Chapter 516: Demon Echo Grass

Chapter 516: Demon Echo Grass

Forgoing any needless pretensions, Han Li bluntly asked, “Does Fellow Daoist Gu happen to know about Thousand Leaf Dew?”

“Thousand Leaf Dew?” Gu Yu paused for a moment before quickly replying in a mutter, “This name has a bit of an impression on me. Had you asked me about it a few years ago, I would’ve had no idea. In the past two years, this Junior obtained an ancient record that happened to mention it. This Junior happens to have a duplication of it on a jade slip. Would Senior like to take a look at it?” Having said that, Gu Yu revealed a somewhat cautious expression.

Han Li rejoiced and couldn’t help but reveal excitement in his eyes.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Han Li smiled and said, “It is even better that you have the records. If I do find it, then I must truly thank you.”

Gu Yu was also quite pleased. Being able to receive the favor of a Core Formation cultivator was a truly fortunate matter.

He quickly patted down his body before taking out a yellow jade slip and presenting to Han Li with both hands.

Gu Yu respectfully said, “This is the jade slip. Please examine it, Senior!”

Han Li bluntly accepted the jade slip and quickly immersed his spiritual sense into it.

In a mere moment, Han Li’s expression changed from excitement to doubt and then contemplation.

Li Xun carefully watched Han Li’s every movement. Upon seeing Han Li’s expression change several times, an indescribable emotion flickered from his eyes.

Gu Yu was particularly apprehensive, fearing that the Thousand Leaves Dew that was mentioned in the jade slip wasn’t the item Han Li was searching for.

Han Li eventually recalled his spiritual sense from the jade slip and slowly said, “Yes, this is the item.” However, the excitement in his eyes had greatly faded.

After the old man’s gaze flickered he probed, “What is it? Is there something troublesome about the Thousand Leaves Dew?”

Han Li bitterly smiled. “I didn’t expect that this item would be so troublesome to acquire. It’s closely related to grade eight demon beasts.”

Li Xun shockingly glanced at Han Li with an expression of disbelief, “Grade eight demon beasts?”

Han Li sighed and helplessly explained, “That’s right. The Thousand Leaves Dew is actually an extract of Demon Echo Grass. To be more exact, from Demon Echo Grass that grows close to grade eight demon beasts.”

Li Xun was left speechless by Han Li’s words.

He naturally knew what Demon Echo Grass was. It was something that often grew near demon beast nests as it required long years of exposure to demonic Qi to grow and sustain itself. However, Demon Echo Grass found near the den of a grade eight demon beast was an entirely different matter altogether.

Although it was rumored that grade nine and even grade ten demon beasts had been sighted in the Outer Star Seas, at the end of the day, they had only appeared in rumors. As for the old man, the highest grade demon beast he had seen at Blackrock City was a grade seven demon beast, let alone a grade eight demon beast.

Li Xun saw that Han Li’s gaze held a trace of astonishment and discouragement. Just what kind of precious medicine pill did he plan on refining, to actually require such an incredulous material?

After toying with the jade slip in his hand, he revealed a trace of hesitation before saying something to Gu Yu that surprised him, “This jade slip has some records that I may need to further examine in the future. Would it be acceptable for Fellow Daoist Gu to give this jade slip to me?”

Gu Yu paused for a moment and then frankly said, “If Senior has a use for it, then please feel free to take it!”

Seeing that Gu Yu was being quite agreeable, Han Li nodded his head and flipped his hand, summoning a small bottle and a talisman with a drawing of a small yellow sword on it.

“As your Senior, I naturally can’t let you come out of this empty handed. The bottle has some medicine pills that can increase your cultivation, and this is a treasure talisman. Go ahead and take them.” Han Li then casually tossed the items over to him.

“Many thanks for Senior’s generosity!” After receiving the items, Gu Yu was unable to contain his joy and repeatedly thanked Han Li. To a Qi Condensation cultivator like himself, these items were truly precious.

“Since Senior Crooked Soul has already bestowed treasures upon you, you may leave for the time being, Gu Yu.” Li Xu was quite shocked at Han Li’s display of generosity, but he still remembered to dismiss Gu Yu with a calm expression.

In the blink of an eye, they were once again the only two people in the room.

“Is there anything else that I may assist you with apart from that matter? Please don’t hesitate to ask.” Li Xun spoke in an exceptionally forthright manner.

“Since that’s the case, there is one other thing that I wish to trouble you with. Might you be selling the horn of an Agate Beast?”

“Hehe, Fellow Daoist came to the right place! Although Agate Beast Horn is an exceptionally rare material, I managed to purchase two such horns last month. If Fellow Daoist desires it, I can sell one to you right away.” The old man clapped his hands with a smile and immediately gave the order for it to be delivered without a moment of pause.

Pleasant surprise appeared on Han Li’s face as he repeatedly expressed his thanks.

Not long after, a young servant entered the room while carrying an exquisite wooden box on a silver plate.

“Fellow Daoist, take a look. Does this Agate Horn fulfill your expectations?”

Han Li solemnly nodded his head and reached out to the wooden box. As soon as he opened the box, blue light was released, revealing a half-foot-long spiral horn. The sharp horn shined with a strikingly brilliant blue light.

Han Li then closed the wooden box with a satisfied expression, “Not bad! This will be quite suitable. Could Fellow Daoist tell me how many spirit stones this will cost?”

Li Xun pleasantly smiled and said, “This store acquired the horn for five thousand spirit stones. Since Fellow Daoist requires it, you only need to return the cost.”

Naturally, Han Li wasn’t going to haggle over the price. He immediately expressed his thanks and took out the equivalent in mid grade spirit stones before handing it over to the old man.

The old man received the spirit stones with a wave of his sleeve and then asked with a wide smile, “Does Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul have any plans in mind following his arrival on the island? Although Fellow Daoist’s magic power is profound, the demon beasts here are truly hard to handle. No small number of Core Formation cultivators have been seriously injured by tackling the seas alone. How about I introduce you to a few similar grade cultivators? It would be considerably safer if you were to set out to sea together.”

Han Li smiled upon hearing this. The purpose of the old man’s courteous and friendly behavior from the beginning was for drawing him in.

“Many thanks for Fellow Daoist Li’s kindness. However, I must soon prepare to refine a few medicine pills. And after I consume the pills, I will have to enter seclusion for some time. I won’t be heading out to hunt demon beasts in the near future.” Han Li gave a smooth refusal with an embarrassed expression, but in truth, he was absolutely unwilling to travel out to sea with unfamiliar cultivators.

Although a trace of disappointment flickered across his face, he immediately continued without a care, “That is fine too. It is considerably safer to first increase one’s cultivation and one’s familiarity with the region. However, if Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul does later wish to find companions, please don’t forget about me!”

Han Li naturally agreed and further chatted with the old man for a moment before taking his leave.

The old man saw Han Li off at the building’s exit before returning inside.

Just as the old man sat down, he suddenly heard a voice calmly say, “How about it? Will this person be useful to us?” A vague silhouette soon emerged from the landscape painting on the wall, bringing forth another person into the room.

The white-clothed man remained in the air while covered in azure light, making for a rather mysterious display.

The old man confidently said, “There is no need to worry. Although we only chatted for a short moment, from his strange appearance, that cultivator Crooked Soul should be a vagrant cultivator that travels alone. So long as he witnesses the dangers of travelling the depths alone, he will come to know the advantages of my offer. He will come back sooner or later.”

The white-clothed man coldly refuted, “Humph! That isn’t guaranteed.”

Li Xun shook his head, “What? An early Core Formation cultivator can roam the depths and hunt demon beasts alone?”

The white-clothed cultivator grew silent before solemnly saying, “He isn’t an ordinary Core Formation cultivator. When you were chatting in the room, I was able to feel someone watching me for some unknown reason. Although he didn’t glance in the direction I was hidden, I suspect that he was aware of my existence and only chose not to disclose it.”

The old man was stunned. He then bewilderedly said, “Are you not mistaken? Your concealment technique is something that even higher grade cultivators are incapable of uncovering. Don’t tell me that this Crooked Soul fellow is actually a late Core Formation cultivator.”

The white-clothed man doubtfully said, “That’s hard to say! It is quite possible that he cultivates an unusual cultivation art or possesses some peculiar treasure.”

After circling the room several times, the old man eventually frowned and said, “Leave it be. Regardless of whether this cultivator is exceptional or ordinary, we’ve already tried our hardest to befriend him. It was the correct decision either way!”

The white-clothed cultivator nodded in approval and spoke no further.

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