Chapter 852: Wreaking Havoc

The black crescent of light sliced through the multi-layered barrier as if it were chopping through grass, resulting in the barrier to burst into specks of dust. When the Elder Devil saw the three escaping from the barrier, he looked at them with derisive mockery. 

As the thousand icicles from Han Li's tortoise puppets pelted the surrounding area, the Elder Devil swung the huge blade with a blur of his hands, forming another ball of blinding radiance and splitting it to release two three-meter-long black lances. He successively threw them into the air, sending one towards the unfamiliar old man while the other made its way to Senior Martial Brother Cheng. 

Soon, Han Li’s tortoise puppets pelted the surrounding area with over a thousand icicles. But with a loud shriek, the two black lances disappeared without a trace. As for the Elder Devil, his body blurred and reappeared seventy meters away, instantly escaping the range of the icicles.

At that moment, the unfamiliar old man heard a shriek from behind and felt his heart froze. Without another thought, he tossed out a silver octagon medallion he was keeping in reserve and formed a barrier of silver light around him. Having done this, he felt somewhat safer and hastily turned his head around to see that nothing was there.

The unfamiliar old man blankly stared at the scene. Before he even realized what was going on, a shriek sounded out right next to him. As black light flashed, he black lance suddenly rammed into the barrier. Black and silver radiance momentarily intertwined, and the black lance warped, piercing through the barrier and burrowing itself in the unfamiliar old man’s abdomen. It ruptured.

Before the old man could even scream, he was already dead, filling the nearby air with bits of his corpse. A silver ball of light then emerged where he originally stood, his Nascent Soul. It appeared in complete disbelief of what had just happened.

In that moment of delay, the black threads of light remaining from the eruption condensed into a net and instantly caught the Nascent Soul. The Nascent Soul revealed an expression of terror and it hastily formed an incantation gesture. It wildly flickered with silver light, disappearing in a display of instant movement.

But when the Nascent Soul reappeared, it ran into the net and the net tightly shrunk back, quickly suspending the Nascent Soul in a ball of black light.

As for the other black lance, it had arrived at Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s back in that very moment.

As Senior Martial Brother Cheng had yet to recover his strength from his last battle at the Dreamcloud Mountains, he was even less capable of dealing with this bizarre attack. He could only curse in his heart and prepare to materialize his Nascent Soul in order to escape.

But at that moment, a spatial fluctuation appeared behind Senior Martial Brother Cheng and a three-meter-long crimson swordlight shot into the black lance’s path. The swordlight was blood-red and was filled with an evil Qi.

The crimson swordlight chopped at the black lance, halting it as the black and red light overlapped in confrontation. Then, they disappeared in a violent explosion.

Senior Martial Brother Cheng then quickly flew towards Han Li with delight. With a deathly pale complexion, Han Li lowered the Blood Devil Sword and gave his Senior Martial Brother Cheng a forced smile.

Senior Martial Brother Cheng displayed obvious gratitude and arrived at Han Li’s side at the greatest speed he could muster.

Unfortunately for Daoist Heavencrystal, there was no one to save him. When he saw the unfamiliar old man’s Nascent Soul became trapped nearby, he turned pale and mustered even more speed.

But at that moment, the two-headed Elder Devil appeared in a blur.

Daoist Heavencrystal felt his heart drop and immediately spat out a small crystal sword. Under the command of a spell seal, the sword transformed into a barrage of brilliant white swordlights.

The Elder Devil’s body strangely warped as soon as the swordlights approached him and disappeared from sight.

Daoist Heavencrystal’s heart sank and his body glowed with light, intent on escaping. But just as he began to move, the light barrier protecting him greatly trembled as muffled thumps reverberated from it. At that moment, he lost control of the magic power in his body and came to a sudden stop.

‘Not good!’ With terror on Daoist Heavencrystal’s face, his protective barrier ruptured, followed by a jet-black claw piercing into his abdomen, ripping out the Nascent Soul from his Dantian before it could materialize.

The Elder Devil withdrew his arm from Daoist Heavencrystal’s limp corpse, only for it to burn into ashes by a black devilish flame a moment later.

Daoist Heavencrystal’s Nascent Soul was completely shaken with fear, but it acquired a chance to escape when the Elder Devil had relaxed his grip.

In that moment, the Nascent Soul rejoiced and without another thought, it glowed with white light, about to instantly escaping over thirty meters away.

But before he could complete the instant movement, the Elder Devil’s ghost head sneered and opened his mouth. A purple blur shot out and bore into the Nascent Soul’s body, the ghost head’s tongue. It dragged Daoist Heavencrystal’s Nascent Soul into his gaping mouth.

He chewed several times and the ghost head’s face pulsed with black light, revealing an expression of satisfaction. Afterwards, he beckoned to the trapped Nascent Soul nearby and it also shot into his mouth.

With these two Nascent Souls devoured, he felt the power of his soul greatly increasing. He then calmly turned around to looked at Han Li and Senior Martial Brother Cheng. He withdrew his extended tongue with a flick and revealed hunger on his face.

When Senior Martial Brother Cheng saw Daoist Heavencrystal and his good friend devoured by the Elder Devil, his face contorted in fear. He knew very well that if he hadn’t flown in Han Li’s direction and if Han Li hadn’t acted to assist him, he would’ve also met the same fate.

These Nascent Soul cultivators at the peak of the outside world were all dealt away in a single blow by this monstrous existence. Inconceivable!

For Han Li to have tangled with the devil for so long at only a slight disadvantage was a display of his immense abilities. His decision to rope in Han Li into the sect was only proven more correct as time went on.

As distress filled Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s mind, he couldn’t help but take a look at Han Li.

Han Li expression turned gloomy, but he was completely calm. He had already laid down the Aureate Sword Formation, and the rise in his battle strength had bolstered his confidence as well.

He glanced at the main Elder Devil’s battle a kilometer away and saw that it was steadily ongoing. He saw a pitch-black devil flame that reached out a kilometer wide and surrounded Wei Wuya’s green cloud, slowly refining and weakening it.

The poison cloud that was originally fifty meters wide was now only a third of its size and was on the verge of collapse.

Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman were still safe for the time being inside the green cloud, but they were forced to resist the devilflames by using their own treasures to their utmost power.

Han Li inwardly sighed. He knew Wei Wuya and the others wouldn’t last long. However, he couldn’t afford to take them into consideration. He was forced to only focus on dealing with the two-headed Elder Devil in front of him. He would have to see if he could use the Aureate Formation to slay him first.

At that moment, the two-headed Elder Devil began to calmly fly towards him.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and he wordlessly raised his hand, releasing a jade talisman. A black ghost hand appeared in a flicker of light and moved to grab the oncoming Elder Devil. At that moment, Han Li swept his sleeve and summoned several tens of azure flying swords. They rang out, condensing in a pulse of brilliant azure light into a single huge blade that released an astonishing pressure.

Han Li formed an incantation gesture and pointed at the Elder Devil. The huge sword then disappeared in a blur and suddenly appeared above the devil's head, cleaving downward without delay.

The Elder Devil laughed with an odd tone and clapped his hands together, summoning a huge black blade. He then met the oncoming azure sword with his own. 

When the Elder Devil saw the azure sword, he immediately realized it was one of Han Li’s bonded magic treasures and intended on shattering it, crippling Han Li’s soul. 

As for the ghost claw, the devil disdainfully raised one of his hands and shot a stream of devilish Qi at it, instantly tying it down and preventing it from moving in the slightest.

The ghost claw attempted to tear the devilish Qi apart but it was no use; the devilish Qi was like maggots, whenever it split, it would form once more and stronger.

Then, the black blade and the azure sword made contact, resulting in a deafening explosion. 

Black and azure radiance clashed in blinding confrontation. The black blade muffledly groaned and began to warp and ripple. As for the azure sword, it was being gradually pushed back but it still remained in peak condition with the slightest damage.

The two-headed Elder Devil raised his heads to look at the blade and they both wore an expression of shock.

Although Han Li didn’t temper these Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords for a significant amount of time nor had he infused them with any Auric Essence, he had refined them with Refined Crystal, increasing their hardiness and durability far beyond ordinary magic treasures. Despite their somewhat lackluster strength, there were few things in this world that were able to break them.

As a result, no matter how  the devilish Qi stirred the blade or the forms it took, invoking might that could break the greatest of blades, it wasn’t able to break the combined Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

In that moment of delay, the azure sword suddenly rang with thunder and countless arcs of golden lightning shot out from it. When they made contact with the black blade, the black blade quickly collapsed.

Without anything blocking it, the huge lightning-covered sword fiercely chopped down at the Elder Devil’s head.