Chapter 546: Sacred Provenance Plate

Chapter 546: Sacred Provenance Plate

As Han Li felt bewildered by the flood dragon’s comments, Feng Xi chuckled and said, “I heard that a few years ago, when Fellow Daoist Wu had acted as a protector for Brother Gui’s tribulation, several human cultivators launched an attack on him. Although you managed to repel them in the end, you suffered a bit of injury. Could it be that as a result of that battle, the flood dragon clan had decided to attack? Your demon clan has always valued protecting their own!”

“In those years, the cultivators of that island were far too arrogant. They truly believed that the seas belonged to them. They even equated us metamorphosed demon cultivators to those low grade demon beasts that had yet to shed their beastly bodies. They were simply asking to be destroyed. My situation was merely one of many triggers for the attack.”

With that said, the Savage Flood Dragon paused for a moment before continuing, “But most important of all was the human’s attack on a grade seven Lion Dragon[1. Suanni, the hybrid of a lion and a dragon.] from the Unfathomable Depth’s Monarch Clan. As a result, the Venerable Lord Lion Dragon didn’t hesitate to consume their strength to issue a Myriad Demon Writ, resulting in several tens of thousands of demon beasts laying waste to the human’s islands. The reason why my Flood Dragon Clan lent their assistance wasn’t as revenge for the Lion Dragon, but rather, for the sacred Sacred Provenance Plate that had been passed down from generation to generation. It was taken away by humans from the Lion Dragon when it was slain. Although it was badly damaged and had no true value, it was an item that has been continuously circulated throughout our demon clans. It cannot be allowed to fall into human hands.” The Savage Flood Dragon then flashed a harsh gaze at Han Li.

Feng Xi’s expression stirred and he looked at the Flood Dragon with a strange smile. “I have heard of the Lion Dragon being slain, but nothing of the Sacred Provenance Plate. Could it be that without the inherited keepsake, the Lion Dragon Clan would find it difficult to remain the monarchs of the Unfathomable Depths? Is your flood dragon clan thinking about unseating them?”

“I don’t know much about that. After all, I’ve never taken much interest in the clan’s internal affairs. However, I am very interested in the Three Sacred Provenances Technique recorded on the plate. I’ve heard that the might of these ancient secret techniques are amazing. Unfortunately, those techniques have long since been damaged by time and are impossible to reconstruct.” The flood dragon’s face revealed excitement before being replaced with regret.

The demon turtle suddenly burst into laughter and said, “Hehe! Brother Wu is quite greedy. Those secret desolate techniques are just legends from how I see it. I can’t believe those techniques to be superior to your clan’s Dragonification Arts.”

When the flood dragon heard that, a trace of pride appeared on his face, “That may be. My clan’s Dragonification Arts are capable of turning flood dragons into true dragons when the deepest level is cultivated. As such, it is naturally the peak cultivation art among demons.”

Feng Xi chuckled without adding anything further.

‘The Sacred Provenance Plate?’ When Han Li heard this, he was able to maintain his calm expression despite the restlessness in his heart. He suddenly thought of the copper plate that he had recently acquired.

The copper plate recorded demon cultivation arts that possessed seemingly great might. Could it be that he had happened to acquire the item that the demons were discussing? Although he didn’t know the specific uses of the Sacred Provenance Plate, he came to realize that the item was cause for trouble after hearing that it was something that was passed down by demon clans from antiquity. Could that dark-skinned cultivator have been the main offender that brought about the Beast Torrent? It wasn’t impossible for a mid Core Formation cultivator such as himself to slay a grade seven demon beast.

Han Li didn’t feel particularly worried as he mulled over these thoughts.

He could already be considered drowning in misfortune. As his life could be forfeit at any one moment, Han Li couldn’t bring himself to care about yet more trouble that had befallen him. It would be better for him to not dwell on any of those matters while he was still here.

At the moment, Feng Xi turned to Han Li and indifferently said, “Fellow Daoist Li, as you’ve recently entered late Core Formation, you should consolidate your cultivation. I don’t wish for you to suddenly be incapable of using your magic power during the magic treasure refinement. Follow after the light and return to your room for a bit of further cultivation.”

With that said, he flicked a ball of white light from his fingers, leading out one of the doors.

Without a choice, Han Li could only stand up with a forced smile and follow the light out of the hall. He had actually wished to further listen to the secret matters of the demon clan.

As he walked outside the hall, he suddenly heard Feng Xi indifferently warn him, “Fellow Daoist shouldn’t rashly leave the room. Otherwise, I will misunderstand and trouble will arise!”

The three demons behind him saw Han Li slow down before wordlessly continuing on his way.

The flood dragon looked in the direction that Han Li had disappeared with an odd gaze and said, “Is there a problem? From how I see it, the young one doesn’t seem resigned. A surprise could occur during the treasure refinement.”

Feng Xi sneered and said, “Be at ease! The success of the Thunderstorm Wings will mostly depend on us three. The human will merely be a tool to provide wood attribute spiritual power. Once the treasure refinement has started, he will have no control. Not to mention the malicious Qi that is contained in his body. With that in mind, he is completely powerless.”

The demon turtle suddenly smiled and teasingly said, “Now that you mention the chaotic malicious Qi, the Jadefire Wine shouldn’t have such a thing. Could it be that Brother Feng entrapped him?”

Feng Xi fixed the silver scarf on his head and evilly grinned, “Hehe! Of course. I gave him a specially refined cup of Jadefire Wine. The malicious Qi should actually be called Devilish Qi. In an encounter with a formidable Devil Dao cultivator, he summoned something he had refined from his body, leaving devilish Qi on my body. It proved quite troublesome to remove.”

When the flood dragon and the tortoise demon heard this, they smiled at each other with their last doubts dispelled.

At that moment, Han Li had followed the white light sphere into a stone room. It was elegantly decorated. Not only was there a couch refined from white jade, there was also a table with a set of chairs along with many pots of rarely seen plants.

After Han Li entered the room, the white light orb suddenly dissolved itself. When Han Li saw this, he immediately closed the door to the stone room and and took out several differently colored formation flags from his robes. He placed them at each corner of the stone room and enveloped the room in a small spell formation.

Han Li felt somewhat at ease from being free of the demon cultivators’ surveillance. Although the spell formation had no defensive qualities, it would give early warning of any outsiders’ malicious eavesdropping. Although this would certainly annoy the Windbreaker Beast, he wouldn’t make a big deal over this small matter.

With that thought, Han Li changed his focus to the most important worries.

He walked in front of the couch and sat cross-legged on it before closing his eyes. After the time it took to brew a cup of tea, Han Li opened his eyes with a furrowed brow.

His body appeared exactly the same as it was before. There was nothing amiss. It seemed the demon was tricking him with false words. He had absolutely no perception of the malicious Qi in his body.

Han Li stroked his chin with a pensive expression. After a moment of deliberation, he suddenly took out an item and examined it for a moment before revealing a harsh expression.


Two days later, Feng Xi knocked on Han Li’s stone door and then walked in.

Upon seeing Han Li, the humanform demon beast wore an excited expression and said, “Let’s go. We will be refining the magic treasure today. Fellow Daoists Wu and Gui are waiting for us in the tool refinement room.”

He then brought Han Li out of the room and headed towards his tool refinement room.

After following the demon cultivator for a short distance, Han Li arrived in front of an azure jade wall. Feng Xi slapped that wall without any hesitation, causing an arched gate to appear and open. The demon cultivator then stood to the side, indicating for Han Li to enter first.

Han Li first took a quick glance through the door and saw that the room glowed red. He could faintly feel a roasting heat from within.

With eyebrows raised, he took a deep breath before walking in. Han Li’s gaze then revealed a trace of astonishment after clearly seeing what was inside.

The flood dragon and demon tortoise were both standing inside the room, but Han Li was more surprised to see the fire within.

There was a square platform that spanned about ten meters at the center of the room. It was filled with roaring scarlet flames. There was a huge, complex refinement formation that surrounded the platform. After taking several quick glances at it, Han Li was left amazed.

With his current knowledge on tool and spell refinement, he could tell how impressive this formation spell was, despite not immediately recognizing its profound complexities. It wasn’t something that he was capable of establishing.

The two demon cultivators coldly glanced at Han Li when he walked in before paying him no further heed.

“Alright, everyone has arrived. I’ve already explained the spell formation’s refinement principles to Brothers Wu and Gui. Fellow Daoist Li, all you have to do is stand at the corner of the formation and provide a steady stream of wood attribute spiritual power to the formation. Now that we’ve come this far, Fellow Daoist Li had better refrain from thinking about anything silly.” Feng Xi pointed to a corner and looked at Han Li with a heavy gaze.

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