Chapter 1047: Sword Recovery

The Elder Devil’s attention was so focused on Han Li that the black dagger escaped his notice.

By the time he discovered it, it was too late.

A red line flashed from the Elder Devil’s neck and its last remaining head was cleanly lobbed off.

Han Li rejoiced, but before he could celebrate, the headless Elder Devil raised his two sabers and swung, flinging two black streaks towards him. Soon after, the headless body of the Elder Devil ruptured into dense clouds of devilish Qi.

Han Li felt surprised, but he had no intention of letting his prey escape. He clasped his hands together in an incantation gesture without hesitation and detonated the purple flame flood dragon that he previously released.

Blazing purple embers spread throughout an area of thirty meters like falling rain.

Several dozen small golden swords sliced through the two black streaks and scattered them. The flying swords then dispersed in every direction, shortly sparking golden lightning between them to create a giant net around the purple flame.

A huge crackle sounded out.

The majority of the devilish Qi didn’t make it very far and were frozen solid in a huge chunk of purple ice. The remaining black Qi was caught by the lightning net, evaporating them with huge bolts of lightning.

When Han Li saw this, he clasped his hands and solemnly uttered, “Rupture.”

Countless thin arcs of golden lightning leapt onto the purple ice as the net dissolved, completely rending it to dust and wiping away the soul of the Elder Devil concealed within.

Several treasures fell out from the extinguished devilish Qi as well.

When he glanced at two of the items there, his eyes lit up.

He flicked his finger and two arcs of golden lightning shot out, and immediately scattered the black threads surrounding them.

They were the two Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords Han Li had lost back at Devilfall Valley!

He rejoiced and quickly tested them with a mental command. The two blades leapt into the air before launching back into his hand.

The worry that had been plaguing his mind was now put at ease.

Fortunately, he would only have to shortly temper them before they return back to fighting form despite having remained seal for such a long while.

At that moment, the others blankly stared as Han Li slayed the Elder Devil with clean efficiency. Even its soul didn’t even have the opportunity to escape. The spectators couldn't help but look at each other with fear.

His human-like puppet, however, had left them completely baffled. They had no idea how Han Li called upon such a powerful cultivator. They hadn’t spotted this person ever since they arrived. Could it be his concealment techniques were at a level where he could hide in plain sight from the best of them?

With that thought, their hearts were thrown into further turmoil.

However, they weren’t ordinary people and were able to quickly calm themselves. Rather, they all made a tacit agreement to begin striking at the barrier protecting the teleportation formation. 

The grey wall isolated the formation from the world and was produced from several flags surrounding the formation. There was also a restriction that was disabling its use.

Several attacks whistled through the air and crashed down.

Spiritual light flashed and rumbles shook the space. Much against their expectations, the barrier held firm against the assault. Be it the demon’s fierce attacks or Grand Immortal Xu, their strikes had only caused faint ripples.

They naively believed that they would be able to immediately leave following the Elder Devi’s defeat, but now their hearts tensed.

The Lion Hawk in particular was upset by this and wildly flailed its talons to no effect. Then with an ominous glint shining in its eye, it unleashed golden shockwaves from its mouth towards it, leaving a deep depression in the barrier and visibly putting it under great strain.

Grand Immortal Xu’s mind stirred at the sight of this, and he commanded his Keen Spirit Peacock to spread out its wings and rainbow release a gust of rainbow light as well. To the side, Lin Yinping followed suit and repeatedly spat out silver light to strike at the same spot. The Silver-winged Nightfiend condensed countless Ghostfiend Threads into a huge python to add on to the relentless assault.

They all knew that breaking through would be key to escaping so they spared no effort.

In the blink of an eye, an astonishing spiritual light completely enveloped the barrier.

Sounds of cracking had finally begun to ring. By then, Han Li and Gui Ling had arrived in several blurs. The human-like puppet had disappeared from sight along the way.

Han Li appeared entirely calm when he arrived, but his presence inspired fear in the others. And with his timely arrival, the formation flags finally howled and split in two, dissolving the barrier to the teleportation formation. The cultivators immediately made a mad rush inside.

But before anyone actually reached it, several balls of light ruptured and the cultivators fell to the ground.

Following that mutual attack, the others backed away from one another.

Grand Immortal Xu held an azure pearl in his hand and furiously glared at Han Li. “Fellow Daoist Han, what are you doing!?” 

“I should be asking you that,” Han Li replied with a mysterious smile. There were several golden swords floating in front of him, and he was holding the fearsome Triflame Fan in his hand.

With his wings wrapped around his body, the nightfiend glared at Han Li and coldly said, “The first one to leave will be me! I don’t trust any of you humans!”

Haha, that will be difficult,” Han Li’s smile disappeared and he spoke with an icy tone, “This small formation can only move two people at once. If the formation is destroyed from the other side, where are we to go?” 

With that said, the others began to slowly encircle the formation.

The three parties stared each other down in a standoff.

When they finished the circle, an overly sweet voice sounded out from the direction of the palace, “You killed one of my brethren in front of me? Don’t think even think about escaping!”

Despite how far away the voice spoke from, everyone could clearly hear her cold and furious tone.

In the instant her subordinate was slain, Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha sensed it.

By using nearly half of the Black Wind Flag’s power, the woman managed to completely overwhelm the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation. Even the Eight Spirit Ruler was completely ineffective against its power. It had summoned the eight spirit beast phantoms to besiege her, but the Black Wind Flag’s supreme power kept them at bay.

The woman originally planned on first dealing with the formation before subduing the ruler, but now that her only subordinate had unexpectedly perished, her ire was raised.

The black-robed woman’s expression turned icy and she spat out several crimson flags into the air. Afterwards, she flicked her fingers and struck them all with spell seals.

Blinding light flared from each of them and they surged in size, growing thirty meters tall in the blink of an eye. These giant flags had purple incantation characters and black Qi roaming across its surface.

With the appearance of the flag, the nearby tornados surged with power and twisted viciously, slowly scraping away at the altars establishing the Ninetruths Formation. The golden blades of light were launching attacks into the winds with fervor but it was clear that the formation was nearing its limits. 

When the black-robed woman grew closer to the palace, the Eight Spirit Ruler wasn’t able to exhibit most of its power and could only attack her with its eight beast phantoms. However, the Black Wind Flag blew them astray and their figures grew unsteady.

The cultivators and demons hearts trembled with the sudden and violent surge of wind following the black-robed woman’s threat. The three parties then glared at one another, fearing that they would leave through the teleportation formation first.

With rumbling from the direction of the palace and dark clouds blocking the sky, a dozen black tornados converged together and caused the air itself to tremble. Han Li felt an immense sense of dread from this and immediately said, “Let’s first have Fellow Daoist Gui and Fellow Daoist Lin teleport through. Gui Ling is a demon beast and old friends of the Nightfiend and the Lion Hawk. Fellow Daoist Xu should be more at ease once Fellow Daoist Lin crosses over. For our second group, the Lion Hawk and Fellow Daoist Xu will cross over, then lastly, I will cross over with the Nightfiend. Let’s hurry before we all die!”

Grand Immortal Xu and the others also sensed that something terrible was on the verge of creation. But even so, they had misgivings about the plan, but with no better option they couldn't afford to delay any further. After exchanging a glance with one another, they nodded.

Gui Ling immediately followed Han Li’s commanded and stepped into the formation with Lin Yinping.

But unbeknownst to anyone, just as the two stepped in, it lit up with white light and a silhouette appeared within.

The others were left completely baffled.

At that moment, the black-robed woman’s cold voice sounded out, “Primal chaos, rend the heavens!”

A pillar of pitch-black light erupted from a distance, but soon, it came to a sudden stop midair and split the sky into two. One half was completely clear and shining with sunlight. The other was engulfed in a curtain of black and soon grew to cover the entire sky. In nearly an instant, it spread above Han Li and company.