Chapter 1049: Devouring Nascent Souls

At the same time the Ye Clan Grand Elder was forced to appear, the black-red blade of light was weakened. With a flash, it dimmed and exerted less force, allowing the large-headed eccentric to block both the huge sword and the silver pitchfork. He used this opportunity to fly out of the range of the blade’s attacks.

Paying no attention to the wound on his chest, he glared at the eccentric and sternly said, “Where do you think you’re going? The Black Blood Blade is the legacy treasure of the Ye Clan, used to execute traitors. Since you’ve colluded with this Elder Devil and abandoned our clan, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

When the eccentric heard him speak, his complexion turned red, then white, and soon he simply sneered. He didn’t appear to take his words to heart.

Resentment was clearly visible on the scholar’s tense frown. The sheer hostility of his appearance made for a stark contrast to his originally elegant bearing.

The black-robed woman felt somewhat surprised that her earlier attack hadn’t killed the man. Now seeing where the scholar firmly stood, she frowned and grabbed at the air.

This indifferent action was performed without the slightest effort.

A crackle snapped through the air.

Five half-foot-long crystalline beams shot out from her hand and streaked towards the scholar at an immense speed.

The Ye Clan Grand Elder narrowed his eyes, but strangely enough, he didn’t make any attempt to dodge. Instead, he spat out a fire-red disc that swiveled in the air and immersed him in blinding red light.

The five claw streaks  were intercepted by a large white hand that appeared in front of him nearly instantly, capturing the streaks in its grasp and crushing them into nonexistence.

The black-robed woman could only watch with a solemn expression.

Long Meng’s cold laughter danced from the palace. “Yuan Cha, if you can make alliances with the humans, then so can I. Did you think that you will so easily break the Eight Spirit Ruler’s restriction? I want to see those devil abilities that dominated the mortal world in the past. How will they fare against one Buddhist-attribute ruler? And even if you somehow manage that, I still have a bit of residual devilish Qi I can make use of.”

The black-robed woman’s face fell hearing the jeers and her gaze grew cold. “No matter how much devilish Qi you have, you are still a soul without a body. My victory is all but assured. And with the many spiritual medicines on this mountain, using a little bit of power is of no consequence.”

“Spiritual medicines?” Long Meng paused and then her tone of voice changed, “Old devil, you think-” 

Before she could finish, the woman strangely smiled and flicked at the huge form of the Black Wind Flag in the air, striking it with a green spell seal.

The flag trembled and the tip of it fluttered with black light wildly shining from its surface.

A pillar of wind shot out from the banner and disappeared without a trace. A moment later, it appeared in front of the square-faced cultivator.

Bits of black light scattered around and the pillar of wind engulfed him without a moment of delay, catching the cultivator off guard.

The funnel howled loudly and released countless blades of black wind, violently chopping at everything within it.

The square-faced man was greatly alarmed by the ambush and began to pour his body’s spiritual power in the bone bracelet without any restraint.

The bone bracelet quickly formed a layer of dazzling yellow light around him, but there were too many attacks, and they seemed to possess strange abilities. When each wind  blade struck true, they completely disappeared, only for palm-sized openings to later appear in the barrier, emerging one after another until the shield completely disappeared.

Against such strange attacks, the durable and tenacious light barrier completely scattered. Soon after, the man wore an expression of great disbelief as the black windstorm grew even more intense. The bone bracelet attempted to maintain its protective barrier against the endless horde, and the bracelet began to crack.

The square-faced cultivator had turned completely pale, but he soon gritted his teeth and spat out an azure sword. He yelled and flew out right after, riding on the sword. The bracelet was left behind as it was clearly already on the verge of destruction.

He understood that it would be a deathwish to remained. He could only take the risk.

“No!” When the Ye Clan Elder saw this, he shouted in a panic but was already too late.

As soon as the person entered the black windstorm, the azure light protecting him began to violently flash, only for it to rupture and a miserable scream to sound out. His body was immediately ripped to shreds.

With the bits of his body scattering in the wind, three balls of various colored light were left behind: inch-large Nascent Souls. The three were joined together and flew off in the same direction, fearing for their life.

However, the wind surrounded them and they weren’t able to escape. Just as the blades were about to shred them apart, a black light flashed from the wind pillar and the black blades came to a sudden stop.

The three Nascent Souls immediately rejoiced and resumed their attempt to escape, but the black-robed woman sneered when she saw this. She flicked her fingers and slowly reached out to the gusts of wind.

White light suddenly lit up around the Nascent Souls and solidified until they were rendered completely immobile. At that same time, countless specks of black light gathered around them, completely sweeping them into three small balls.

With her hands grasped in an incantation gesture, she then began to chant cryptic words.

Black light flashed and the balls disappeared without a trace.

A moment later, they fantastically came into existence in front of her.

“Devil, stop whatever you’re doing!” When the Ye Clan Grand Elder saw this, he quickly pointed to the Black Blood Blade and had it immediately sweep towards her.

“It’s already too late!” Long Meng uttered.

As soon as she said that, crimson light flared from the woman’s eyes and she engulfed the Nascent Soul in the same wave of light.

The Nascent Souls wore terrified expressions on their faces and their bodies quickly shrank. In the blink of an eye, the light swept back into the woman’s mouth.

These actions appeared quite complex, but were performed with practiced ease.

The scholar’s face had turned completely pale.

The Black Blood Blade’s bright light was now faintly trembling. A short moment later, the Grand Elder managed to suppress his fury and returned the blade to normal.

“What is Senior Long Meng doing?!” The scholar harshly shouted, “It should’ve been possible to save my clansmen with your abilities. Could it be that your proposal for an alliance was only empty words?”

Long Meng coldly snorted, “Why would I want to save a few mid-Nascent Soul cultivators? Although they had a spirit treasure replica on them, its power was pathetic and couldn't even produce a tenth of the original’s. And don’t be mistaken, I didn’t make an alliance with your clan; I made it with you.”

“Even so, aren’t you afraid of the devil recovering her strength after she’s consumed the Nascent Souls?” The scholar continued with an unsightly expression.

“What do you know? Devouring the Nascent Souls will admittedly raise her magic power temporarily, but she will need to consume a large quantity of devilish Qi in order to refine them. It appears she plans on using the abilities of my body as a Silvermoon Wolf instead of her own. Isn’t that right, Yuan Cha?”

“Absolutely. You of all people should know your body’s great power. Originally, I thought of preserving a bit of strength to destroy the Eight Spirit Ruler’s restrictions, but that would’ve taken far too long. To avoid anything unexpected, I will be using your late-Deity Transformation stage abilities and do my utmost to destroy you all.”

Yuan Cha sighed and clasped her hands in an incantation gesture. Silver light wrapped around her and flared, turning into a small silver sun.

Within the light, the wolf howls continuously sounded out and soon after, an astonishing pressure descended onto the world.

Under the strain of this sudden weight, the world began to violently tremble as if would soon crack.

The silver light then pulsed and wildly expanded, disappearing to reveal a huge two-headed wolf the size of a mountain.

There was a silver head that had its eyes shut, but the black one raised its head with gritted teeth and possessed fury in its eyes.

The wolf’s claws appeared incredibly incisive and its heads were the size of small buildings. But the sheer gargantuan mass and spiritual pressure caused everyone who glanced upon it to feel their blood run cold.