Chapter 987: Silver Eye Bewitchment

Han Li’s mouth twitched upon hearing this and he quietly raised his hands without another thought.

Two small swords flashed forward and moved to strike the grey cocoons suspended in the air.

Knowing that this monster would prove troublesome, he planned on freeing the other two to combine their strength and increase their odds of victory.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend simply sneered in the face of his efforts..

Its argent eyes glowed, and a large grey hand appeared in front of the two cocoons and quickly detained the two golden swords before Han Li could react.

Although he was alarmed, he still kept calm and commanded his swords to erupt with golden lightning. Thunder rang out and they broke free from the grey hand’s confinement in a flash of golden light. 

However, a dense barrage of threads shot out from the cocoons, covering the swords once more, and the scattered portions of the large hand began to quickly reform.

Han Li frowned and clenched his hands in a fist, released arcs of golden lightning from his body in a cataclysm of thunder. With a net of lightning dancing around him, he appeared like a god of lightning that had descended upon this world.

When the Weeping Soul Beast glanced at Han Li, it couldn’t help but reveal amazement on its face.

“How interesting,” the Silver-winged Nightfiend said with an emotionless tone, “To actually be able to break my Ghostfiend Threads... you must be the one who destroyed my doppelgangers.”

“Indeed, and you are unexpectedly capable of human speech. You must be quite intelligent so you should know what’s in your best interest,” Han Li glanced at Cultivator Yuan’s remains and then pointed at the Umbra Yin Horse at the side before coldly stating, “If you hand over that Umbra Yin Horse and release my two comrades, we will immediately depart.”

Then, the giant transformed Weeping Soul Beast snarled and a piercing crimson light shined out from the malevolent ghost image on its back.

Without the slightest hesitation, the nightfiend answered, “You can have that little animal, and I might even consider allowing you and your comrades to leave.”

“You’ll truly agree?” When the black-robed woman heard this, joy lit on her face. At the moment, her dharmic wheel was already summoned in the air and glowing with light.

Han Li remained silent when he heard this.

“I will agree to all these conditions, so long...” the nightfiend then pointed its fur-covered fingers at the Weeping Soul Beast and said, “As you leave that spirit beast behind.”

The black-robed woman was greatly surprised to hear this.

“In your dreams!” Han Li coldly smiled.

“Then you can forget about leaving. I will feast on your flesh.” The nightfiend’s face warped with hostility and his fangs extended several times in size, followed by silver flaring from his eyes.

“Be careful of its bewitchments!” Old Man Fu’s faint voice sounded out from one of the cocoons.

However, his warning came too late. 

Although Han Li was using his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, he unconsciously closed them in the face of the blinding light.

The black-robed woman was dazed and was forced her to close hers too.

“Not good!” In the instant his eyes closed, Han Li let out a cry of alarm.

By the time the two opened their eyes, their surroundings had changed.

All traces of the cavern had disappeared and were replaced by a grey haze. It was unknown where the Silver-winged Nightfiend was lingering.

“A high grade bewitchment,” Han Li muttered.

“We’ll only know after we test its strength,” the black-robed woman said with a raised brow.

Worried about Old Man Fu’s weakened voice, she lost her patience and pointed to the dharmic wheel floating above her head.

It glowed with brilliant light and several beams of rainbow light shot out, disappearing into the haze without effect.

She grew more sullen and flung a spirit beast pouch from her waist before clasping her hands in an incantation.

The bag trembled and released a group of winged serpents in a mist of scarlet light.

The serpents were each about a foot-long, with a crest on their head. Their bodies were a slick and translucent red.

As she muttered, she struck the serpents with several crimson spell seals.

Suddenly, the serpents opened their mouths and wildly spouted out fire that condensed into a roiling sea of flames.

Han Li hadn’t moved to assist her, rather taking this opportunity to observe with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

In the instant a ten meter wave of flame took form, the grey haze above them suddenly rolled away like a gust of wind to be replaced with mist as black as pitch.

Silver light flashed from the dark mist, followed by the appearance of two massive demonic eyes. They were three-meters-long and shined radiantly. It was unknown whether it was a transformation or illusion.

A cacophonic cackle cleared, with the silver light bursting out from the huge eyes, striking the sea of flames.

Both the raging inferno and the flying serpents had all disappeared upon contact as if they never existed.

Han Li remained calm upon seeing this, but the black-robed woman released a red streak with an alarmed expression and repeatedly chopped at those piercing eyes in front of her.

Then, she felt her heart sink.

It was now clear that this technique was powerful far beyond her expectations, and hadn’t the slightest hope of breaking it.

The strange cackle continued to grind without end and with greater volume, now more thunder than laughter. In the time being, even more eyes began to appear, each one just as large as before.

Soon, the demonic orbs filled the sky above the haze surrounding them.

They suddenly began to light up and changed into bright crescent moons. Afterwards, footsteps emerged from the haze along with harsh wails, almost as if the nightfiend would emerge at any moment.

These overwhelming circumstances unnerved the black-robed woman and she asked, “Brother Han, do you have a method to dissolve this technique?” 

If this mysterious Fellow Daoist Han wasn’t able to dispel this technique, she had resolved herself to consume a large amount of blood essence to employ a secret technique.

Instead of replying to her, Han Li raised his hand and released a dense bolt of golden lightning.

In a clap of thunder, it struck one of the crescent moons in the haze.

A resounding explosion sounded out as the golden lightning ruptured along with the crescent. At nearly the same time, the other eyes collapsed into endless streams of silver dust, filling their surroundings with blinding light.

The black-robed woman suddenly felt her world spin around her and couldn’t help but close her eyes once more. By the time her senses returned to normal, she discovered that she was in the cavern once more without a trace of mist or light to be found.

She felt greatly relieved to be freed of the bewitchment and managed to collect herself.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend was now across from them, at the base of the bamboo stem and remained still. However, his wings were folded in front of him to block the dense bolt that Han Li had released. With crackles and light still sparking from the wings, he grimly looked in Han Li’s direction.

The black-robed woman now spotted a pitch-black mirror held in the nightfiend’s green hand.

It wasn’t large or remarkable, but glowed with a wicked inky light. If a person looked at it, they would sense their mind sinking in.

“Now that’s baffling. You were able to find me from within the illusion... With the assistance of the Evil Moon Mirror, my Silver Eye Bewitchment should near twice in power. Even more formidable spiritual sense shouldn't be able to see past it. Could it be you’ve cultivated an exceptional spirit eye technique?” After this was said, the nightfiend waved its wing and limped the remnant lightning to the side.

When Han Li heard this, he coldly smiled. In utter silence, he shook his sleeve and released several tens of golden flying swords around him with a clear ring, gathering to his front as a wave of gold. Meanwhile, thunder rang out from his back with the appearance of a pair of silver wings.

Not stopping there, Han Li took a deep breath before spitting out a snow-white pearl covered in twirling purple flames. As soon as it appeared, the temperature in the cavern steeply dropped.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend was indifferent to the appearance of Han Li’s flying swords and only slightly surprised at the appearance of his wings. The Snow Crystal Pearl wrapped in Purple Apex Flames, however, caused its face to grow solemn as it recognized the formidable threat.

Then for a finishing touch, Han Li: slapped his storage pouch, filling the air with a swarm of golden beetles; clasped his hands in an incantation gesture, summoning a barrier of seven-colored light around him; and flipped his hand to summon a glowing purple mirror in the air.

Apart from his greatest killing measures, he now displayed the full might of his long gathered power.

Now that he faced a fearsome enemy that was superior to even a late-Nascent Soul cultivator, he couldn’t afford to hold back.