Chapter 989: Breaking the Light

“Stop the assault,” Han Li shouted at the black-robed woman, “Your wind flood dragons have shrunk significantly.”

In truth, she didn’t need the warning, having already felt that something was amiss. When she heard Han Li, she had immediately formed an incantation gesture in alarm. The wind dragons ceased releasing blades of wind and shot away from the vicinity. 

As the dragons coiled in the air, it was clear to see that their size was reduced by nearly half.

The balls of light had been repeatedly split by the blades of wind but condensed back together in the instant the winds dragons left.

The huge ball now  had also reached a hundred meters wide, nearly taking up a third of the space inside the spell formation.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend reappeared in the ball of light with a cold laugh and sneered.

Han Li sighed, having saw this in the past when he fought against Wen Tianren, Archsaint Six Path’s disciple, back in the Scattered Star Seas. At the time, he had used a peculiar treasure to warp himself in a purple cloud, preventing Han Li from injuring him with his flying swords. Han Li had relied on the overbearing might of the Yin Devil Execution to break through it and destroy Wen Tianren’s arm.

The ability that the Silver-winged Nightfiend was using was the same in nature but clearly far more powerful.

Though Han Li had busied himself with cultivation ever since and didn’t have the time to condense another Yin Devil Execution, he did have other techniques that could produce similar tyrannical power.

It was a pity that his Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were unable to form the Aureate Sword Formation, else the Silver-winged Nightfiend would be dead for certain, no matter how bizarre the technique.

Having thought this, a plan came to mind.

He took a deep breath and slapped his storage pouch, summoning a scarlet talisman into his grasp. Flame-like characters flickered on its surface along with the image of a life-like flood dragon.

This was a Spirit Subjugation Talisman that Han Li had refined with the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon’s soul after he was done creating the Triflame Fan, and the reason why Han Li was late in his meeting with the others at the entrance of Myriad Poison Valley.

Because he had experience in refining the talisman once before, it was now far stronger and could produce even more power.

He slapped it onto his body and the talisman entered his body, followed by the appearance of an illusory flood dragon above him.

Glowing in red light, horns grew from his head and scarlet scales emerged all over him. In only a moment, he assumed a half transformation of the flood dragon and his magic power had risen to the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage.

“Fellow Daoist Han!”


Upon seeing this transformation, both the black-robed woman and the nightfiend couldn’t help but shout out in shock.

When the nightfiend in particular sensed Han Li’s rapid rise in cultivation, his smile disappeared.

Then, Han Li grasped his hands in an gesture and the tens of flying swords surrounding him began to spin. After letting out a clear ring, they blurred, turning into six identical copies of themselves.

These hundreds of golden swordlight gathered together, flaring with the light of a scorching noon sun.

As the flare disappeared, a giant thirty-meter-long sword materialized above the nightfiend’s regenerative ball of light, releasing an astounding pressure that caused even the demon to betray a trace of shock.

With the huge sword formed, Han Li then pointed to the Snow Crystal Pearl, having it shoot towards the sword in a purple streak.

At that same time, he activated a technique on the giant sword with a mental command.

A terrifying explosion sounded out!

Bolts of lightning as dense as an arm began to arc across the surface of the sword, wrapping around in intertwining radiance as thunder roared without end.

Then, the Snow Crystal Pearl arrived at the swords handle.

Purple light flashed and the pearl merged into it without a trace. Soon after, purple flames blazed on the hilt and gradually spread across the blade, fusing together with the golden lightning.

The nightfiend’s expression turned unsightly and his complexion turned pale.

Currently, the huge ball of light had expanded to nearly half of the area within the barrier, forcing them to slowly retreat. As the giant sword floated, both the black-robed woman and the nightfiend awaited to see what would happen with bated breath.

Even a late-Nascent Soul cultivator wouldn’t dare to receive such a strike.

“Destroy,” Han Li commanded.

The giant sword rang with a deafening boom before cleaving downward and flaring with a blinding golden aura.

Before the sword even made contact, its surface trembled from its spiritual pressure.

In a flash, the weapon struck the giant ball and thoroughly annihilated it with resounding vibrations of spiritual pressure.

Once the light from the impact faded away, the ball of light was nowhere to be seen. As for the nightfiend, he appeared in a place not far away and was staring at the huge sword with a grim expression.

The nightfiend hadn’t dare to test the huge sword’s might and used his wings to escape.

However, the Evil Moon Mirror in his hand had stopped emitting any radiance as the ball of light was now fully wiped away and could no longer regenerate.

Just as the nightfiend’s gaze roamed and plotted his next move, he suddenly heard a sharp howl of wind and a red line suddenly appear three meters behind him, intending to piece through the back of his head.

As monster who possessed equivalent power to a late-Nascent Soul cultivator, his spiritual sense was able to easily detect it. Although the attack came as a surprise, he simply folded his wing and blocked it.

Bang. Much to his alarm, as soon as the red line struck his wing, it suddenly burst into a huge fireball.

He soon found that the fireball was nowhere close to the threat it appeared to have been, and his alarm quickly faded away, but when the flames disappeared, the red line had as well.

Just as he thought to search for it, he heard thunder ring out in front of him. The huge sword was cleaving down towards him.

Additionally, the flood dragons had moved above the nightfiend at an unknown time. With a command, the black-robed woman had them swing their heads with a gaping mouth, releasing a dense barrage of wind blades.

The nightfiend immediately abandoned any thought of pursuit it and hung the Evil Moon Mirror on his chest. He then solemnly reached out to the incoming sword, summoning two fists of Ghostfiend Threads. They were each three meters large and moved to block the weapon.

Of course, it wasn’t that he couldn't move but that he wished to test the sword’s strength.

Meanwhile, his wings grew twice in size and formed into a silver screen above his head, easily repelling the blades of winds.

The fists and the sword collided, resulting in two explosions. The sword had cleaved through one of the fists with great strength, but it was clearly weakened from the strike and was blocked by the second fist.

But just as the sword collided with the second fist, the red line made a sudden appearance, positioned to strike at the nightfiend’s chest.

“NO!” The monster’s heart trembled and he hastily moved his hand forward, but was too late.

In a blur, the needle pierced through the Evil Moon Mirror, causing it to shatter in a flare of black, but he was able to quickly catch the needle afterwards.

“YOU DARE DESTROY MY MIRROR!?” The nightfiend’s body trembled and his face twisted with rage. The needle he held in his hand was set aflame and burning red as hot iron though he completely ignored it.

Han Li’s purpose in destroying the mirror was quite simple. Because it was troublesome when paired with the strange bewitchment techniques, he decided to eliminate it altogether. Han Li felt somewhat baffled by the rage it displayed, but he wasn’t about to cease his attacks. With an incantation gesture, the dimmed giant sword split apart.

Nearly two hundred swordlights immediately created a huge net and swept down at the nightfiend without mercy. If it dared to use his wings to block the strike, the swords would split the nightfiend to pieces as they were reinforced with Auric Essence.

As for the Snow Crystal Pearl, it spun in the air, releasing several fist-sized fireballs that floated down towards the nightfiend.

But no matter how enraged it may be, he wasn’t about to be fooled into receiving Han Li’s attacks. With a flap of his wings, he moved elsewhere and glared at him with fury, his silver eyes turning blood-red.

With pure hatred, the nightfiend uttered, “I hadn’t intended on wasting strength and wanted to only use illusions to deal with you lot, but no more. I will personally extract your soul and take my time savoring it.”

His body blurred once more before appearing above the Corpse Wolf’s head. He then wordlessly stepped on it and fanned his wings, producing a layer of yellow light

Afterwards, he sank into the ground and brought the wolf with him.

“Earth movement!” Han Li immediately frowned and pointed to his magic tools, recalling them.

The ground began to tremble and the entire spell formation around them shook. It began to glow with yellow light and release black Qi, followed by the painful and blood-wrenching howl of the Silver-winged Nightfiend.

The black-robed woman’s expression wavered and looked at Han Li before turning her gaze to the spell formation below. With some hesitation, she bit her lip and headed in the direction of the cocoons.

Along the way, she raised her hand and released a shear-shaped magic treasure towards them. It glowed with radiant light.