Chapter 1042: Appearance of the Devil

A deafening clang sounded out as the blades of golden light was repelled by the flick of a single finger belonging to a black-robed woman of incredible allure.

When Silvermoon saw her face, her body trembled and complexion paled.

Han Li’s attention was first caught by the two-headed four-armed devil. The Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords within his body let out a series of cries, sensing the two flying swords that had been taken away. He should be the Elder Devil from the Devilfall Valley.

Then, he looked at the gorgeous woman standing in front of it, and couldn't sense even the faintest trace of magic power from her body, clearly indicating that her cultivation was on another realm entirely.

Han Li felt his blood run cold. His body blurred several times away, bringing Silvermoon to the edge of the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation before releasing her. Gui Ling had been silently following after him  as well and couldn't help but take several odd glances at his spirit beast.

Silvermoon glanced at Han Li with a conflicted expression on her face and softly muttered, “Many thanks, Master.” 

“Be careful.” Han Li frowned, now knowing that her identity was by no means simple.

Silvermoon nodded and turned to look at the beautiful woman with a sad expression.

Grand Immortal Xu and the Ye Clan Elders had also fled to the edge of the formation. Although they were wary of each other, they were mostly bewildered by what was happening to the ground.

“What is going on? Devilish Qi is flaring from their bodies!” a voice of disbelief sounded out from the Sun Moon Shuttle. Soon after, Lady Mu's body blurred and she appeared above the treasure, holding the Dragon Call Seal’s dragon phantom in her hand.

However, the dragon phantom was now giving a far more violent reaction to this newly appeared group, compared to when it faced Long Meng.

Even if Lady Mu hadn’t activated the treasure, the phantom would’ve summoned itself regardless.

At a loss of the current situation, Grand Immortal Xu coldly glanced at Lady Mu. In any case, the conflict had turned chaotic and devils were appearing, each new more vicious than the last. He already made up his mind to flee.

With that thought, his lips began to move as he sent voice transmissions towards the Endless Sky Saintess, Lin Yinping.

She tightly frowned and nodded, and Grand Immortal Xu began to float erratically in the air as he began to look around him.

In addition, the Ye Clan Elders were also alarmed by the appearance of the new devils and let go of any intention of acquiring the treasure. The Grand Elder gave the other two Ye Clan members a meaningful glance and they formed an incantation gesture. Their bodies then blurred before stealthily slipping away.

When the Silver-winged Nightfiend saw the woman’s face, he was stunned.

If it weren’t for the profuse devilish Qi emitting from her body, she appeared exactly like the original Fairy Ling Long. However, Silvermoon herself was at Han Li’s side and her counterpart was possessing Hua Tianqi. Just who was the person before them. The nightfiend grew apprehensive and his eyes darted around, trying desperately to come up with some plans.

As for Lady Mu, when she glanced at the Dragon Call Crest in her hand, her expression wavered. Then with a stamp of her foot, the shuttle blurred and fell to the ground before disappearing into it.

“Fool! The air and ground have restrictions placed down by the old occupants. There is no point in burrowing away,” Gui Ling scoffed, viewing their actions with contempt.

“That might not be so. Those two were rather mysterious and understand much of the mountain. Perhaps, they have a method to break through its restrictions,” Han Li said with a flickering gaze. He then recalled the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation, something that had been mentioned in a scroll he read in the past. Although it hadn't went into much detail, it was said to be the most powerful devil warding formation in the mortal world. In the ancient war against the devils, the human cultivators managed to use it to great effect.

With that thought, he hurriedly turned his attention back to the sky.

Ever since the gorgeous woman appeared, the nine huge blades released countless streaks of light, filling the air like a violent storm.

However, the woman was able to flick them away, displaying not even the slightest effort.

But as he observed with complete awe, he was able to see the truth. The woman was actually fearful of the spell formation, and was lingering at its edge. Additionally, she looked at the cultivators and demons with indifference. Only the Eight Spirit Ruler near the palace had captured her attention.

Ever since the second devil appeared, it began to hum and flash without end.

The black-robed woman then muttered a few inaudible words to the Elder Devil at her side.

“Silvermoon, is that woman the incarnation of the Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha?” 

Having just recovered a significant portion of her memories, she shortly explained, “Without a doubt. That person took form from the devil ancestor’s soul fragment. She was one of the three commanders of the Elder Devil’s invasion. At the time, she had slain countless humans.”

“The devil ancestor’s soul fragment? I heard that person say that your soul had been expelled from your body at the time. Could it be that she is using your body to...”

With gritted teeth, Silvermoon said, “Although I don’t remember how she came to possess it nor how I turned into an artifact spirit, there is no doubt that is my original body.”

Han Li looked at the black-robed woman and said, “Oh, do you think you’ll be able to reclaim it? After all, you are the true owner of the body.”

“Master, don’t forget that I've already used the Soul Devouring Technique. After occupying this body for such a long time, how could I have the power to take back my original body? This isn’t something that I would be able to accomplish in the mortal world. I would have to first return to the spirit realm. Furthermore, my spiritual sense is damaged, and my cultivation has dropped down to its lowest stage, and I’ve forgotten a majority of my abilities. How could I possibly fight that demon, apart from...” Silvermoon trailed off with hesitation.

“Apart from?” Han Li closely followed up.

Silvermoon sighed, “Apart from joining hands with Long Meng. As you are well aware, I couldn't agree with this. She would likely seal me away after she expels the devil from our body and take control!”

Han Li grew silent when he heard this.

At that moment, the four-armed and two-headed Elder Devil shouted out to the large-headed eccentric, “Brother Ye, why are you hesitating? Since you aren’t able to kill the wolf soul, so long as you restrain the Eight Spirit Ruler, the sacred ancestor is willing to infuse your body with devilish Qi. Since your cultivation art isn’t devilish, the masterless Divine Spirit Treasure shouldn’t harm you.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this and turned to look at ruler floating above the palace.

The eccentric wore a conflicted expression, but after a moment’s thought, he gritted his teeth and shot towards the ruler in a yellow streak.

As a result, the eccentric arrived before the treasure in the blink of an eye and the ruler hadn’t reacted in the slightest.

He was relieved and overjoyed to see this and attempted to take it into his grasp.

“You are truly quite bold!” A cold snort sounded out from the hall. When the eccentric heard this, he shot to the side with an expression of shock.

Then, a huge force ruptured the air where he originally stood, tearing apart the top portion of the palace.

The large headed eccentric’s expression turned ugly.

Long Meng’s voice coldly chimed, “Old Devil, you don’t need to use these juniors to pull some fast tricks. With me guarding the ruler, no one will be able to take the treasure without my permission. I didn’t expect that you’d be able to break free of the Black Wind flags. Now, the treasure that originally suppressed me has turned into a weapon against you!”

The black-robed woman smiled and replied, “Is that so? Unfortunately, I don’t have the mind to continue playing with you much longer. Do you think a meager spatial wall can block the likes of me?”

Afterwards, the woman suddenly shot over thirty meters away and was tangled up by the golden blades of light for just a moment before suddenly reaching her hand out into the air. The mist of black devilish Qi in the air suddenly began to form and condense together. It instantly disappeared, only to appear was a glossy black flag.

The flag circled once in the air before falling into the black-robed woman’s hand.

“T-the Black Wind Flag? Impossible, you haven’t cultivated its treasure imprinting arts yet. How are you able to control it!?” Long Meng shouted out.

“Don’t forget that I am the incarnation of a sacred ancestor. Even if it is a Divine Spirit Treasure, I can temporarily command it if I infuse it with my devilish Qi.” The black-robed woman sweetly smiled and then waved the flag.

A muffled explosion sounded out and caused the entire air to trembled.

Han Li and the others suddenly felt the nearby space tense as if it had turned solid.