Chapter 1065: The Battle Continued

The silver-haired woman, Ling Long, pointed to the plate in front of her, halting its movements for the time being. She calmly replied, “You think I would answer you?”

“Since you’re from the demon clans, you shouldn’t have much of a relationship with the human sovereigns. When the demon monarchs made a united invasion into our holy realm, they killed countless of my kin. Since you have a relationship to them I will pay no further respect to your esteemed grandfather.” A murderous expression appeared on Yuan Cha’s face. She clapped her hands together, summoning a vortex of spiritual pressure that blurred her giant figure from view.

An instant later, crystalline streaks erupted from her fingers and shredded the space around her. 

The vortex scattered and released a rush of black mist, leaving a giant crystalline figure with intimidating purple flames for eyes.

“Let’s see if a Star Defying Plate can withstand my awakened attack.” The giant spoke with an imposing voice and raised her hand, glorious light radiating from the center of her palm.

When Ling Long saw this, she wore a gentle smile capable of thawing a frozen winter to a blossoming spring — a stark contrast in the face of the frigid devil.

“You think you still have enough time to play around?”

“What do you mean?” The crystalline giant blinked in surprise.

At that moment, the light flickering from the dozen stone pillars surrounding the altar suddenly fell completely dull. With the giant formation surrounding them deactivated, the continuous stream of devil Qi sustaining Yuan Cha halted.

The crystalline figure expressed furious alarm in the face of this development. Because she had used her spiritual sense to materialize her body, she had completely consumed her limited supply of perfect devil Qi. This would be anything but good for her.

She immediately let out a shriek and light flared from her raised palm, condensing a foot-thick beam of energy towards Ling Long.

The attack released, consuming the rest of her perfect devil Qi. Yuan Cha roared with indignation as her crystalline body began to fragment and slowly crumble. With nothing to tether her, she vanished from the world.

The half-channeled crystalline beam arrived before Ling Long in the next moment.

She was already prepared for the attack and had struck the plate in front of her with a silver spell seal.

The plate suddenly surged in size and wildly flickered with starlight in preparation to absorb the attack, but it was clear to see that the crystalline beam was exceptionally potent, even if it was only half complete. The Star Defying Plate groaned, trembled and was even pushed back in the assault.

From Ling Long’s expression, it was clear that this was greatly against her expectations. Her hand flashed with silver light as she quickly floated forward and tapped the edge of the plate.

But in an inconceivable display, the plate surged with starlight and the crystalline beam shot out from the back of the plate, striking Ling Long in the abdomen. 

With great shock on her face, silver light glowed from all around her body. The attack had penetrated through her body.

Groaning all the while, she staggered in pain and the silver light focused around the wound.

Originally, the woman’s body was condensed from immensely powerful spiritual sense. This would make ordinary attacks null, but the crystalline beam was condensed from spiritual sense as well and left her gravely injured.

This scene had everyone mesmerized.

When the cultivators saw that the giant devil was dissipated, they rejoiced. As for the black-armored devil incarnation, she was in complete disbelief.

It was only with great effort and scheming that she was able to summon even just the spiritual sense of her original self. It was completely odd that the stone pillars had suddenly stopped working without being attacked.

Full of doubt, the woman swept her gaze towards the base of the pillars, then swiping at one of them probingly.

The ground suddenly trembled and the seemingly intact pillars each began to topple.

This strange turn of events captured everyone’s attention.

The base of the pillar that fell was jagged and full of holes as if ants had gnawed at it.

Her expression sank further and she fiercely struck at the ground.

A thunderous explosion trembled the earth, creating a ten-meter-deep hole. Within the scattered rubble gleamed specks of gold.

She reached her hand in the direction of the rubble and summoned one speck into her hand.

She glanced at the sparkling beetle and shouted in surprise, “Gold Devouring Beetles! You had buried them in the ground!” She fiercely  glared at Ling Long in the distance.

Ling Long sneered and withdrew her hand from the wound on her abdomen. The silver light had faded away along with the injury.

Master Sable was now staring at the unmoving plate and suddenly said, “The Star Defying Plate? Could it be the legendary treasure that negates the boundaries between realms, allowing one to transcend them?”

 Corpse Xiong summoned his blood blade in front of him and eerily said, “Fellow Daoist Sable, don’t waste your thoughts on such vain delusions.”

“Fellow Daoist Xiong must be joking,” Sevenwonders chuckled, “Perish the thought. The devil has yet to be defeated. She must’ve used much of her devilish Qi to call its main soul. With the destruction of the spell formation, this is a prime opportunity. Fellow Daoists, let’s strike together!”

When Yuan Cha’s incarnation heard this, she sneered.

A stern expression appeared on Master Sable’s face and he loudly shouted, “Devil, you don’t have much room for humor? Since the devil ancestor is no longer in this world, do you believe you stand a chance against us!?”

Hehe, if you truly thought that, we would be fighting already. Not only have you exhausted your treasures, but I fear you’re running low on magic power as well. Nevertheless, did you think the spell formation would become useless only because you destroyed a few of its pillars?” She sneered and her body strangely warped in front of the stone tablet on the altar. She placed her hand against the Dragon Call Crest embedded within it.

The tablet shined with black light and began to tremble. At that same moment, black wind blew from the shattered stone pillars, producing pillars of black wind. These black pillars loudly droned and the remaining stone pillars lit up as if activating the spell formation once more.

“Quickly, stop it!” When Master Sable saw this, his expression vastly changed for the worst. Without another thought, he wildly waved the Soaring Heavens Sword, releasing several deep-yellow sword streaks, as he flew in the direction of the altar.

Corpse Xiong and Sevenwonders didn’t dare to fall behind and streaked after him.

Gui Ling waved the giant axe in her hand, releasing several wheels of silver light before diving with them.

Lin Yinping’s sleeve trembled, producing a pair of red crescents that attacked as well.

After the previous massacre, all the cultivators had been thrown into a rage, fearing that the devil would be able to undo the seal once more and resummon the fearful existence.

The two devil Qi incarnations were unleashed once more. Spiritual light and devilish Qi mixed near the altar, foreshadowing another great battle to come.

During all this, two people had yet to act. They were facing one another from thirty meters away.

“What did you say?” Han Li’s heart sank upon hearing an unexpected voice transmission.

Ling Long calmly stared at him and repeated, “I said to lend me your Heavenvoid Cauldron!” 

Han Li narrowed his eyes and snorted, “I’m asking why.” Although he didn’t know how many of Silvermoon’s memories she had, the woman was now a complete stranger — someone to be wary of.

She glanced at the other cultivators and indifferently said, “I wish to use the Soaring Sky Temple’s holy beast incarnation. The beast belongs to a famous and grand figure in the spirit realm. The incarnation is a suitable body for me. If I were to possess a human body and fought in that, I would suffer quite a bit.”

“I will not!” Against Ling Long’s expectations, Han Li gave a blunt refusal.

“...What?” Her eyes grew cold and hostility flared from her bearing.

Han Li glared at the woman, “Since Yuan Cha’s spiritual sense no longer exists, I see no need to do anything else.”

“Are you looking to die?” Ling Long smiled without a hint of anger and lifted one of her fingers, producing an inch-long crystalline streak. It fluctuated in size as if in preparation to fire.

Then, a howling shriek sounded from the direction of the altar. The devilish Qi roiled before a giant three-headed six-armed giant devil emerged from it.