Chapter 514: Female Cultivation Vessels

Chapter 514: Female Cultivation Vessels

Lady Liu doubtfully said to Xu Yun, “This seems no different from ordinary auctions. Are we truly going to see any exceptional items here?”

Xu Yun said with a mysterious expression, “Relax! Although auctions frequently take place, occurring anywhere from one every several days to half a month, each auction will always show some exceptional items. Although they aren’t auctioning off the most precious materials, they are still rarely seen in the Inner Star seas.” He then saw Han Li walk over and gave him a smile.

Han Li casually nodded his head and asked a question that left them somewhat surprised, “Fellow Daoist Xu, how many cultivators are there in Blackrock City? There don’t seem to be many to people present.”

Xu Yun calmly admitted, “Brother Crooked Soul is truly discerning! Although there are temporary residences such as inns in Blackstone City, there are no permanent residences for foreign cultivators. High grade cultivators may possess their own cave residence on another island. As for low grade cultivators, they may take shelter in the small villages and towns on other islands with mortals. While all cultivators come to Blackstone City to do business, low grade cultivators are by far the most commonly found.”

Yi Jing paused for a moment before asking a question that puzzled even Han Li, “But mustn’t one be at least Foundation Establishment to survive in the outer seas? Why are there so many mortals and Qi Condensation cultivators here?”

Xu Yun calmly replied, “Brother Yi’s question strikes at the most crucial point, which is the greatest difference between Wondrous Depths Island and the other demon beast islands. For other demon beast islands, a few high grade cultivators go there to hunt demon beasts before returning after accumulating enough materials. But for Wondrous Depths Island, a few years after the various powers settled here, several spirit stone mines were discovered in some of the nearby islands, and a few production sites for required cultivation materials were established as well, causing the island to become entirely self-sufficient. As such, a few cultivators made a living here and dragged along their families, eventually producing the many mortals and low grade cultivators in this city. I also heard that the powers administering Blackstone City are slowly transporting their main forces over to this city. I reckon in a couple tens of thousands of years, this place will become a second Inner Star Seas. However, apart from Blackstone City, the villages on the other islands can’t be considered safe in the least. Those small villages are often exterminated by sudden attacks from high grade demon beasts. This current situation in this place quite resembles how the Inner Star Seas first came to be.”

After that was said, the party was left dumbstruck.

Yi Jing let out a deep breath before pensively asking, “Why aren’t the Star Palace and the other powers involved with this place?”

Xu Yun coldly snorted and said, “This place is far from being anywhere near as prosperous as the Inner Star Seas. Furthermore, there is still more than enough empty space in the Inner Star Seas for them to vie for. What time do they have to spare over these desolate seas? In fact, the other powers are actually looking forward to having the island’s governing factions move their forces over to this island. Then there would be few of the factors at play in the chaotic Inner Star Seas.” He was clearly still gloomy about the Star Palace suddenly closing the transportation formation.

After Yi Jing’s party heard this, they felt it made sense and didn’t speak any further about the subject after glancing at one another. As they were lowly Foundation Establishment cultivators, it would be better for them to refrain from talking about powers far beyond their control, lest they attract calamity.

After selling off several magic tools and materials, a blue-clothed, middle-aged man appeared behind the old man in charge of the auction. He held a red box containing a fist-sized sphere that was white at its center and purple at its edges.

When Xu Yun saw this, his spirits were roused. “Fellow Daoists, take a look. This is one of the most important goods that are auctioned off at Wondrous Depths Islands, demon beast eggs. There is no lack of such valuable treasures. These items fetch astronomical prices in the Inner Star Seas, but they can be found for much cheaper on Profound Depths Island. This is because apart from a few particular beast eggs, a majority of them are incapable of being transferred over through the teleportation formation. When they are teleported over, most eggs die. That is why whenever a rare demon beast egg appears, the spirit beast is usually hatched and nurtured until it can tolerate the transportation formation before being brought back to the Inner Star Seas. This is, of course, after high grade cultivators bid copious amounts of spirit stones for it.”

“Demon beast egg!” Yi Jing’s eyes brightened. He had always dreamed of raising a high grade demon beast. The others also revealed expressions of pleasant surprise.

With that said, they would later have the opportunity to acquire their own spirit beast. In the Inner Star Seas, finding a good spirit beast was an extremely difficult matter.

“This is the egg of a Violet Cloud Eagle. Upon reaching maturity, it becomes a grade four demon beast. Although it only knows simple defensive magic techniques, it has a body of steel-like feathers and is faster than top grade flying magic tools. With talons that can easily tear through the defenses of a Foundation Establishment cultivator, it can be considered a rare demon beast and undoubtedly an optimal choice for Foundation Establishment Cultivators. The starting price is two thousand spirit stones. Each bid must increase by at least a hundred. The bid will now start!” The old man seemed quite confident about the popularity of the demon beast egg. After only giving a quick introduction, he started the bid without any delay.

When the cultivators beneath him heard that the bidding had started, they immediately started calling out their prices.

Although grade four demon beasts held little interest to Core Formation cultivators, they’re quite suitable for Foundation Establishment cultivators.

This is because not only do higher grade spirit beasts cost far more, but the time it takes for them to mature was also far too long. Even if they used secret techniques to hasten their aging, it would still take far too long for a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

“Two thousand five hundred spirit stones!”

“Two thousand seven hundred!”

“Three thousand!”


The Violet Cloud Eagle’s egg quickly broke three thousand spirit stones before finally topping off at three thousand three hundred spirit stones by an excited female cultivator.

The dark-skinned, middle-aged man gazed at the egg in the woman’s hand and muttered, “It truly is far cheaper than the Inner Star Seas. If this were Heavenly Star City, this kind of flying spirit beast would easily fetch over five thousand spirit stones.”

Apart from Han Li, all the others watched this scene with bright eyes.

When Xu Yun saw this, he knowingly smiled.

Up next, the old man auctioned off a grade three spirit beast egg followed by a grade four demon beast, both at a considerable price before concluding the spirit beast egg auction.

Upon seeing what was auctioned next, Lady Liu couldn’t help but wear a face of shock, “What’s going on?!” The others in her party also looked surprised.

Two beautiful women that appeared to be around twenty years old stood at the old man’s side. Although they only had cultivations at the third layer of Qi Condensation, they were both genuine cultivators. From their submissive attitude while being brought on stage, it seemed the two female cultivators were the goods to be auctioned.

Xu Yun didn’t reveal the slightest surprise, and gestured for them to listen to what the old man was about to say.

“Up next, we have two low grade Qi Condensation cultivation vessels. They have only cultivated the basic five elements cultivation arts, and both of them are undefiled. According to their requests, only a mid Foundation Establishment cultivator or higher may bid on them. The starting bid on each of them is two thousand spirit stones. Each increase in bid must be...”

Ever since the old man brought the two women on stage, many of the male cultivators beneath him started to leer at the women. However, the old man’s words were quite dragged out for a long while and nobody uttered a bid. Two male cultivators that sat in front of the group even began to have a whispered discussion.

“Two thousand spirit stones to buy a third layer female cultivation vessel. If you really wanted a concubine, wouldn’t you want to go elsewhere and buy a mortal girl? When they grow old, you could just pass them spirit stones and have them leave. If it were a Foundation Establishment vessel, I’d be more than willing to spend more spirit stones.”

“You’re dreaming. Do you think you’re a Core Formation Cultivator? Don’t forget the customs here. Foundation Establishment vessels aren’t something that the likes of us could ever afford. At that amount of spirit stones, it’d be more profitable to buy a spirit beast egg.”

When Han Li heard their chatter, although he felt amazed, any sign of it soon disappeared from his face. He had long ago heard rumors of a few powers secretly nurturing some young female cultivators for the sole purpose of being cultivation vessels. There were even a few high grade cultivators that bestowed female cultivators as gifts. But regardless of how it was said, open auctions of female cultivation vessels never occurred in the Inner Star Seas. It truly shocked him how openly it occured here.

Yi Jing and company managed to calm their expressions. After all, cultivation vessels were something that everyone knew about in the cultivation world. However, as they had two female cultivators in their party, the current situation was quite uncomfortable.

“There is no need for Fellow Daoists to feel shocked. These women were willing to act as cultivation vessels without coercion. As their aptitudes are terrible as a whole, it would be quite difficult for them to cultivate to high layers of cultivation using ordinary methods. They have no elders to rely on, and no powers are willing to invest the spirit stones required to nurture them. Hence, this is their only method in the Outer Star Seas as they found it disdainful to do mortal’s work and suicidal to go out and hunt demon beasts. As they have managed to somewhat cultivate, they will take the initiative to become a cultivation vessel for a higher grade male cultivator. As such, they can give their homes a large amount of spirit stones and manage to acquire a pillar of support for themselves. If they are able to acquire the favor of a male cultivator, they will be able to become a concubine or have an opportunity to become something greater. Naturally, there are even high grade female cultivators that take the initiative to become cultivation vessels for other reasons. But in that case, lower grade male cultivators are forbidden from bidding. That is to be expected.” Xu Yun slowly explained this as if he were long accustomed to the sight.

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