Chapter 547: Lightning Roc Bones

Chapter 547: Lightning Roc Bones

After taking a glance at the pit of earthfire, Han Li responded with a bitter smile, “What use is there in thinking about silly things now?”

“Then it is good that Fellow Daoist understands.” Although Feng Xi said this, he wore a trace of a sneer. It seemed he didn’t believe Han Li’s words.

When Han Li saw this, he managed to preserve a bitter expression on his face, but he inwardly cursed, ‘Damned monster!’ He then walked to a corner of the room and sat down cross-legged.

After seeing that Han Li obediently sat down where he had pointed, Feng Xi nodded his head in satisfaction and turned to the two demons, politely saying, “Brothers, let us enter the formation and prepare!”

When the two demons heard this, they stepped forward without objection, and stood at the formation’s cornerstones as previously discussed.

Feng Xi lightly smiled and patted the storage pouch at his waist. The pouch unhurriedly flew around the earthfire pit before turning upside down and releasing a burst of radiance. A small silver ball of light pierced through the radiance and soon expanded. In the blink of an eye, it revealed a pair of sparkling white wing bones that were each about three meters long.

One of the wings was missing the front half while the other wing was completely shattered. Although they appeared worthless at first glance, these sparkling bone fragments emitted an enormous pressure that left one in awe.

The flood dragon gazed at the bones and clicked his tongue in amazement, “So this is the wing of the Lightning Roc! Although it is extremely damaged, it appears completely genuine. It is deserving of its title as a bird of desolate antiquity!”

Feng Xi stared at the bones with a feverish expression and said, “That is only natural! The Lightning Roc didn’t die in meditation. The reason why its bones were broken should be because someone had trapped it there and ambushed it. Otherwise, with its amazing speed and its peak metamorphosis stage cultivation, it definitely would’ve been able to flee.”

At that moment, Han Li was glancing at the Lightning Roc wing bones in appreciation.

The demon tortoise didn’t seem to be particularly interested in the bones. After glancing at it for a moment, he said with unusual impatience, “Let us start on refining it. We don’t know how many months it will take!”

Feng Xi paused after hearing this, but he immediately thought of something and broke out into laughter, “Haha! I’ve forgotten that Brother Gui entered metamorphosis stage less than a hundred years ago. He’d naturally feel uneasy towards lightning attribute items. Well then, let us start without delay!”

The flood dragon didn’t raise any opposition to starting.

With that said, the demon beast’s bodies gradually released an astonishing demonic Qi, each filling the room with white, blue, and yellow radiance.

Han Li didn’t know whether the formation spell was activated from the demonic Qi or some other method, but the formation started to glow and slightly sway before it finally started to revolve. The tens of mid grade formation stones that surrounded the formation each began to release a blinding gleam.

Han Li felt restless as he watched the scene occur.

Feng Xi let out a shout and brought his hands together. He parted his hands and shot two arm-thick beams of white light down into the formation. With a low hum being released, the ground began to tremble for a moment before the earthfire started to rampage at the center of the room.

Fuush. A head-sized ball of flame shot out from the pit and directly floated above the wing bone. The flame then ruptured, enveloping the wing bone in scorching scarlet flames.

The flood dragon and the demon tortoise exchanged a glance before raising their hands and releasing threads of yellow and blue radiance. The numerous, densely-packed threads of radiance penetrated the flames and wrapped around the bones. The bones then began to soften amongst the intertwining lights.

A short moment later, the two used those spirit threads to mold the bones into a more complete shape.

As Han Li watched this, he felt as if his perspective had been greatly widened.

With the other two demons molding the bones, a strange light glinted within Feng Xi’s eyes and he grasped his hands in an incantation gesture and repeatedly shifted his ten fingers in a rapid manner.

Tens of thumb-sized balls of white light subsequently appeared and accurately fell upon the bone wings. In that instant, deafening rolls of thunder began to sound out from the flames. The mended wing bones had begun to release countless sparks of lightning. The sparks were extremely slender and shined with silver light. They began to quickly strike and merge into the blue and yellow spiritual threads.

After the spiritual threads absorbed the lightning, it flourished with silver light, overwhelming the threads’ original color in an instant..

When Feng Xi saw this, he solemnly stomped the ground, sending a incantation seal into the spell formation.

With several muffled crackles, the variously colored beams of light began to shoot out from the earthfire pit. Simultaneously, the wing bone’s radiance converged into a blinding single point.

Han Li unconsciously narrowed his eyes. By the time his vision had returned to normal, there was a dense, luminous rainbow barrier that had appeared above the earthfire pit.

Han Li’s expression stirred for a moment before he managed to recover his expressionless face.

The white wing bones were intensely scorched by the earthfire within the light barrier, but not the slightest change had occurred. Upon seeing this, the three demons all let out a long sigh.

The first step was completed without any mishaps or mistakes.

Afterwards, Feng Xi took out an azure, transparent gem with a relaxed expression and tossed it into the light barrier without any hesitation.

A short moment later, the gem melted into a semi-liquid. Feng Xi hastily released white spirit threads and manipulated the melted gem to evenly coat the Wing Bone’s surface. Feng Xi still appeared quite vigilant after all this was done.

He glanced at the other two demons with slight significance and softly said, “Wind.” He then took a breath and and spat out a white translucent pearl, sending it into the light barrier in an instant.

The flood dragon and demon tortoise didn’t dare to delay and also spat out their long cultivated demon cores. The demon cores intertwined with one another as they spun through the air.

Feng Xi raised his hand and struck his demon core with a incantation seal, immediately arousing a white, wind-attribute core flame to wildly erupt from the demon core.

Under the control of the flood dragon and demon tortoise, they also had their demon cores release a finger-dense string of core flame. The blue and yellow strings of flame intertwined with a crackle before turning into a silver flame.

The silver and white flames were then immediately absorbed into the surrounding earthfire, resulting in the earthfire immensely growing in pressure. Afterwards, the spirit infused flames enveloped the wing bones and it slowly began to be refined.

Feng Xi revealed an expression of unconcealed joy on his face and called out to the other two demons before sitting down cross-legged. The flood dragon and demon tortoise soon followed suit.

A moment later, the huge formation spell became deathly quiet.

Silently sitting alone in the corner, a strange expression flickered within Han Li’s eyes several times. But after taking a look around, Han Li could only bitterly smile.

Due to some unknown designs of the formations, at the same time the rainbow barrier had formed above the earthfire pit, an identical formation had appeared around Han Li, trapping him inside. Were it not for the absence of flame inside Han Li’s barrier, he would’ve entirely suspected that he was also a material to be refined.

Han Li had grown even more uneasy upon seeing that he was still left alone after so long. But at that moment, a change had suddenly occurred. With a flash of light, the light barrier began to pulsate.

Han Li narrowed his eyes for a moment before recovering his indifferent expression. Before he could even guess what had happened, he suddenly felt something amiss from his body. He couldn’t help but fearfully lower his head.

As the rainbow light barrier around him pulsated, he saw faint wisps of azure light visibly leaving his body. Although it was quite slow, his spiritual power was undoubtedly being drained from his body and into the light barrier.

Han Li frowned with a sullen expression. It seemed the three demons had no plans of having him meddle with the treasure refinement. As such, he was only being treated as a huge spirit stone.

But after some further thought, his expression returned to normal, and he inwardly sneered.

He didn’t believe that the three demons would hold him there forever. He reckoned that they would have him assist them sooner or later.

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