Chapter 515: Golden Thumb Pavilion

Chapter 515: Golden Thumb Pavilion

The others responded to Xu Yun’s explanation of the purchasing of cultivation vessels with silence. After all, with two female cultivator companions currently at their side, it was difficult to speak further on the topic.

Han Li stroked his chin without showing the slightest change in expression. He didn’t require a vessel to increase his cultivation, nor could he afford to keep something so cumbersome by his side. Although these female cultivator vessels aroused a feeling of discomfort and pity in him, he turned a blind eye as he was disinclined to take action.

At that moment, the two female cultivators on stage wore an expression of disappointment upon not receiving a single bid.

Seeing this, Xu Yun gave an explanation with a faint smile, “Their cultivation is a bit too shallow. Although they were were willing to become a cultivation vessel, they can’t provide much assistance towards higher grade cultivators. As such, no one was willing to take them. However, it isn’t necessarily absolute. If by chance a Foundation Establishment cultivator were to fancy their appearance, it wouldn’t be rare for them to later be bought at a high price.”

Yi Jing forced a chuckle and didn’t say anything further. Xu Yun calmly smiled and didn’t seem to mind.

The following items up for auction were more items that were rarely seen in the Inner Star Seas. However, Han Li revealed a lazy expression, unwilling to waste more of his time looking at them.

Just as he was coming up with an excuse to leave, Xu Yun seemed to have noticed Han Li’s impatience and took the initiative to say, “While this auction doesn’t have any finer goods, the annual combined auction has some truly rare items appear. Fellow Daoists should take a look at it when it comes around. For now, I’ll introduce you to the other areas of Blackrock City.”

Naturally, Yi Jing and the others didn’t refuse as they were currently lacking in spirit stones from the cost of the teleportation.

The group nodded their heads and followed Xu Yun out of the Treasure Wrest Hall. The mortal woman waiting outside of the Hall accompanied them until they left the Bright Gem Pavilion.


“This group of several tens of buildings are temporary residences where foreign mortals are staying for the time being. Mortals that wish to make a living in Blackrock City must first register here, much to the benefit of the city’s administers. If they are unable to find employment after a certain amount of time, they must leave Blackrock City. For example, the mortal women we saw in the Bright Gem Pavilion all live here.”

“That equally large group of building is the city’s largest raw material store, the Golden Thumb Pavilion. They specialize in selling all sorts of rare materials. It is said that so long as you know the name of the material, the store will always be able to sell it to you. Although this is somewhat of an exaggeration, its reputation is quite grand!”

“As for those three buildings close to it...”

Xu Yun brought the party down the street and spoke with great familiarity.

When Han Li heard about the Golden Thumb Pavilion, his heart stirred, and he came to a sudden stop.

Xu Yun was baffled and paused for a moment before asking, “Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul, is something wrong?”

Yi Jing’s party glanced behind them at Han Li with equivalently puzzled expressions.

Han Li took a quick look at the sky before lowering his head to calmly say, “I have something that I must attend to alone, and I must part with you here. Perhaps we may see each other again should the future allow it.” His voice carried an irrefutable tone.

Xu Yun and Yi Jing were surprised upon hearing this.

They didn’t wish for a high grade cultivator such as Han Li to depart their party. But when they attempted to urge him to stay, a cold glint flickered from Han Li’s eyes as his gaze swept past them, causing their hearts to tremble. Their words of opposition were involuntarily swallowed, and they could only murmur as they watched Han Li disappear into the Golden Thumb Pavilion.

At that moment, the two bewilderedly glanced at each other with cold sweat dripping down their backs. The others at their side looked at the two with confusion, ignorant of what had happened.

“That person...” Yi Jing forced a laugh and thought to say something.

“Since Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul is unwilling to travel together with us, let’s leave him be. It’s his decision. Let us continue to take a look at another street!” For some unknown reason, Xu Yun hastily cut off Yi Jing and took the initiative to walk down another street.

Yi Jing then suddenly heard a voice transmission from Xu Yun, “Fellow Daoist Yi, that person’s actions are an unfathomable mystery. Let us cut ties with him. Else, we may find ourselves inviting death if we’re not careful. It turns out that Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul’s cultivation is far beyond ours. Let us not speak of this again.”

Yi Jing’s expression changed several times upon hearing this. After taking another glance at the Golden Thumb Pavilion, he lightly nodded his head before following after them.

At that moment, Han Li was already being guided by a delicate youth into an elegantly decorated room.

Although the Golden Thumb Pavilion appeared to be one huge stone building from the outside, the interior consisted of many rooms, each specialized in selling all sorts of materials.

Without the slightest of formalities, Han Li had entered the Golden Thumb Pavilion for the purpose of seeing the establishment’s steward.

Were it any other cultivator, this wouldn’t have been easily accomplished. But after revealing his true Core Formation cultivation, he was immediately brought to the esteemed guest lounge.

Core Formation cultivators couldn’t be treated lightly even in Blackstone City.

After waiting for a few moments in the room, an old man with a common appearance walked in with a smile.

“Fellow Daoist’s face is quite unfamiliar. It must be your first visit to the Golden Thumb Pavilion! I am the establishment’s steward, Li Xun.” The old man cupped his fist towards Han Li. He was an early Core Formation cultivator just like Han Li.

With a tone that was neither submissive nor overbearing, Han Li replied, “This is truly my first time here at your esteemed pavilion. Moreover, I have a few things I wish to consult Fellow Daoist Li about. I hope you don’t mind!”

“Please, don’t hesitate to ask. I will assist you to the best of my ability.” Steward Li was quite imposing. Without asking Han Li any questions, he had already slapped his chest in a pledge and agreed.

This forthrite and impressive display left a positive impression on Han Li. However, the old man didn’t possess the skill to see through Han Li’s disguise techniques. He accepted Han Li’s sickly appearance as a middle-aged man without the slightest suspicion.

Han Li faintly smiled and directly stated his intentions without the slightest pretense. “I wish to purchase an ingredient for refining pills. However, I am only aware of its name from antiquity and have been unable to find it. I was hoping to try my luck by coming here and meeting with you, Fellow Daoist Li.”

Li Xun inwardly let out a sigh of relief and replied with a beaming smile, “Hehe! It is but a trivial matter. It is of no problem.” He then changed expressions and coldly spoke in the direction of the door, “Servant, go fetch Gu Yu.”

“Yes!” The young servant swiftly ran off.

Li Xun turned back to Han Li and smiled, “Please wait shortly, Fellow Daoist. Although Gu Yu is only an Qi Condensation cultivator, he has done extensive research on ancient pill formulas and medicines. I’m certain that he won’t leave you disappointed.”

Han Li wore a slight smile on his face and thought to say something else, when a streak of red light flew into the room. The red light circled once around the top of the room, before accurately landing in the old man’s hand. It was a seeking talisman.

A strange expression flickered form Han Li’s eyes as the talisman combusted inside the old man’s hand.

The steward stared at the fire in his hand before he extinguished it. He then raised his head to look at Han Li with a surprised expression.

The old man’s attitude suddenly became far more cordial, “I am truly lacking in manners! I didn’t expect Brother Crooked Soul to have just arrived at Blackrock City today! This store owner should be treating you with the utmost respect!”

In that short moment, he had managed to discover Han Li’s general origins, much to Han Li’s shock. However, his expression maintained a calm smile, revealing none of his inner thoughts.

Han Li played it down, “Fellow Daoist is too polite. I had to use many tricks in order to arrive at Wondrous Depths Island. I didn’t mean to attract so much attention.”

The old man was able to see that Han Li didn’t wish to further speak of the matter and tactfully changed the topic. He then chatted about a few interesting tales about Wondrous Depths Island, much to Han Li’s interest.

At that moment, a middle-aged scholarly man entered the room and deeply saluted the two. He respectfully said, “Gu Yu pays his respects to these Seniors. Junior awaits your instructions.”

His appearance was elegant with a somewhat sophisticated aura. He had a long black beard and two shining, black eyes.

Li Xun nodded to him and beckoned him over.

The old man commanded him with an indifferent expression, “This Senior Crooked Soul has a few questions about ancient spiritual medicines. Answer him honestly.”

Gu Yu stood up straight and solemnly said, “As you wish. Junior will answer to the best of his abilities.”

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