Chapter 851: Black Blade

When the Elder Devil heard this, he squinted eyes in surprise as Han Li hadn’t displayed the slightest fury. He swept his gaze several times past the sword blur in front of Han Li, the purple flame bird and the Blood Devil Sword before he gloomily stared at Han Li once more.

Han Li silently returned the stare and the Thunderstorm Wings slowly unfolded from his back as magic power began to quickly circulate throughout his body.

At that moment, a huge explosion sounded in the distance, and the two couldn’t help but turn their attention to it.

They saw a brilliant flashing light. Several various-colored balls of light were pounding against the black light barrier, dissolving it in the blink of an eye to reveal a ring, a small sword and a spell flag: the three of the devil’s devilfied treasures. However, their devilish light had grown thin appearing to have received heavy damage.

As the Elder Devil was completely focused on Han Li, he had completely overlooked Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s party.

Although these three cultivators were all early Nascent Soul cultivators, they possessed much battle experience and employed their own secret techniques to break through the restrictions constraining their treasures.

But when they saw the Elder Devil’s strange shifting movements from a moment ago, they felt their hearts tremble. Rather than take the initiative to draw close to Han Li, they simply directed their treasures to attack the devil from a distance, hoping that it would provide a distraction. But the three clearly understood that Han Li would be the main force in dealing with him; if Han Li were to fall, the three would be left helpless.

Han Li was delighted that the three were able to provide some assistance at this time. It would be fantastic if they gave him enough time to place down the Aureate Sword Formation.

With that thought, Han Li took another look at the Elder Devil and saw that he took another look at Han Li as the treasures streaked towards him. The ghost head’s eyes flickered and he sinisterly smiled before disappearing in a series of afterimages.

Han Li’s heart stirred and he quickly swept his Brightsight Spirit Eyes around him. He revealed shock by what he saw.

“Not good! Be careful!” Han Li shouted and immediately commanded his huge tortoise puppets to successive shoot beams of blue light near Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s party.

The three were terrified and could only bitterly curse once they realized the Elder Devil abandoned his fight with Han Li for the time being and was heading for them.

After having seen the many moves that Han Li had displayed, the Blood Devil Sword in particular, the Elder Devil felt that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Han Li in a short amount of time. Since the harassment from the three other cultivators would only serve to make things more troublesome, he decided to change course and get rid of the minor hindrance before dealing with his main opponent.

Over ten thick beams of light erupted around the three Nascent Soul cultivators, filling the air with a cold icy Qi.

A black silhouette flickered thirty meters near the three cultivators, followed by the appearance of the Elder Devil. Although the cultivators had already prepared themselves, they couldn’t help but lose some of their composure from witnessing his abnormal speed.

Fortunately, the three acted with great skill. Senior Martial Brother Cheng and the other old man raised their arms, summoning a fire-red fox and a large talisman. As for Daoist Heavencrystal, he clutched his hands in an incantation gesture and his two malevolent puppets shot out of the group’s barrier in a blur. Under the talisman’s protection, the red fox charged alongside them.

The talisman flew out of the barrier and erupted several times, producing a cloud of flames. The fox then leapt into the cloud and fused with it, instantly disappearing from sight. It appeared to be a rare spirit beast skilled in fire movement techniques.

When the Elder Devil saw that the two puppets possessing an unordinary aura pounce at him, he expressionlessly clapped his four hands in pairs and they howled with sounds of tearing space as blinding black radiance appeared in his palms.

The four hands grabbed onto the black light and each split off a portion, producing balls of brilliant black light into each hand before transforming into four strange black light blades.

These blades of light were only about two feet long, and their tips were thick and warped like a dagger. But what was particularly strange was how the blade’s body continued to vibrate and released an unending piercing screech as if warping the nearby space. 

In the instant the black blades took form, the devil’s human head appeared anguished and his face grew deathly pale as if his body’s blood essence had been vastly consumed. As for the devil’s ghost head, his expression turned harsher as the black light blades trembled. Then in a gust of wind, he shot forward to the blue malevolent puppet.

Of course, the puppet felt no fear. It spat out a large mist of grey Yin Qi and swept it forward like a wave. The other puppet raised its arms and azure light flashed, shooting out over ten threads of ice from its hands and disappearing into the mist in the blink of an eye. As for the scarlet puppet, it spat out Yin Qi as well and it released scarlet drills of light from its hands, launching another attack at the Elder Devil.

At that moment, the roiling fire cloud had surged above the Elder Devil’s head. The devil was now being attacked from three sides.

The Elder Devil effortlessly waved his four arms, sending four twirling crescents from his blades. Then, the crescents overlapped to form two crosses and shrieked through the air, each heading towards a different puppet. 

As the Elder Devil was occupied with these attacks, a meter-large claw formed from the cloud of flames and quickly grabbed at the devil’s ghost head with its long incisive nails.

The azure threads of ice and scarlet drills emerged past the other side of the Yin Qi and made their way to the Elder Devil’s body.

The Elder Devil’s four arms stirred and the blades of light grew indistinct as they layered several waves of light together, creating a huge surging orb of black radiance. When the puppet’s attacks contacted the orb, it immediately sucked in the attacks with a wail. In the blink of an eye, azure and red light burst as they were churned and shattered.

When this happened, the claw of flame suddenly stopped in alarm and attempted to withdraw, but it was already too late. A whip of black light flashed by and completely blew away the claw. A mournful cry soon followed from the cloud of flames.

A savage expression appeared on the ghost head and his black-purple tongue hung from his face, dripping with blood. Then with a low shout, the Elder Devil’s body disappeared from sight and he appeared at the heart of the flame cloud. The flame cloud roiled, and soon, limbs and flesh of the fire-red fox scattered through the air.

The three cultivators gaped when they saw the fire-red fox slain in an instant. Its master, the unfamiliar old man, appeared particularly pained at the sight of this.

The Elder Devil wore an odd expression and his body disappeared once more. Then, black radiance flickered from the clouds of grey Yin Qi, followed by two successive explosions.

Daoist Heavencrystal’s expression dropped and he turned deathly pale. Without another thought, he swept his sleeve and blew away the Yin Qi in a gust of wind. He found that his two puppets had shattered into pieces, leaving no trace of the Elder Devil behind.

At that moment, none of the three could afford to mourn over their losses and could only glance around them in terror. They all took out additional treasures from their storage pouches and prepared themselves.

They heard a series of spatial movements nearby where a black hundred-meter-tall mountain appeared, Han Li’s Thousand Fold Mountain. It then fiercely smashed down. After seeing that the situation had turned desperate, he summoned it near them to temporarily provide them aid.

Before the mountain fell onto the land below, a flicker of black light appeared underneath it, revealing the Elder Devil wearing an icy expression.

He raised his four arms towards the sky and the four blades of light condensed into a ball before taking the form of a three-meter-tall black blade with an edge that roared with thunder. Holding the blade with two hands, he chopped towards the bottom of the mountain and a thin black crescent of light silently shot out from the black blade.

The bottom of the mountain erupted in blinding light and the entire mountain wavered. A sleek and glossy crack began to appear at its center. The crack gradually spread upward until the entire mountain was split into two. The two halves then fell, off from its mark.

The Elder Devil didn’t stop there. He glanced at the cultivators’ multi-layered barrier with a hostile expression and raised his huge black blade. He waved it and released another thin black crescent.

The three cultivators had turned completely pale and exchanged a glance of terror with one another. It was clear that the barrier wouldn’t be able to endure such a formidable attack. Their bodies began to glow with light and they took off in different directions, leaving the barrier behind.

Senior Martial Brother Cheng flew straight towards Han Li. As for Daoist Heavencrystal and the other old man, they flew towards Wei Wuya’s side.

‘Not good!’ Given the terrifying speed of the Elder Devil, Han Li knew that things would not end well.

But since he was currently using this opportunity to complete the final steps to lay down the Aureate Sword Formation, he wasn’t able to personally save them.

As he quickly released a syringe of spell seals around him, all he could do was command his dozen tortoise puppets to shoot out icicles from their back. They wouldn’t be able to injure the Elder Devil, but they would be able to obstruct his path and give the three cultivators an opportunity to escape.