Chapter 1041: Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation

Silvermoon’s figure stood rigid and her complexion turned pale, but after taking another glance at Long Meng, her lips curled in a sneer. 

“You are me and I am you. If you let the others know, you won’t be any better off. And that person may have married Ling Long, but he favored me most of all. Did you already forget who had helped me suppress you and forced you to eternally sleep in the body.”

When Long Meng heard this, the smile on her face faded with every word to be replaced with a malevolent gaze. She coldly chuckled and pressed her hand onto the spell formation.

A huge explosion shook the air. The white teleportation formation that brought the cultivators there had collapsed into the ground, leaving behind a three-meter-deep hole.

Having just made their way to the teleportation formation, the Silver-winged Nightfiend and the Lion Hawk were appalled and stopped in their tracks.

Long Meng coldly glanced at them, “Where do you think you’re going? You look exactly like that Pill Scholar Kong Xuan, but your body is consumed by Corpse Qi. And you, your form has changed, but you should be the Lion Hawk that Kong Xuan raised. If I remember correctly, Kong Xuan should’ve died long before I was sealed. It seems the body he left behind gained consciousness and cultivated until it became a Silver-winged Nightfiend.”

The nightfiend’s expression wavered before letting out a wry chuckle, “I didn’t expect that Fairy Ling Long would so easily see through our identities. In the past, I had seen you several times.” 

“Don’t say ‘I’, it was not you, but your previous incarnation. I must congratulate the Lion Hawk however. It was originally only a grade-seven demon beast. Now, it was able to ascend to grade-ten. If it managed to return to the Spirit Realm, it would gain quite some influence.”

The nightfiend then regained his calm and said, “No matter how it is spoken, I do remember your breath-taking beauty at the time. Why did you destroy the teleportation formation?”

“Isn’t rude to leave so quickly after coming here. Perhaps I’ll need to draw on your strength.”

The nightfiend’s expression turned gloomy.

Although he didn’t wish to remain, he wouldn’t be able to find another way out with the formation in ruins. He simply turned his gaze away and remained silent for the time being.

Long Meng paid no further attention to the two demons when she saw this and instead turned her gaze on Grand Immortal Xu and the rest of the Ye Clan Elders. She sneered and said, “Good, very good! I didn’t expect there would be so many cultivators present, and their cultivation isn’t weak either.”

The Ye Clan Grand Elder then took the initiative to step forward and respectfully said, “Regardless, Senior must be a character of exceptional standing in the Spirit Realm and you possessed Fellow Daoist Hua’s body. Our Ye Clan has opened Kunwu Mountain’s Seal for the purpose of the Divine Spirit Treasure. So long as Senior agrees to hand over the Eight Spirit Ruler to us, our Ye Clan will be certain to assist you in your escape.”

“How curious! I was going to make the offer first.” Grand Immortal Xu chuckled with a false grin.

The two were both cunning. Seeing that Long Meng was an opponent they wouldn’t be able to fight, they intended on winning her over.

Long Meng blinked and indifferently said, “The Eight Spirit Ruler? If you have the ability, then go ahead and take it. I won’t stop you.”

The words shocked the two out of their planning and they couldn't help but exchange a bewildered look.

“What, you seem a bit scared?” Long Meng wore a mocking smile.

The two remained silent and still, not daring to take any rash action.

Lady Mu, who was sitting on the sidelines, wore a vigilant expression as soon as Long Meng had appeared. With a flick of her wrist, she summoned a storage pouch into her hand. Her actions were careful, fearing that the entity would discover her.

In the distance, the large-headed eccentric suddenly cried out, “Since senior doesn’t want the treasure, why did you block me when I tried to take it.”

Long Meng stole a glance at the beaten man and casually said, “The others can have the treasure, but only you can’t!” 

“Why!?” The eccentric glanced at his stump of an arm with a resentful expression.

Pfft, isn’t it obvious? Because you recently met with the incarnation of the Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha!”

“I don’t know any of this!” The eccentric flatly denied, but his heart was entirely shaken.

“Although you were only together for a short time, it’s polluted your body with rare devilish Qi. I was able to see through it at a glance. Regardless if you concede this, when you saw that my soul box was vulnerable, you held malicious intentions! If it weren’t for how quickly I awakened this possessed body, I fear I would’ve fallen to your hands. Aren’t you quite bold to try using a Soul Extinguishing Talisman on me?”

When the Clan’s Grand Elder heard this, he was stunned, but soon after hastily sent a few voice transmissions to the eccentric. However, the recipient remained silent as if he hadn’t heard a thing.

The Grand Elder’s expression turned frigid.

Han Li then asked, “Who is this Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha? Are they an Elder Devil?”

Long Meng’s expression faintly moved in response, but she soon raised her head and coldly giggled.

Han Li frowned. In truth, he felt that if the Elder Devil from the Heavenly South appeared in Kunwu Mountain, it was more than likely that he had some relation to this Yuan Cha.

As he pondered this to himself, the entire area was filled with silence. A short moment later, a soft voice eventually spoke up, “Everyone, please don’t be deceived. This woman isn’t some demon from a higher realm. She is clearly the incarnation of the Elder Devil Sacred Ancestor. If you step forward and take the Eight Spirit Ruler, the devil will be unleashed, bringing calamity upon the mortal world.”

The one who spoke was the Immortal Form Sect’s Lady Mu. She was holding a several-inch large jade seal in her hand. Its surface twinkled with rays of light, creating the illusion of a real dragon. The image caused Long Meng to grimace with rage as if she were seeing something she loathed completely.

“The Dragon Call Crest!”

Her expression held vast rage and she immediately held out her hand to Lady Mu. 

With a crackle, a huge force tore through the air and attempted to crush her from above.

In her alarm, Lady Mu hastily raised the seal.

Suddenly, a dragon’s roar called out and ten dragon phantoms suddenly soared from the crest to meet the invisible force head-on.

A huge boom shook the air, white light radiating from the impact.

Lady Mu and her junior martial sister made use of this opportunity, releasing a silver and golden streak of light to form the Sun Moon Shuttle, entering it in a blur.

Long Meng tensely frowned at this development and spat out a silver beam of light towards them.

A shocking scene occurred. The phantom of a strangely-scaled huge deer suddenly appeared from the grand formation surrounding them and absorbed the beam of light into its stomach. Afterwards, it disappeared without a trace.

“The Eightcorn Deer!”

In her alarm, she quickly looked at the Eight Spirit Ruler. While it remained floating in the air, it had begun to shake at an unknown time. Each of its trembles released a ball of seven-colored light, and the eight spirit beast phantoms began to form around the ruler with distinct detail as if it were on the verge of activating.

Long Meng’s expression turned sour when she saw this, and her entire body flashed with silver light before shooting into the palace without another word.

The Eight Spirit Ruler suddenly released an ear-piercing drone, followed by bright light flashing from the spell formation. The ground quaked and nine cracks split open, making way for nine more altars to emerge.

These altars were several times larger than what was originally surrounding the palace, and each had a shimmering golden blade enshrined on them. However, these blades were far larger, spanning over thirty meters in scope as if they were pillars themselves.

When the Ye Clan Grand Elder Saw this, he immediately shouted out, “The Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation!”

Han Li had already predicted that things were turning for the worse, and grabbed Silvermoon’s arm to pull her back, but when he heard what the Ye Clan Grand Elder said, something lit up in his mind.

He felt as if he heard the name before, but he didn’t have the time to consider it. Black light flickered from the air and countless strands of black devilish Qi began to emerge from the earth like evil pythons.

With a series of howling cackles, a four-armed and two-headed devil emerged from the black Qi and floated in the air.

Then, Nine of the huge golden blades flared and their edges released a dense barrage of light, leaving behind a golden mist that seemed to fill the air itself and fiercely suppress the figure.

The devil’s wild laughter came to an abrupt stop and he immediately retreated with a faceful of terror.

But suddenly, the blades of light flashed and strangely warped above the devil’s head and fiercely chopped down to follow him.

Golden light and devilish Qi met one another, resulting in a huge impact.

A fair and seductive figure had appeared just in time in front of the devil and blocked the blades of light with a single finger.