Chapter 1040: Long Meng and Ling Long

When Han Li heard this, his heart trembled and he hastily looked at the palace’s spell formation center.

The building appeared exactly the same as it had before.

Confused, he thought to ask Silvermoon another question when an enormous pressure surged from the palace hall, followed by a heart-rattling explosion. Yellow light shot out from the top of the hall, a large hand moving to grab the Eight Spirit Ruler.

All of the cultivators present were shocked by this and several of them even yelped in surprise.

At that moment, a sweet playful laugh echoed from the palace. Then, the space around the Eight Spirit Ruler began to fluctuate before a silhouette with disheveled hair appeared.

He opened his mouth as soon after, releasing a ray of light that flashed like lightning, striking the hand and easily penetrating it.

A miserable screech sounded out and the large hand quickly disappeared. Soon after, a silhouette wrapped in yellow light flew up and quickly shot away.

The disheveled figure chuckled and flickered in an inhuman blur. It somehow stretched itself over thirty meters away in instant pursuit.

The person in yellow light was greatly alarmed and he released a crimson arrow from his mouth.

This was an attack formed from blood essence and was incredibly fast, but the other person simply blurred from sight and the arrow passed through its body as if it were an illusion, 

A miserable scream immediately called from the yellow silhouette and soon, he employed an unknown secret technique, scattering himself into mist before condensing back together a distance away.

At that moment, his complexion was deathly pale and body bloodstained. There were several long claw marks raking his body and one of his arms was a bloody stump. 

“Seventh Uncle!”

The Ye Clan Elders shouted out with disbelief at his appearance.

This sorry figure was the large-headed eccentric. The Ye Clan’s Grand Elder was particularly shocked by his sudden appearance.

Although Han Li and the others didn’t know the identity of this person, a sweep of their spiritual sense revealed that he was a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. As a result, their shock was no lesser than the others.

As for the disheveled figure that chased after him, his hair covered his face, but from his appearance, it vaguely matched that of the grand elder of the Sacred Poison Sect, Hua Tianqi. However, the words that left his mouth spoke with the charming voice of a young woman.

If it weren’t for the vast abilities of those gathered and the presence of the Eight Spirit Ruler, Han Li would’ve fled.

When the other cultivators saw that something was amiss, they all looked at the disheveled man with baffled gazes.

He was able to reduce a late-Nascent Soul cultivator to such a miserable state. Could he be a Deity Transformation cultivator?

As the thought flashed through their minds, they felt their hearts drop.

But when this mysterious figure noticed that the large-headed eccentric escape, he let out a cold chuckle and pursued him no further and instead turned his attention to the others outside of the spell formation.

His gaze was as cold as a sharp blade, inspiring a fearsome awe in their souls as it swept past them. The weakest amongst them swayed and was staggered a few steps back before managing to regain their balance.

Han Li inwardly cursed as blue light shined from his eyes, hastily channeling the Brightsight Spirit Eyes to block the effect. But when the mans gaze swept past him, Han Li felt as if was immersed in ice and his complexion paled.

Yi! You are...” A woman’s voice yelped from the mysterious figure and his gaze focused on Han Li. He seemed to be looking at him in disbelief.

At that moment, his storage pouch stirred and a white light shot out, circling once in the air before landing in front of him.

In a silver flash, the summoned fox took the form of a beautiful young woman in white robes.

“It really is you!” When the mysterious person saw Silvermoon, his body shook and he raised his head, revealing his true face.

“Hua Tianqi!” The surrounding cultivators were thrown back into an uproar.

Apart from his now jade eyes, the rest of his appearance hadn’t changed at all. He was also now staring at Silvermoon with an odd expression.

When the other cultivators saw this odd scene, they were at a complete loss.

With their vast experience, they knew Hua Tianqi had been possessed. As for the identity of the possessor, it was a complete mystery.

The large-headed eccentric took this opportunity to stealthily retreat, at the same time quickly swallowing a medicine pill and placing several talismans on his stumped arm. It was instantly restored in a sudden flash of white.

Afterwards, he raised his head and took another look at the possessed man.

Under the current circumstances, Han Li narrowed his eyes as thoughts rushed through his head.

Whatever was possessing him had most likely summoned Silvermoon there. However, he didn’t know what relationship it had to Silvermoon. Could it be a friend or foe?

The shock on Hua Tianqi’s face faded away and he indifferently said, “Xue Ling! You should’ve found this place many years ago. I didn’t expect you to arrive now. Why has your aura become so much weaker... and why are you possessing the body of a Four Pupiled Fox? Don’t you believe this to be an insult to our status as Heavenly Silvermoon Wolves?”

Silvermoon brushed away the hair from her face and remained silent for a long while before doubtfully saying, “Are you Ling Long?”

When the person heard this, a strange expression appeared on his face. He stared at Silvermoon for a moment more before letting out a soft and sweet laugh.

“I didn’t expect that the greatest beauty of our race, the beloved concubine of the Divine Wolf Tian Kui, had lost her memory. I should’ve guessed as much. Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha’s incarnation had forced your soul from our body at the time. It is no surprise it hadn’t come out entirely intact. My fine little sister, I’m not Ling Long, I’m Long Meng!”

When this sweet and charming voice spoke from what appeared to be a man, it gave an odd dissonance.

Han Li frowned and had a faint feeling that things would develop poorly.

Although he didn’t know what relation Silvermoon had with this ‘woman’, he faintly heard a trace of schadenfreude directed at her.

Silvermoon tensely frowned and stared at Long Meng for a long while, her expression wavering as if something had come to mind.

“Your words had stirred up a few memories, though they are still very vague. If I am correct, then we are the same.”

Long Meng’s voice turned icy, “Humph! So you do remember. In truth, we were originally one person named Ling Long, but when our past self dealt with her fifth thousand-year tribulation, she cultivated the supreme secret technique of our Silvermoon Wolf Clan. But she had made a mistake halfway through and her soul split in two, resulting in the creation of us. However, your primal soul was stronger and you had acted as the master, suppressing me into eternal sleep. But now, matters have turned around. With your primal soul being so pathetic, I can finally eradicate you.”

Silvermoon’s face tensed but her expression soon grew calm. “Although I don’t remember much, I do recall the Bloodbite Soul Imprint. You cannot kill me. If I truly die, you will have nowhere to go.”

Long Meng’s expression grew sullen and green light brightly burst from her eyes. Silvermoon immediately let out a yelp, her body trembling as a huge invisible force struck her. 

Han Li pursed his lips and reached out to the air without another thought.

Suddenly, a large azure hand appeared behind her and dragged Silvermoon out from the attack.

Long Meng was startled by this and soon furiously glared at Han Li.

‘Not good!’ Han Li hastily raised his hand and produced the enlarged form of the Tailstar Essence Shield in front of him.

A huge explosion shook the air. The surface of the shield violently flashed and several-inch-large indents caved into it. Han Li felt his breath turn cold.

When the others nearby heard their conversation, they felt as if they had been drenched under a waterfall. The scene had caused them to become restless.

Ever since “Hua Tianqi” appeared, the Silver-winged Nightfiend and the Lion Hawk were completely perplexed, but after hearing their names, they instantly wore an expression of terror. After briefly exchanging a few words, they stealthily withdrew back in the direction of the exit.

When Long Meng saw that her strike wasn’t effective, she felt a bit of surprise. However, something came to mind when she thought to attack again. She glanced at him and then at Silvermoon before letting out a smile.

“Xue Ling! Your scent is heavily present on him and you previously emerged from his spirit beast pouch. Could it be you’ve become his spirit beast.”

“And so what if I did?” Silvermoon coldly replied. A dark expression momentarily appeared on her face.

Long Meng let out a fit of sweet laughter and sinisterly said, “If that’s the case, I must congratulate this person. Even the three emperors of the Spirit Realm wouldn’t dare to think of having the beloved concubine of Demon King Tian Kui become their spirit beast.”