Chapter 404: A Deceptive Situation

Chapter 404: A Deceptive Situation

The night quietly passed by.

Just as dawn broke, the cultivators silently appeared above the evil cultivators’ lair.

“It’s here?” Fairy Violet Spirit looked down at the small black island beneath her with confusion. The island was truly small and it only had a radius of about two kilometers. It would be more accurate to call this a huge reef.

“That’s right. Not only have the Golden Cicada Wasps arrived at this location, but the two elders have also confirmed it. Those evil cultivators are here.” Lady Fan softy said.

The violet-clothed woman then silently nodded her head and no longer held doubt.

However, this place was obviously a temporary hideout. Not only was the island pathetically small, but there was only an extremely simple illusion formation placed down that was basically worthless.

“Kill without hesitation!” After Fairy Violet Spirit coldly shouted her command, Eccentric Scarletflame’s bewildering laugh echoed out of his black cloud, easily wiping out their pathetic formation with resounding bolts of lighting. Afterwards the other cultivators bluntly rushed down.

The sound of their formation breaking had obviously alerted the people below.

Several sharp whistles sounded out from below. Fifty streaks of radiance flourished out, and a large number of cultivators met their advance. The three Core Formation cultivators leading them were surprised to see the Exquisite Sound Sect. But without waiting for their reply, Lady Fan yelled, “Strike!” She then released a silver wheel magic tool and took the initiative to attack.

When the other cultivators saw this, they bluntly followed her lead and attacked.

The sky was suddenly filled with flashes of radiance and deafening whistles.

Since Han Li was acting under the intention of acquiring the Heaven Lightning Bamboo, he naturally found it embarrassing to stay idle. As a result, he and Crooked Soul casually took out their magic treasures and tied down five Foundation Establishment cultivators, preparing to eliminate them in one blow.

As two Core Formation cultivators, they should’ve been able to easily deal with a small group of Foundation Establishment cultivators. However, something shocking had occurred.

When the five Foundation Cultivators discovered that two Core Formation cultivators were attacking them, their clothes were ripped away to reveal fiend demons. Han Li was shocked to the point that his eyes had nearly fallen out of his head despite having seen them before.

But even with their greatly increased cultivation and speed, Han Li was no longer a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator. They only managed to resist for a few moments more before Han Li and Crooked Soul turned them to ash with their magic treasures.

At this point, Han LI had discovered that their fiend demon transformations were different from that of the Black Fiend School. Not only did their transformations not require an incantation or cocoon, but an elemental blood core wasn’t present in their bodies.

Han Li felt extremely confused and puzzled. He pondered for a moment on whether or not they had some sort of relationship to the Black Fiend School. But he immediately dropped the thought and attentively looked in the other directions. Now was not the time to ponder these questions. It would be absurd if he allowed anyone to ambush him just because his thoughts were running astray.

However, what Han Li saw only made his doubts grow stronger. A majority of the evil Foundation Establishment cultivators had underwent a fiend demon transformation. In addition, they formed small groups and were fiercely fighting with all their might.

The three enemy Core Formation cultivators had earlier been restrained by Eccentric Scarletflame’s black cloud and were unable of escaping. Judging from the incessant rolls of thunder from the cloud, it seemed they were being quite strenuously held in place.

At the moment, the enemy’s several Core Formation cultivators and many Foundation Establishment cultivators had been reduced to under half of their original numbers in the blink of an eye. But even so, the remaining survivors still fearlessly fought on.

Their dauntless attitude had left many attacking Exquisite Sound Sect cultivators greatly astonished.

But at that moment, a fierce whistle pierced the air, leaving the Exquisite Sound Sect cultivators deafened for a moment. Everyone’s expressions had involuntarily changed.

“Why are you all standing still? Quickly kill them off! Something troublesome is about to arrive!” Eccentric Scarletflame’s words croaked out of his black cloud, waking the many cultivators from a daze and allowing them to continue their fierce attacks.

When the evil cultivators heard the sharp whistle, their spirits were greatly roused, becoming even more tenacious. For the time being, they were unable to be struck down.

In the following instant, several streaks of ash gray light arrived above the island.

When the Exquisite Sound Sect cultivators saw this, they stopped and stared at the five newly arrived Core formation cultivators with grave vigilance.

The large, middle-aged man leading them had an ashen complexion. Although his facial appearance was ordinary, he wore a menacing expression. His magic power fluctuations far exceeded that of his four allies and appeared to be late Core Formation. The other four were merely early Core Formation cultivators, but they gazed at the Exquisite Sound Sect cultivators with rage all the same.

“Who are you to dare slaughter the disciples of our Hidden Fiend Sect? We must repay this debt of blood!” His expression grew dark after seeing that there weren’t many of his disciples left.

The others were stunned. These bandits had no idea why they had come to pay them a visit and they actually spoke so boldly and righteously.

A few of the more quick witted individuals couldn’t help but look towards Fairy Violet Spirit, Lady Fan, and Zhuo Ruting with slight hesitation.

Fairy Violet Spirit clear, beautiful eyes revealed a trace of doubt and thought to say something before she was interrupted by a shout, “Stop your nonsense! You’ve committed crimes that cannot be repaid even with death!” Elder Zhao who had been closely following Lady Fan suddenly flew out from the crowd and waved his arm, releasing a three meter long streak of fiery light towards the enemy.

The middle-aged cultivator furiously grimaced and released an ash-gray devilish Qi with a boom. The huge forty-meter-tall aura of ash-gray Qi formed a huge misty ghost face in an instant.

As soon as the ghost face came into existence, it opened its mouth and fiercely charged forward.

Elder Zhao’s attack had disappeared within the huge mouth of the ghost face. The ghost face then charged towards Elder Zhao without pause.

Suddenly, Elder Zhao revealed panic and quickly blurred several times, returning to the group of allied cultivators at a speed much faster than when he had left them. He loudly yelled, “Everyone, act together! He is a late Core Formation cultivator. We don’t stand a chance if we fight alone!”

These obviously inciting words caused two Core Formation cultivators and a portion of the Foundation Establishment cultivators to immediately release their magic tools and treasures to strike the ghost face.

However, a majority of them detachedly gazed on with doubt. The scene appeared somewhat messy.

Having seen this, Han Li’s face slightly twitched, and he slowly slipped towards the back of the crowd along with Crooked Soul. The situation appeared discouraging. Although he didn’t know what was about to happen, Han Li thought to immediately distance himself from the coming danger.

“Don’t yet act! There is something strange about it!” The violet-clothed woman saw that something was amiss and coldly scolded the Exquisite Sound Sect disciples. However, the attacking Exquisite Sound Sect cultivators seemed to have ignored her and continued their focused attacks on the ghost face.

When Han Li saw this, his expression slightly shifted, and his heart felt heavy.

The enemy middle-aged cultivator wasn’t foolish and also saw that something was queer.

After some slight surprise, he decisively waved his hand towards the ghost head, causing it to release a strange hiss. It then opened its mouth and spat out countless ashen spheres of light. The magic tools and treasures that they struck suddenly swayed with instability. He took advantage of this opportunity to have the ghost head fly back towards him.

The attacking cultivators were stunned and didn’t dare to separate from the group to continue their attack.

“Can someone tell me what is going on?” Taking advantage of this opportunity, Fairy Violet Spirit flew out from the group and coldly asked while she stood in between both sides.

“What’s going on? You killed my sect disciples without cause and you ask their sect master?” The middle-aged man coldly said. His eyes had already turned to a shade of a peculiar dark green.

The violet-clothed woman emotionlessly met his gaze as she slowly asked, “Were you the ones who robbed our Exquisite Sound Sect and killed our sect master?”

The middle aged man responded with a furious tone, “Preposterous! Our Hidden Fiend School has always had very few dealings with outsiders. Why would we do such a contemptuous thing?”

When the violet-clothed woman heard this, she grew silent and her eyes became ice-cold.

When the others heard this, they seemed to realize something, and their expressions became strange.

Lady Fan suddenly emerged from the group and slowly proclaimed, “It seems that we’ve fallen into someone’s trap!”

“Humph! Was it you that have fallen into a trap or was it us?” The middle-aged man eerily spoke with a resentful expression.

The disciples that he had spent such a great number of years nurturing had all died within a day. It was impossible for him to not feel vehement hatred towards them.

Were it not for the fact that the Exquisite Sound Sect possessed too many Core Formation cultivators and the uncertainty he held towards the strange cultivator within the black cloud, he would’ve used the entirety of his strength to heavily wound them despite knowing he had fallen into someone else’s trap.

As the violet-clothed woman’s gaze became completely void of emotion, Lady Fan waited from the side with a bitter smile.

“Elder Zhao, Elder Fu. How about you give us an explanation?” Fairy Violet Spirit slowly turned around and focused her attention on two people within the group.

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