Chapter 99 - Unfilial descendent

Chapter 99 - Unfilial descendent

“Lord Founder, these five cultivation techniques are too lousy. You learnt these cultivation techniques? No wonder your cultivation was so poor when you were still alive, and only managed to reach Legend rank. Why don’t I teach you several super cultivation techniques? I can guarantee that your cultivation will progress!” Nie Li said, patting his chest. “I have a total of three thousand six hundred super cultivation techniques. Even the poorest one is much better those five books of yours. If it’s too poor, I wouldn’t have the face them to teach you!”

“Okay, enough!” Ye Yan furiously said. Nie Li wasn’t give him face. Doesn’t he know that he’s the ancestral founder of Glory City? “Brat, I have no idea where you got so many cultivation techniques, possibly from some treasury. However, even if you have super cultivation techniques, but as a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist myself, I can give you guidance on the road of cultivating! The vastness of my knowledge isn’t something you can imagine!”

“Oh……Okay, ‘Lord Founder with vast knowledge’, I would like to ask, why is a demon spirit able to integrate with a soul realm?” Nie Li looked at Ye Yan and asked. Tsk tsk, Ancestral Founder Ye Yan wants to battle with him in terms of knowledge?

“Didn’t your teacher teach you such simple knowledge? Demon Spirits exist in the form of soul spirit. And the soul realm is the container of the soul, therefore they can integrate!” Ye Yan said, lightly smiling, “Although your talent isn’t bad, your foundation is. Young one, do not bite more than what you can chew!”

“Since the soul realm is a container, similar to a cup, and a demon spirit is merely a soul spirit. Similar to water and cup, then why can’t some people integrate with a demon spirit no matter what upon reaching Silver rank?” Nie Li asked, smilingly, “If it’s a cup, it should be able to contain the water!”

“This……The possibility of failure is extremely low, almost negligible. Therefore, this issue doesn’t need to be bothered with!” Ye Yan paused for a moment and said sounding a little upset. The question that Nie Li asked is too side door, he couldn’t answer it.

“These kind of extraordinary events, are usually the key to unlocking secrets after researching about it. A Legend rank Demon Spiritualist actually doesn’t know about this! Really, I don’t know what your teacher taught you! If I were to have such a disciple, I would definitely slap him to death on the wall!” Nie Li shook his head with a lament expression.

“Then why don’t you tell me?” Ye Yan’s voice was trembling. As a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, when has he been choked like this before?

“The Soul realm has fixed attributes, so do the demon spirits. If the differences between the two attributes is too much, there would be failure. Just like how fire and water don’t get along.”

“Attribute differences?” Ye Yan mumbled to himself. The him of the past has never considered this aspect. These words from Nie Li opened a new window in his heart.

“Aside from attribute differences, there are many profound secrets deep in a human’s soul realm. A Demon Spiritualist of your level naturally doesn’t know about it. If you are willing to have me as your teacher, I might even be able to give you an explanation. Your soul has yet to disperse, so helping you reform your body isn’t impossible.” Nie Li sat crossed legged, revealing a trace of a smile on his face.

Have Nie Li as his teacher? Ye Yan nearly got angered to life. A founder of Glory City like him is actually despised by a small kid, this is simply intolerable! However, Nie Li’s last words made him stunned.

“Reform the body? Is that really possible?” Ye Yan was dumbfounded. This is already at a realm beyond his imagination. Just what exactly is the origin of this youngster? Why does he know so much? As the founder of Glory City, if he were to accept a kid as his disciple, they would already come up kneeling and kowtow to him. Where would there be one like Nie Li, teaching him instead.

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Although he was angered to the point of vomitting blood, everything that Nie Li has said was like a magnet that deeply lured him in.

What Nie Li has said is indeed something that is beyond his understandings.

“Brat, you really want me to have you as my teacher?”

“Have me as your teacher? Let me think… Forget it, best not! I’m too lazy to teach someone of poor talent like you!” Nie Li scoffed in disdain, “If my disciple were to only be at the realm of Legend rank after eight hundred years and still proud about it, I’d whip him to death!”

Ye Yan pointed his fingers at Nie Li and trembled nonstop, “ unfilial descendent!” Ye Yan was angered to the point that his beard was also trembling. If he were to be revived back now, he would be angered to death by Nie Li this instant!

“I’m not a descendent of your Ye Family. I’m the descendent of the Heavenly Marks Family. In terms of background origin, the Heavenly Marks Family has been around longer than your Ye Family. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re the ancestor of Ziyun, I wouldn’t have even bothered with you!” Nie Li curled his lips in disdain.

Ye Yan was simply angered to the max. However, he’s only in soul form, unable to do anything to Nie Li!

“Heavenly Marks Family, I remembered them. When I built Glory City, the Heavenly Marks Family was only a small family. I admit that your ancestors were all extremely powerful. Seems that you have received some of that heritage from your family! However, just obtaining a little heritage, you dare to be so arrogant?!” Although Ye Yan has to admit that Nie Li’s knowledge is wider than him, he still wasn’t willing to admit defeat like this.

If he were to admit defeat to a thirteen-fourteen year old kid, where can he put his face as a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist?

“Hmph!” Ye Yan no longer spoke due to anger.

Since the old fart doesn’t come and bother him, Nie Li did not take any initiative to talk to Ye Yan.

Nie Li practised on his own. Waves of majestic soul force revolved around him nonstop. After activating the [Heavenly God] technique, the two demon spirits in his demon realm became sponges, absorbing soul force and constantly getting stronger.

Ye Yan’s soul remained around Nie Li. Although he was greatly angered by Nie Li, when he saw Nie Li operating his cultivation technique, he couldn’t help looking at it.

Waves of soul force was surging. Such practising form is nothing like a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. It was more like the scene of a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist practising.

Ye Yan took a glance at Xiao Ning'er, he hiddenly thought to himself, ‘Whether it’s this brat or that girl doll, they both have very frightening cultivating techniques. They are already so monstrous at such a young age. Could it be that because I haven’t been going out for so many years, the outside world has changed?”

Compared to Nie Li’s [Heavenly God] technique, the five cultivating techniques that Ye Yan took out were simply garbage.

Although the cultivating speed of the [Heavenly God] cultivating technique is a little slower compared to techniques like the [Lightning Dragon] and the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] cultivation technique, compared to the five cultivation techniques that Ye Yan took out earlier on, their speed was dozens of times faster. These two are absolutely not comparable.

Ye Yan’s mind moved towards where Xiao Ning'er was.

“Doll, your talent isn’t bad, how about I accept you as my disciple?”

Hearing Ye Yan’s voice, Xiao Ning'er was slightly startled. She immediately asked, “Who might you be?”

“I’m the ancestral founder of Glory City, creator of the Snow Wind Family, Ye Yan!” Ye Yan proudly said.

“Lord Founder! Xiao Ning'er of the Winged Dragon family pays respects to Lord Founder!” Xiao Ning'er immediately had a respectful expression on her face. She has full of respect towards these powerful figures of history.

Ye Yan smiled and said, “Not bad, not bad. You are worth teaching!” This is more like a maiden of an ordinary family. The kind like Nie Li are abnormal. “I have already been in this Heavenly Sacred Border for thousands of years. I wonder, what is the outside world like now?”

“Lord Founder, Glory City is still considered safe for now.”

“How many Legend rank Demon Spiritualists are guarding Glory City now?”

“Ever since Lord Founder, Glory City only has one Legend rank Demon Spiritualist now, it’s Lord Ye Mo!” Xiao Ning'er replied respectfully.

“How is that possible?!” Ye Yan frowned for a moment. He felt that this matter is a little strange. Whether it’s Xiao Ning'er or Nie Li, both have extremely powerful cultivating techniques. This was simply shocking. By right, with such powerful cultivating techniques, it’s impossible for there to only be one Legend rank Demon Spiritualist.

“Is there a problem?” Xiao Ning'er curiously asked.

“Nothing. Little girl, pass me your cultivation technique so I may have a look. Who knows, I might be able to give you some guidance!” Ye Yan said. After saying that, his face turned red.

“This……”Xiao Ning'er was hesitant.