Chapter 853: Trapping the Devil

The Elder Devil didn’t anticipate that the huge sword was made of Golden Lightning Bamboo. In his alarm, he hastily fled. In a flicker of black light, he appeared over thirty meters away and the condensed Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword missed its mark.

The devil stopped and his expression suddenly turned sullen. He clapped his four hands together and condensed two balls of black radiance. The black light flickered and the two balls of light transformed into two humming black lances.

The devil grinded his fangs together and slat out two clouds of blood essence onto the black lances. They suddenly trembled and turned blood-red. With this done, the devil’s two heads appeared somewhat listless as if having consumed a large amount of strength.

At that moment, the huge azure sword reappeared above the devil’s ghost head and chopped down without hesitation.

The Elder Devil raised his arms and launched both of the blood-red lances towards the cleaving sword. Two deafening booms sounded out as crimson radiance and golden lightning overlapped; the lances held firm against the huge sword and its Divine Devilbane Lightning.

Soon, the huge sword released a long wail and spun away several times as it was pushed back over ten meters. Light violently fickered from the sword and it became much dimmer.

Han Li’s complexion turned blood-red from his connection with the sword and pale in another moment before soon returning to normal. The sword had suffered damage from its spiritual nature and his soul had received of this damage as a result. Fortunately, his soul was immensely powerful and this level of damage wasn’t enough to influence him.

However, Han Li didn’t dare to allow this to continue and he pointed to the huge sword. With a humming ring, it transformed into several tens of azure streaks, flying back towards his body.

Seeing that the swords began to fly back, the devil harshly shouted, “Escaping? Those swords will be staying behind!” Then he waved at the crimson lances and in a flash of radiance, the crimson lances transformed into two crimson hands. They quickly chased after the swords with wind shrieking behind them.

Since he saw Han Li recklessly released so many of his Golden Lightning Bamboo magic treasures, he naturally couldn’t allow Han Li to easily retrieve them. He then spun and surrounded himself in a large cloud of devilish Qi before shooting after them in close pursuit.

When Han Li saw this, he inwardly rejoiced, but betrayed none of this emotion on his face.

When Senior Martial Brother Cheng saw this, he felt ill at ease standing idle and he summoned a small yellow sword in his hand, intending on providing Han Li some support.

Before he launched his flying sword, he suddenly heard a voice transmission from Han Li, “Senior Martial Brother Cheng, there is no need to act now. Wait until after the devil is trapped!” The old man was stunned by this and after some thought, he immediately stopped his actions, feeling a great sense of relief.

At that moment, the large crimson hands had nearly overtaken the azure swordlights and were only growing faster by the second.

Seeing the two crimson hand’s increasingly fervent pursuit to sweep up the swords, Han Li calmly launched a series of spell seals at them. The mess of flying swords released a resonating ring and suddenly binded together into a cloud of Qi, and they began to rush through the air, increasing their speed increase several times.

The two crimson hands ended up missing their mark as the small azure swords had arrived above Han Li and began to revolve in the air.

The Elder Devil was enraged by this turn of action. It was as if Han Li was deliberately playing with him. The devil’s expression deeply sank and he beckoned to the large crimson hands. The claws flew back and spiralled around him before flying into his hands as two crimson sabers.

Then, a harsh whistle sounded out from the devil’s mouth and over thirty meters of devilish Qi gathered together without warning and suddenly surged towards Han Li. The devil disappeared from sight, concealed within the mist.

Han Li frowned when he saw the roiling devilish Qi charge towards him. He raised his hands and golden arcs of lightning began to flicker across his arms, creating a large net of lightning to intercept the devilish Qi. Then his eyes flickered with blue light and he swept his gaze across it.

But immediately after, Han Li revealed an expression of shock. There was no trace of the Elder Devil within it. He then raised his head up towards the sky and also found nothing there.

Han Li was stunned and he touched his chin. His expression immediately changed when he thought of something. He immediately grabbed onto Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s arm and immediately took off.

At that moment, two streaks of crimson light flashed where Han Li originally stood and the Elder Devil appeared ten meters below. The devil’s heads wore an expression of surprise; he believed his sneak attack had a complete certainty of success.

Han Li inwardly cursed at the wicked ruthlessness of the Elder Devil. He actually thought to attack them from below. Were it not for his quick response or the Brightsight Spirit Eyes, he would’ve been cleaved into two. His own protective armor made from the tri-colored beetles and his light barrier couldn’t have withstood such a vicious strike.

To the side, Senior Martial Brother Cheng was dripping with sweat and his mind was filled with lingering fear.

The Elder Devil stood in place and saw Han Li’s expression changed several times. The devil sinisterly smiled as he looked at him and his silhouette blurred, shooting forward in a black streak of light. Han Li smiled at the sight of this.

The black streak shot ten meters out before golden light blossomed in front of it. An unremarkable golden thread appeared and flickered across it. 

With a light bang, two of the crimson sabers appeared in front of the black streak, suddenly blocking the golden thread that had appeared. But a muffled thump sounded out and the black streak was knocked three meters back.The Elder Devil unsteady figure was revealed, his heads both displaying shock.

The golden thread then mysteriously disappeared. It was clear that the Elder Devil had finally been trapped within the Aureate Sword Formation.

At that moment, Han Li formed an incantation seal with his hands and he willed the Aureate Sword Formation to reveal itself.

Countless bewitching golden threads intermittently flickered all around the Elder Devil. They were entirely silent as they slowly grew closer towards the center.

The Elder Devil’s expression turned harse, realizing that he had fallen for Han Li’s trap, entering some sort of unknown restriction. In fury and alarm, he waved his sabers, launching several overlapping saber streaks towards Han Li’s position. 

Several tens of golden threads flickered intermittently in their path, cutting the crimson streaks into countless segments and scattering them into specks of light.

The Elder Devil was stunned and wore a solemn expression. He coldly snorted and brought the crimson sabers together. Then in a blinding flicker of light, they condensed into a single huge blade. He held it with all four of his arms and began to slice it through the air at an exceptionally slow speed. The huge blade shining with blinding crimson radiance, it released a three-meter-long crescent that emitted an suffocating pressure.

This huge blade of radiance streaked thirty meters away before encountering a dense net of golden threads. The streak of radiance was able to make it a meter past the threads of light before thoroughly collapsing apart.

The Elder Devil was deeply alarmed.

The golden threads appeared in all directions and were slowly closing in on him. Even with only using the Aureate Sword Formation once before, Han Li was now far more skillful in using it.

Senior Martial Brother Cheng was delighted to see this. He was unaware Han Li possessed such unfathomable abilities.

At the center of the formation, the Elder Devil began to use various movement techniques in an attempt to escape the formation, from turning into threads of black Qi to thin black lines. However, all of these attempts were unable to make it past the golden threads with no exceptions.

He even split the huge blade into four long and slender ones, fluttering them together to form a crimson ball of light to protect himself as he charged forward. As a result, he was nearly cut into pieces by the incisive threads of golden light. Even at the crimson light’s greatest strength it was only able to block the golden threads temporarily.

The Aureate Sword Formation continued to close and the golden threads drew closer to the Elder Devil. When they were only about ten meters away from the Elder Devil, he raised his heads towards the sky and shrieked, one shriek coarse and deep, the other soft and high.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Han Li unconsciously frowned. As he pondered about what he intended to do, he suddenly heard a similar shriek from the main Elder Devil which was emerged in devilfire a kilometer away. Afterwards, a huge silhouette shot out from the devilfire and made its way towards Han Li’s direction.

Wrapped in pitch-black devilflames, a similar two-headed four-armed devil had appeared, but its body was over twenty meters tall. His speed was immensely quick and he would soon arrive at Han Li’s position in mere moments.

Han Li’s expression largely changed.

At that moment, he heard Senior Martial Brother Cheng shout in relief, “Junior Martial Brother Han! Our reinforcements have arrived!”

Han Li was stunned and he turned his gaze into the distance. He saw two flickers of light over the horizon; there were two groups of cultivators heading in their direction.

Han Li then completely extinguished the thought of escaping. With one of the Elder Devils trapped in his sword formation and the other quickly charged to help him, he came to an immediate decision and pointed to the purple flame bird that had been continuously revolving above his head. It spread out its wings and flew towards the approaching Elder Devil

He then flipped his other hand and took out the Blood Devil Sword. With his other hand, a crimson talisman appeared in his palm in a flicker of crimson light. It had a scarlet flood dragon that roamed across its surface. It was the Spirit Subjugation talisman that he spent much effort refining.

Although he had made use of the talisman at the battle at the Heavenly South’s border, he had only used it for a short amount of time, consuming only a third of its power. With the talisman taken out, he slapped it onto his body.

In a flicker of scarlet light, the talisman disappeared without a trace and a huge flood dragon suddenly appeared above Han Li’s body. It was thirty meters tall and its body was a rich scarlet, looking exactly the same as the original form of the grade eight Venomous Flood Dragon.

After the flood dragon appeared, it released a world-shaking cry causing the color of the nearby sky to distort. This sound greatly surprised the both of the Elder Devils.

Senior Martial Brother Cheng also appeared at a complete loss.