Chapter 988: The Evil Moon Mirror

The black-robed woman’s spirits were roused upon seeing Han Li control so many exceptional magic treasures.

She raised her hand and summoned a small azure shield before slapping her storage pouch and summoning two butterfly-shaped magic treasures. They fluttered about as if they were alive.

As a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, she had even more treasures, but in battle, the more treasures summoned didn’t necessarily translate to an advantage.

Using magic treasures would restrict a certain amount of one’s spiritual sense, and in battle, one needed to spiritual sense to utilize magic techniques as well. As for spiritual sense one needed to preserve, that depended on individual circumstances.

If one had stronger treasures but weaker techniques, they would use more of their spiritual sense to summon treasures, and vice versa.

In addition, the more formidable a treasure, the more spiritual sense that was required to control it. As such, there were few Core Formation cultivators capable of effectively controlling ancient treasures. Even those with more powerful spiritual senses can only select a few powerful treasures in battle. Han Li’s simultaneous use of this many treasures clearly displayed just how powerful his spiritual sense was.

But before they could launch an offensive, an ominous light shined from the Silver-winged Nightfiend’s face and an immense pressure burst from his body. Then, he shot forward and struck the ground with his palm.

Before the two cultivators realized what had happened, an eruption sounded out from the cavern and the huge spell formation around them suddenly glowed with rainbow light. The dried corpses chained to the stone pillars in the area then began to stir.

“Not good!” Han Li shouted in alarm. Without another thought, he flapped his wings, leaving only his Gold Devouring Beetles and Weeping Soul Beast behind in a flash of silver.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend sinisterly smiled and black energy flared from his body. Then,  he too, vanished.

A blast sounded out at the edge of the formation. Silver and black streaks simultaneously weaved in and out of sight. Following an explosion, the light faded away to reveal two winged figures, Han Li and the Silver-winged Nightfiend.

In that short time, the chained dried corpses released wisps of Qi as dark beams of light shot out from the stone pillars, forming a huge barrier of light surrounding the area.

They were now trapped with no way out.

The black-robed woman was already making her way out of the area upon seeing what was happening, but she was still too late. The barrier appeared after she only flew sixty meters away. Seeing that she was trapped, her expression wavered.

Vexed, Han Li looked at the nightfiend with a gloomy expression. 

At that moment, the nightfiend was glowing with black light and had flickering crimson rings flash around his neck and limbs. They were clearly restrictive magic tools.

Han Li sighed and coldly said, “As expected, you can’t leave the range of the formation. Why else would you remain here given your grand abilities? Though I didn’t expect that you could be able to activate it without the use of spirit stones.”

While the light from the spell formation faded away, the black pillars and barrier didn’t show any sign of wavering.

The nightfiend flared his wings and let out a deep laugh of satisfaction. “It is a devil entrapment formation specifically laid down for me. But little would the creators of the spell formation know that after so many years, a portion of its restrictions would be under my control. You’re now trapped here with me.”

An icy light flashed from Han Li’s eyes and the Weeping Soul Beast snorted. A mist of dazzling yellow light rushed out, moving to capture the nightfiend with immense speed.

The nightfiend’s laugh was cut short and he suddenly waved his wings, disappearing in the blink of an eye, he reappeared near the huge stalk of bamboo.

But with a wave of the Weeping Soul Beast’s head, the yellow light pursued after the nightfiend relentlessly.

The nightfiend glared at the attack with unconcealed hostility and waved his wings, suddenly releasing countless rays of light, aimed at the yellow mist that the Weeping Soul Beast had released. Unexpectedly, the yellow mist wasn’t able to block the light despite his innate ghost restraining properties.

Although Han Li knew that the Silver-winged Nightfiend was no ordinary refined corpse, the scene caused his heart to tremble.

When the Silver-winged Nightfiend saw that his attack was effective, most of the fear was gone from his heart and he sneered loudly. His body blurred with black light and re-appeared above the Weeping Soul Beast. He then opened his mouth to reveal shining black energy as if intending to release an attack.

However, he suddenly heard loud buzzing above him and looked up in astonishment, instead releasing the black light from his mouth towards the sky and striking a three-meter-wide golden cloud. They were Han Li’s Gold Devouring Beetles.

When Han Li made use of lightning movement, the beetles had remained in place. Now that the nightfiend appeared near them, he ordered them to attack without reservation.

The black beam was corpse Qi that the nightfiend had refined for countless years. Not only was it incredibly corrosive and cold, but it even contained vicious corpse poison.

The Gold Devouring Beetles were normally resistant to poison and other effects, but upon contact with this light, the beetles began to fall from the sky in troves. A third of their number had been reduced from this single strike.

The rest all scattered and were no longer concentrated in a single place.

In that brief moment, the Weeping Soul Beast had already launched another attack, releasing one more yellow mist with a snort.

The nightfiend then calmly flapped his wings and reappeared over thirty meters away, dodging the yellow mist.

Silver light then flashed and thunder clapped from where it originally stood, followed by Han Li’s appearance.

He wordlessly waved his arm and had his flying swords sweep towards the Silver-winged Nightfiend in a golden tide. The purple mirror circling above his head shined with light and shot a purple ray after them. Meanwhile, he stealthily flicked his finger from his sleeve and a red line briefly appeared.

With that done, he glanced at the Gold Devouring Beetles lying on the ground. Their wings suddenly stirred and they buzzed to the air once more, much to Han Li’s relief. However, they appeared quite weakened from the previous attack.

Additionally, the black-robed woman had used this opportunity to command her two white jade butterflies to attack.

The two jade butterflies flared with white light before expanding to the size of a person. Then with rapid waves of their wings, a white tornado appeared in front of her.

After an incantation, the tornado transformed into two white flood dragons that charged towards the nightfiend with overwhelming momentum.

But when the nightfiend saw so many attacks heading in his direction, he sinisterly smiled. He held onto the Evil Moon Mirror in one hand and summoned a fist-sized ball of light with the other. The ball was grey, but it contained a cold serene shine.

He icily glanced at the attack that would first strike, the golden swordlight. He slapped his hands together and the ball of light vanished into the mirror. Soon after, black radiance flashed and countless similar balls of light rushed out and quickly fused together.

In the blink of an eye, a ten-meter-wide ball of light appeared with the Silver-winged Nightfiend at its center.

As the swordlight swept across it, it fiercely struck the ball.

With a soft bang, the huge sphere popped like a bubble, fragmenting into many smaller balls.

The golden light swept past the nightfiend and flashed as several tens of flying swords shredded him to countless pieces. Afterwards, the swordlights shot out from the many small orbs of light in the vicinity.

When Han Li saw this, he felt alarmed and doubt sprung up from his mind. There was no way he was able to kill the nightfiend with only his flying swords.

As expected, an inconceivable scene occurred.

The small balls of light gathered together and reformed into another huge ball. The shredded nightfiend was also perfectly restored inside.

Han Li frowned. The purple ray of light and the two wind dragons then aggressively struck, resulting in the same scene.

The huge light was destroyed and scattered, only for it to become whole once more.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend looked at the cultivators with an icy smile, but he didn’t take any action. Rather, he simply waited as balls of light flashed from the mirror in his hand, causing his surrounding light to grow even stronger. 

A grave expression appeared on Han Li’s face. Although he didn’t know how that light barrier worked, it was anything but good.

Aghast, the black-robed woman instantly formed an incantation gesture and controlled her wind dragons to circle in for another attack. They easily shattered the light once more along with the nightfiend’s illusion, but this time, the wind dragons didn’t depart after their initial attack. Instead, its jaws gaped open and released countless blades of white wind in every direction, preventing the balls of light from condensing back together and scattering them to even smaller pieces.

For a time, howling winds raged at the core of the sphere.

Han Li didn’t have his flying swords join in on the attack. He instead narrowed his eyes, blue light flickering from them, and observed everything.