Chapter 1064: Ancestor Ao Xiao

What destroyed Han Li’s light barrier was a bean-sized milky-white translucent pearl. It was a condensed manifestation of Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha’s spiritual sense.

The feat of conceiving this alone required a spiritual sense beyond current comprehension. It was no wonder that the devil was capable of slaying late-Nascent Soul level beings with complete ease.

Deeply shocked, Han Li willed the Triflame Fan to activate, shining with light and condensing the inferno into a shield in front of him. The talisman characters of gold, silver, and red roamed listlessly across it, producing a mysterious aura.

He opened his mouth and spat out a small cauldron wrapped in azure light. In this short moment, his golden light barrier was thoroughly shattered and the milky-white pearl had passed the tri-colored shield of flame. An explosion ruptured and the flame shield was blown away without the slightest resistance. The pearl was making its way to strike at the cauldron.

A mass of azure threads shot out of the cauldron in an eruption, creating a densely weaved net towards the pearl. The net violently flashed with light but it still managed to block the attack.

In her surprise, Yuan Cha widely opened her purple eyes and stared at the ordinary cauldron.

The others also couldn’t conceal their shock. They believed Han Li would also meet an instantaneous death like the devil’s previous victims. Master Sable had even produced a Worldbreaker Talisman in his hand, preparing to break the wall to this place and flee. But in fear that he would attract the immediate attention of the devil, he hesitated.

Using this opportunity, Silvermoon flew towards Long Meng’s side and a white ball of light flew out from the white fox and into the possessed body of Hua Tianqi.

The body trembled but remained still in the air.

“Interesting,” Yuan Cha coldly said, “You were actually able to block my attack. Let me take a look at that treasure!” Then, she waved her hand in Han Li’s direction and a loud crackle sounded out as a giant black hand appeared above Han Li and silently pressed down upon him.

Han Li felt his heart tremble and thunder roared from his back, but as soon as silver lightning shone, he felt several clouds of black Qi condense around him, blocking his use of lightning movement.

In his alarm, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape from this devil and with no other option, he could only use his spiritual sense to activate the Heavenvoid Cauldron in front of him, unleashing another dense barrage of azure threads. At the same time, his puppet raised its arm. In an eruption of thunder, a green streak arcing with golden lightning launched at the black hand.

The azure threads produced from the Heavenvoid Cauldron were extremely durable, but Han Li only cultivated the first layer of its artifact imprint technique. As the cauldron’s strength was only partially exerted, it could only stall the devil hand for just a moment before breaking apart.

The green streak then struck the devil hand, tearing through it and leaving a meter-large hole in its wake, but in a black flash, the hand knitted itself back together.

The devil hand fell onto Han Li unobstructed and grabbed ahold of him before exerting strength, forming a fist as an explosion of azure light ruptured, crushing Han Li in his entirety.

The devil relaxed her grip with a satisfied expression and then beckoned to the Heavenvoid Cauldron with her free hand.

But before she could, thunder loudly rang and silver lightning arced through the air. Several flashes later, Han Li reappeared a hundred meters away. His complexion was deathly pale and his magic power drained.

The pulverized corpse still in the devil’s grasp flashed with specks of azure light and condensed into a small talisman. With its appearance, it coiled itself, disappearing before re-emerging above Han Li’s head.

The dim talisman was the Spiritform Talisman that had belonged to the founder of the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

Despite having yet to fully refine it after these many years, with the aid of the Spirit Subjugation Talisman and the talisman’s fitting wood attribute, he was able to substitute it for his own body and escaping death.

The others found this spectacle to be shocking, but the only devil sneered and raised her hand towards Han Li once more and bent her fingers.

Han Li’s heart sank at the sight. Now that he’s exhausted his lifelines, he found himself with little certainty of resisting another attack. Left helpless, he gritted his teeth and poured the remnants of his magic power into the Heavenvoid Cauldron, causing it to massively surge in size and block his front. At that same moment, golden lightning and purple flames surged, wrapping around his body desperately.

The puppet also blurred, arriving in front of him. It joined its hands together and rainbow light flared around it, turning itself into a protective magic treasure.

Yuan Cha looked upon Han Li’s actions with disdain and casually flicked her fingers.

In the middle of this action, several silver lights appeared before Yuan Cha in a blur. Balls of white light rapidly erupted and disrupted the devil’s attack.

As Yuan Cha was dazed from what happened, something appeared between her and Han Li. A white-robed silhouette with two pointed ears and waist-long silver hair faced the devil with a chilling expression.

“You are...” The devil stared at the silhouette with an expression of surprise.

When Han Li looked at the woman’s back, he couldn't help but shout, “Silvermoon!” 

When the silver-haired woman heard him, she slowly turned her head around to reveal a beautiful expressionless face. Her two soft black eyes gave Han Li an unfamiliar sensation.

The woman gave Han Li a cold glance before flicking her palm in his direction.

Out of reflex, he unconsciously leaned to the side.

A trail of blinding silver light brushed past his shoulder. The Divine Devilbane Lightning and Purple Apex Flames protecting his body were brushed past, incapable of providing even the slightest resistance.

Having felt an icy sensation brush past him, his expression vastly changed.

“I am the grand princess of the Silvermoon Clan, Ling Long! I know what you’ve done to my soul fragment. The next time you dare to call me Silvermoon, I will kill you,” She harshly spoke.

Although Han Li managed to preserve his life for the time being, his face warped in an unsightly expression.

With that said, the silver-haired woman paid no further attention to him and focused her gaze on Yuan Cha.

Rather than launching an attack, Yuan Cha narrowed her eyes and asked, “The Silvermoon Clan? Do you have something to do with that old wolf Ao Xiao?” 

“Demon Monarch Ao Xiao is my esteemed grandfather!”

“Oh, you’re his granddaughter?” Yuan Cha frowned, clearly finding the answer to be unpleasant.

“You know him?” Ling Long’s expression stirred, and her tone of voice turned strange.

“No, we fought a couple of times during a past campaign in the spirit realm. I hold his Howling Moon Arts in admiration,” Yuan Cha slowly replied.

Ling Long raised her brow when she heard this, but remained silent.

Yuan Cha paused for a moment and slowly offered, “Since you’re a descendant of him, I’ll let you go. It is unbecoming of me for me to bully my juniors. But you’ll have to make a pledge on your grandfather’s name that you won’t block the actions of my soul fragment in this realm in return.”

“You’ll let me go?” Ling Long scoffed and bluntly said, “Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha, don’t you think you’re being too arrogant? This amount of perfect devil Qi will only allow a tenth of your spiritual sense to manifest. Why would I run?”

Yuan Cha’s expression sank and she furious shouted, “This trifling late-Deity Transformation whelp, who lacks even a body, dares to look down upon me!? You don't know what's good for you. Even a tenth of my spiritual sense will be more than enough to shatter your existence. I will exterminate you in body and soul!”

With that said, Yuan Cha raised her hand and grasped at the air, crackles thundering from her fingers as if they were tearing at space itself. Countless crystalline streaks instantly launched from her hand, creating a beautiful shining wave carrying world-shattering power.

Ling Long simply spat out a palm-sized plate from her mouth in response.

The plate was pitch-black with specks of starlight shining from its surface. When the crystalline streaks arrived near her, they swiveled around the plate and deafeningly droned. An invisible attractive force erupted from the plate and attracted the streaks into it like moths to the flame.

In the blink of an eye, a bright and beautiful color filled the sky.

“The Star Defying Plate?!” Yuan Cha trembled and shouted with disbelief.

In the distance guarding Hua Tianqi’s body, Corpse Xiong’s flared with light when he heard what Yuan Cha said and stared at the plate held in Ling Long’s hand with bizarre shock.

As for the cultivators, they couldn't help but look at each other with awe when they heard the name of the plate, then turning to stare at the plate with a covetous gaze.

“What relationship do you have with the four great demon kings? Only those old ghosts and the Three Human Sovereigns have qualifications to possess a Star Defying Plate!”