Chapter 1063: Devil’s Might

The Silver-winged Nightfiend, who was at the side fighting the other devil incarnation, quivered with fear and flapped his wings without another thought, disappearing from sight.

The giant form of Ancestor Yuan Cha coldly snorted and she swiped her hand in the direction that the nightfiend had disappeared.

A huge bang shook the very air.

A three-meter-wide devilish claw descended in a flicker of black and swiped down with ease. Azure light then erupted within the devilish claw to reveal the nightfiend. His wind movement technique had been seen through and destroyed with ease. But at that moment, the nightfiend was restrained by thick black Qi and wasn’t able to move in the slightest. In his desperate and furious struggle to save himself, he let out a fierce shriek and countless black threads poured from his body before immediately rupturing them.

Grey light flickered and large explosions sounded out.

The five fingers had now closed together, and the lightly flashing black light completely subdued the grey one. Then, the nightfiend roasted in black flames and turned to a pile of ash rapidly, his primal soul denied the opportunity to flee. With this done, the devil claw faded away. 

Two demons with a strength equivalent with a late-Nascent Soul cultivator had been effortlessly exterminated before their eyes. And this was simply the power of the manifested soul of the Elder Devil.

With a chilled heart, all the cultivators present scattered, some concealing themselves while others fled with speed, fearing that they would be next. As for Han Li, he leapt away in a flash of lightning. When he arrived sixty meters away, he heard a panicked voice.

“Xue Ling, quickly fuse back together with me! That is the only way we can survive!” The voice came from Long Meng. With the appearance of the devil, she was thrown into panic.

When Han Li heard this, his heart tensed and his face stiffened.

While she said that, the devil ancestor turned her eyes to the Keen Spirit Peacock in the distance and let out a soft yelp, “A Keen Spirit Peacock! I didn’t expect for such a rare bird to still exist in the mortal realm. Hmm, very good. I just so happen to have a use for your rainbow light!” As she spoke, she extended her finger in the direction of the Keen Spirit Peacock.

As Grand Immortal Xu’s Nascent Soul still possessed the bird, he instantly paled from fright and desperately flew away in a streak of light. He gritted his teeth and forcefully infused the power of his essence into the peacock.

With a muffled boom, blinding rainbow light radiated around him to form a dense and sturdy barrier that was like a blinding sun.

However, the devil ancestor only sneered when she saw this and flicked her finger.

A huge explosion followed, and a depression appeared in the barrier with the peacock being knocked through the air. Before the peacock could stabilize itself, a huge devilish claw appeared in a blur and viciously grabbed it.

“Brother Xu!” Lin Yinping couldn't help but shout in fear.

Devilish flames ignited from the claws, but the rainbow light barrier could only managed to hold on.

When the devil ancestor saw this, a hostile expression appeared on her face. The claws clamped down and the barrier began to wail and warp before completely shattering.

“NO!” Immortal Xu let out a frightened scream as the Keen Spirit Peacock was roasted alive inside the claw’s grasp.

With a rustle of wind, Immortal Xu’s Nascent Soul took that instant to escape and arrived over sixty meters away.

The devil ancestor already knew the direction that he would teleport and had flicked her finger there ahead of time.

As soon as his Nascent Soul made an appearance, he erupted before he could even scream.

The illustrious Grand Immortal of the Endless Sky Plains had met a wretched end.

When Master Sable and Daoist Sevenwonders saw this, they wore complete panic on their faces.

The devil possessed extraordinary abilities, and they couldn't hope to withstand even a single strike. At this rate, they would all perish in an instant.

Han Li’s complexion had turned completely pale, but he still managed to maintain a calm exterior. A cold glint could even be seen from his eyes.

“What are you thinking?” Long Meng’s voice continued to sound in Han Li’s ear, “If you do not let Xue Ling free, it will be too late. Only Ling Long, our original self, will have the power to stop her. We won’t truly disappear, and should separate into our individual selves after a time.”

Han Li remained silent with a sullen face.

Suddenly, Silvermoon’s voice spoke inside Han Li’s spiritual sense. “Don’t worry, I accept this. I will head over.” 

In his alarm, Han Li sternly shot, “Silvermoon, what are you saying? How do you know that you’ll be restored to your original condition once you fuse back together? Given how weak your current soul is, she will certainly to be the dominant being.”

“Master, that doesn’t matter. If Long Meng and I do not fuse souls, we will all perish. With that in mind, I may as well take the risk,” Silvermoon said. Soon after, Han Li’s sleeve stirred and a white fox flew out from it, shooting towards Long Meng’s location. Long Meng happily flew towards her.

Han Li stood in place with an unsightly expression, but his mouth remained shut. He could hear she had resolved herself.

Right after Grand Immortal Xu’s Nascent Soul was exterminated, the Keen Spirit Peacock’s demon core emerged from the claw and was enveloped in black light.

The rest of the peacock then crumbled to ash within the abyssal black flames, leaving only rainbow light behind.

The light was sparkling and translucent as if it were crystalline.

As soon as it appeared, the devil claw immediately grabbed hold and it blurred away from sight. 

In the following moment, the claw reappeared above the devil ancestor, still grasping the rainbow light.

The devil ancestor glanced at the light with a faint trace of joy and she spat out a dense black wind, sweeping the rainbow light within it. The wind quickly shrank in size and condensed the light into a thumb-sized pearl.

The devil ancestor looked at the crystal in its hand and then tossed it to her incarnation behind her, indifferently saying, “This pearl has some use to me. Send it back to the devil realm at the next opportunity. Do not disappoint me.”

When the black-armored woman heard this, while she felt somewhat surprised, she caught the pearl nonetheless. As she held the pearl in both her hands, it warped out of sight. 

With that done, the devil ancestor turned her sights on Han Li, ruthlessness etched on her delicate face.

Han Li’s expression sank and his mind stirred. After his puppet blurred in front of him, it took the Tailstar Essence Shield into its hand and emitted a silver light barrier that covered both of them. It held a spell seal in its other hand and rainbow light continued to flash from its body. Han Li wasn’t idle during this. He tightly grasped the Triflame Fan in his hand and pointed to the huge sword revolving around his head with the other.

The huge sword hummed and dissolved into several hundreds of sparkling golden swordlights. They whirled around the silver light barrier and formed a huge mass that faintly resembled a massive lotus. As it swiveled in the air, it blossomed in a magnificent display.

Thunder then rang from the lotus and erupted in golden sparks.

With an inaudible incantation, Han Li activated the vajra barrier and circulated the Brightjade Arts, summoning a layer of golden light around his skin and turning his flesh to a faintly golden hue.

The two items Han Li relied most on protecting Yuan Cha’s attack were restlessly stirring in his body.

Han Li’s defensive preparations were completed in the blink of an eye, but he still felt completely ill at ease. He knew his formidable defenses would likely be obliterated with ease by Ancestor Yuan Cha. 

“Divine Devilbane Lightning!” The devil ancestor blinked in surprise and gasped when she saw the golden lightning arcing from the lotus surrounding him, but she flicked her fingers at him regardless.

Two clear thumps rang through the air.

The sounds weren’t loud. The first thud left a giant hole in the golden lotus formed from the Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. A depression appeared in the blinding silver barrier and it soon ruptured like glass. The golden barrier too wildly flashed before shattering with a crisp ring.

In that moment of delay, Han Li’s eyes shined with blue light and he could clearly see what was shooting towards him. As he waved the Triflame Fan towards it, he wore an expression of absolute disbelief.