treasures in preparation for combat.

But Han Li, who stood at the back of the crowd, stiffly frowned.

For some unknown reason, the current circumstances gave him an extremely unpleasant feeling, as if a disaster were about to occur. Something felt wrong to him. But can Grandmaster Zenith Yin take them all on by relying on the Greater Possession Technique?

He licked his dry lips before thinking for a moment. Then, he quietly gave Crooked Soul a few orders and spat out his Green Brilliance Dagger.