Chapter 548: Combining Wind and Lightning

Chapter 548: Combining Wind and Lightning

Although Han Li had anticipated that the treasure refinement wouldn’t merely take a few days, he was quite shocked to find that the three demon cultivators sat cross-legged in complete stillness for five entire months while refining the bizarre material with their core flames.

During this period, apart from stopping four times to recover their magic power, they had kept their demon cores suspended in the air, continuously spouting out core flames in a leisurely manner. Their statuses as grade eight and nine demon beasts clearly weren’t just for show. Their magic power was truly profound.

Because Han Li was refining Qi the entire time, he had managed to preserve his full state of magic power. The miniscule amount of magic power that the light barrier consumed could hardly be considered significant.

The wing bones within the core flames had become increasingly translucent and bright with each passing day. It also faintly carried the sounds of thunder and sharp wind. The joy in Feng Xi’s eyes became more obvious as this occurred. Han Li knew that the finalization of the Thunderstorm Wings was approaching.

In those several months, Han Li was puzzled to find that not a single trace of the malicious Qi could be found from within his body. However, after some further thought, he felt that it had something to do with the Divine Devilbane Lightning in his body. They had a miraculous efficacy against things of evil nature.

‘Could it be the the malicious Qi had already been exterminated by the Divine Devilbane LIghtning?’ Han Li felt delight at the thought.

Had the malicious Qi truly appeared, he had planned on using the Divine Devilbane Lightning to get rid of it, or to take the risk of swallowing some Gold Devouring Beetles and having them forcefully consume it.

As a result, the Windbreaker Beast’s method of coercion was unable to inspire any fear in Han Li, not that he had taken it seriously to begin with. The old demon definitely wouldn’t have expected for Han Li to possess such an astonishingly valuable magic treasure with his low cultivation.

Without any worry of this later harming him, Han Li became even more resolved to resist. He quickly swept through the many plans he had previously made to escape. He was prepared to use the most optimal plan according to how the situation played out.

After yet another month, Feng Xi rose from his seat and began to take action as if he felt that the refinement was about to be done.

From the moment he opened his eyes, he stared at the bone wings in the air that were on the verge of completion. With a deep sigh, he suddenly shot a dozen incantation seals at it and suddenly extinguished his core flame, revealing the three demon cores and two bone wings that were within.

The demon cores were comparatively dimmer than before. It seemed the persist strain of the demon cores over the months of use had harmed their origin Qi. Contrarily, the bone wings had become slender and whole, emitting a milky white luster that was nearly blinding.

Without any hesitation, Feng Xi flicked his own demon core, causing it to wildly rotate around in the air before returning down his throat. The other two demons glanced at each other before doing the same. Wordlessly, the three demons began to immediately meditate and rest. Several days later, the three demon cultivators had replenished their magic power and origin Qi.

At that moment, Feng Xi turned his gaze to Han Li. He shot an incantation seal at the light barrier entrapping him. Red radiance bored into the light barrier, causing it to dissolve with several violent flashes.

Han Li possessed an entirely tranquil expression that was void of any surprise.

Feng Xi’s expression grew relaxed and he said, “Next, we will be joining the two wings as one and merge lightning and wind together. We will require Fellow Daoist’s wood attribute magic power to act as a balance. Get yourself prepared!”

“Understood!” Without saying anything further, Han Li stood up.

When Feng Xi saw Han Li’s expression, he frowned and hesitation flickered within his eyes.

He lowered his head and muttered to himself for a moment before suddenly flicking his finger without warning. A streak of white radiance shot straight towards Han Li!

Han Li’s expression grew aghast, but after a moment of hesitation, he didn’t move out of the way. With the white radiance entering his body, Han Li wore an unsightly expression. Han Li pursed his lips and sullenly said, “Senior Feng, what is the meaning of this?”

“Be at ease, the wind spirit energy will not harm you, and will disappear after a short amount of time. But during this time, if I were to trigger it with a slight bit of magic power, Fellow Daoist is as good as dead. Do your best, and don’t think about anything else.” Feng Xi sinisterly said.

Han Li inwardly grumbled upon hearing that. Over half of his plans to escape had just been eliminated.

Feng Xi was quite pleased to see Han Li’s angry expression. Without paying further attention to Han Li, he took out three medicine bottles from his storage pouch. Afterwards, he tossed two of them to the other demons.

Feng Xi solemnly exhorted, “Little Brothers, be careful. Combining wind and lightning spiritual power will be very taxing on our magic power. These bottles each has a drop of Myriad Year Spirit Milk. Use it when your magic power is exhausted. The merging process must go smoothly. Otherwise, the Thunderstorm Wings will never come into being.”

A trace of amazement flickered within the flood dragon’s eyes when he heard that the bottles contained Myriad Year Spirit Milk. He soon agreed, “Please, be at ease. I will certainly spare no effort.”

The demon tortoise to his side slapped his chest and pledged, “As will I! I also wish to see what profound abilities the Thunderstorm Wings will display upon completion!”

Feng Xi wore a satisfied expression after hearing their responses. He then wordlessly rubbed his hands together before holding them out and shooting a bowl-thick beam of white light towards the rainbow light barrier. The light barrier trembled and released a low hum for a moment. Afterwards, it flickered and continuously shifted colors until it shined with a blinding white radiance.

When the flood dragon and demon tortoise saw this, they rushed to shoot out their own blue and yellow beams of light at the barrier. Halfway to the barrier, the beams of light converged to turn into a white beam of lightning spiritual energy before then striking the barrier.

In an instant, the light rumbled and the light barrier underwent another change. Rolls of thunder began to sound from within the barrier as it pulsated with a silver radiance.

Upon seeing the barrier flicker, Feng Xi unhesitantly ordered Han Li with a deep, icy tone,“Fellow Daoist Li, pour in a tenth of your cultivation’s spiritual power.”

Han Li hesitated for a moment and his expression stirred. Feng Xi could definitely end him from controlling the wind spiritual energy inside his body. He could only raise his hand and shoot a finger-thick beam of azure light into the barrier.

A strange scene occurred!

The instability and hums released from the light barrier were instantly reduced. The brilliance had also dimmed and became slightly more stable.

Feng Xi’s expression relaxed and he excitedly said, “Good, continue to supply the spiritual power!” It appeared that his plan to combine wind and lightning energy was coming into fruition.

When the other two demons saw this, their confidence greatly increased.

They started to form many various complicated incantation gestures, and strike countless spell seals against the light barrier.

After a short moment, the light barrier began to reveal a furious white gale contained within it along with bolts of silver lightning. The lightning and wind energy wrapped closely together around the bone wings and started to merge. Feng Xi then called for Han Li to pour in further wood attribute spiritual power as he gazed into the light barrier.

In the following week, huge bolts of silver lightning and furious white gales rampaged within the barrier.

The three demons grew tense and continuously struck the light barrier with their incantation seals. Feng Xi appeared particularly intense.

As Han Li watched them from the side, he continued to pour his wood-attribute spiritual energy into the barrier under their orders. However, a trace of a strange, excited expression flickered within his eyes, but in the end, Han Li decided against taking any rash actions. He felt the opportunity had yet to arrive.

Three three demons couldn’t conceal their fatigue. Although their incantation seals didn’t cease, their magic power was definitely on the point of exhaustion.

Although the violent storm of lightning and wind inside the light barrier was intense, a strange union began to form. The violent winds began to flicker with sparks and the lightning began to carry cries of the wind.

The three demons wore unconcealed joy upon seeing this.

On the next day, the demon tortoise had exhausted his magic power and took the drop of spirit milk. In the following days, the flood dragon and Feng Xi followed suit.

Han Li expressionlessly looked at this and gripped the storage pouch in his hands. His eyes contained a difficult to perceive trace of slyness.

When the three demon beasts’ magic power had been exhausted and the magic treasure had yet to be fully refined, that would be his moment to act.

Han Li had originally thought this plan to be unreliable. But under the current circumstances, it had become somewhat feasible.

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