Chapter 1048: Falling Out

Before anyone could respond, the black-robed woman coldly laughed. The bright pillar of light disappeared in the distance, and now everything was being immersed in darkness.

This Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha actually used the Black Wind Flag’s spatial abilities to seal them away.

Grand Immortal Xu and the others betrayed shock from their faces.


Yi! Where is the person who just arrived?!”

“T-the formation isn’t working! We can’t leave!”

A series of furious voices fired out in succession. Panic had begun to set in.

Han Li felt his heart sank. He also lost sight of the person who just used the teleportation formation. He also hadn’t caught sight of his appearance. However, there were more pressing matters at hand.

He blurred and reappeared in front of the formation.

Lin Yinping and Gui Ling were standing in front and were examining it from every direction with anxious expressions.

“Let me look!” Han Li sullenly shouted. He then raised his hand and struck the edge of the formation with a spell seal. It weakly lit up but had no other reaction.

His expression sank.

At that moment, Grand Immortal Xu and the Silver-winged Nightfiend arrived next to him, but they were unfamiliar with the workings of spell formations. When the nightfiend saw Han Li’s expression, he asked, “Is there something wrong with the formation?”

“There is no problem with the formation; it’s the Black Wind Flag that is blocking us. Unless the seal goes away, neither will we.” 

“How exactly can we manage that?! Do you want us to kill that Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha? If we had such abilities, why would we bother to leave!?” The nightfiend shouted.

Han Li glared back at him and bluntly retorted, “Why bother asking? You should keep your complaints to yourself. Fortunately, the devil is currently focused on dealing with the person inside the palace. Now that she’s trapped us, she won’t be paying us any heed for some time. Let us take this time to come up with a new plan. “

Angered, the nightfiend wore a hostile expression on his face, but something soon came to mind and he suppressed his anger with a snort. Then, his eyes wandered as he brooded.

To the side, Grand Immortal Xu was lost in his thoughts as well.

Lin Yinping and Gui Ling both tightly frowned in disappointment at failing to leave.

But just as Han Li and the others found themselves helpless in the face of crisis, outside the formation, the black-robed woman was enveloping herself in a black tornado and looked at the huge flag with a sneer on her face.

Apart from the several tornadoes at her side, the violent winds had gradually begun to still, making the carnage visible.

Although maintaining the spatial seal used up by the Black Wind Flag’s capacity, the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation is now completely destroyed and now she only had to deal with the masterless Eight Spirit Ruler. Although it was immensely powerful, it couldn't command many of its own abilities using what intelligence it had. 

With that thought, she began to glance around her.

The Eight Spirit Ruler’s spirit beast phantoms were continuously torn away by the tsunami of winds, only for them to reform a moment later. Although they weren’t able of reaching her, she wasn’t willing to leave the protection of the wind.

The black-robed woman expressionlessly turned her gaze back to the person floating above the palace, the large-headed eccentric. Ever since the battle started, he remained completely still.

Although the baleful winds summoned by the Black Wind Flag were formidable, he was completely safe at the center of the palace.

A strange delight glinted from her eyes and she said, “Fellow Daoist Ye, go ahead and take the Eight Spirit Ruler. Don’t worry, I’ll watch over you and prevent Long Meng from attacking you.”

When the eccentric heard this, he wore a hesitant expression.

“What, do you fear that I won’t protect you?” The black-robed woman chuckled and brushed away the hair from her face. Then she raised her arm towards the Ye Clan cultivators in the distance.

Those cultivators were accompanying the grand elder’s doppelganger illusion. When they saw her act, they were greatly frightened.

She simply flicked her finger at them as if she were brushing the air.

The cultivators were baffled, and the large-headed eccentric was as well.

Then, several muffled pops sounded out. A small blossom of crimson blood appeared on the foreheads of the Daoist Nun and the old man at her side, their empty bodies promptly plummeting to the ground. The treasures and light protecting them had no effect.

As for the square-faced middle-aged man, the bone bracelet in front of him brightly flashed with yellow light and blocked the attack of a translucent pearl.

The gem was only the size of a thumb and exploded after being blocked. The mirage of the Ye Clan Grand Elder had it’s forehead struck and the pearl disappeared without a trace.



“The Shining Moon Band? No, a replica!” The black-robed woman muttered with a trace of surprise.

“Sacred Ancestor, what are you doing?” The eccentric wore a gloomy expression.

“What? Since you don’t trust me, I needed to let you witness my abilities,” she shot a glance at him and casually asked, “Could it be you still have a relationship to those people?”

The eccentric snorted and felt somewhat annoyed, but he didn’t air it. Instead, he looked at the mirage of the Ye Clan Grand Elder with a bewildered expression.

At that same time, the two Ye Clan cultivator’s corpses ruptured forth and two Nascent Soul’s flew out towards the square-faced cultivator in a panic.

With an icy expression on his face, the square-faced man briefly put away the bone bracelet and allowed the two Souls to enter his sleeve before he released it once more.

As this happened, he was staring at the black-robed woman in fear that she would attack him.

Feeling it beneath her dignity to launch another attack and believing that she had already displayed the might of her abilities to the eccentric, she paid no further attention to the square-faced cultivator. Instead, she turned to the eccentric and said, “So long as you help me in taking away the Eight Spirit Ruler, I will consider your task fulfilled. After I manage to escape, I will infuse your body with devilish Qi and extend your lifespan. When I deal with the demon in there, you won’t need to attack... Could it be that you can’t perform this simple task?”

With that said, the black-robed woman’s expression turned icy and her black-and-white eyes bleed a shade crimson.

The eccentric’s quickly expression moved. When he heard that Yuan Cha’s tone became displeased, he knew that he would have to take on this risk. He gritted his teeth and flew in the direction of the Eight Spirit Ruler. 

As the eccentric moved forward, a cold snort sounded out from the palace below. Suddenly, the space above him began to distort, and a thirty-meter large fist instantly appeared, smashing down on him like a falling mountain.

The huge first carried a dense spiritual pressure and deeply shocked him. He immediately wanted to retreat, but at that moment, the black-robed woman let out a chuckle and flicked her hand in the direction of the palace.

A huge explosion bloomed out, followed by the fist shooting to the side. It then scattered into specks of white light.

The eccentric felt great relief towards this and flashed forward without any further hesitation, flying towards the Eight Spirit Ruler in a yellow streak.

But when he arrived around thirty meters away, he heard a nearly inaudible sigh. Soon after, a strange light flashed, followed by the appearance of a streak of black-red swordlight sweeping towards him.

“The Black Blood Blade!”

The eccentric shouted out with a breath cold from surprise. He instantly spat out one of his small yellow swords and had it expand to three-meters-long. It circled in the air, forming layers of sword images around itself. Then, the eccentric flipped his hand to produce a small white bottle and pointed its opening towards the blade of light.

A mist of white shot out from the bottle and blurred to block the incoming attacking.

When the two sides collided, the black-red blade faintly stirred before chewing apart the mist. Soon after, the light shined brighter and expanded ten meters long before cleaving down at the eccentric.

The eccentric wore a panicked expression. He clutched his hand in an incantation gesture and willed the huge yellow sword to block it. At that same time, he released a pitchfork from his sleeve and had it fly up in a silver streak.

The black-red blade cleaved down upon the sword illusions, pausing for just a moment. A low hum then sounded as they were torn apart like paper and moved on to the huge yellow sword.

The weapon wailed and its body began to crack from the impact.

The eccentric’s face paled and he spat out a mouthful of black blood on the blade. Fortunately, the flying pitchfork he had released earlier quickly assisted the huge sword in blocking the blade’s downward momentum.

But despite this, the two treasures wouldn’t be able to defend against this blade of light for much longer. The eccentric’s entire body flashed with light as he prepared to shoot away.

When the black-robed woman saw this, her expression sank and she casually flicked her finger in the direction above the palace.

A muffled snort sounded out and a faint white silhouette staggered into view.

It was a white-robed scholar, the Ye Clan Grand Elder who had earlier disappeared.

However, he wore an expressionless face and there was a small hole in his chest. It was positioned right above his heart, and it wasn’t bleeding.