Chapter 98 - Have me as your teacher

Chapter 98 - Have me as your teacher

“Nothing will happen to Nie Li, right?” Watching Nie Li’s figure disappearing, Du Ze slightly frowned. He’s still worried about this unknown Heavenly Sacred Border.

Lu Piao laughed and said, “Du Ze, you’re thinking too much and not trust in Nie Li. What can be difficult for Nie Li? If you have time to worry for Nie Li, why not hurry up and integrate with your demon spirit. I can’t wait to see how powerful this Scarlet Demonic Leopard is!” Lu Piao was excitedly patting his interspatial ring.

The two walked towards the side and found a spot to sit down and practise while they waited for Nie Li.

Seeing their actions, Ye Sheng couldn’t help feeling pleased. No wonder Du Ze and Lu Piao’s cultivation could advance so quickly, they are simply so hardworking. They are not willing to waste even a little time. If the other students could be as hardworking as them, he wouldn’t have much to worry about.

Ye Sheng and a bunch of teachers went to the side to rest while Du Ze and Lu Piao focused on integrating with their demon spirits.

At this moment, inside the Heavenly Sacred Border

The light in front was twisting as countless images flashed across his eyes as if he was passing through endless time and space. Nie Li walked in and gazed around. The surround was filled with grass and flowers, the scene was simply beautiful.

When he stepped into the Heavenly Sacred Border, Nie Li felt a boom in his soul realm. His soul force felt as though it had exploded and was expanding nonstop, causing his soul realm to stretch.

As his soul realm expanded little by little, Nie Li’s face had a pained expression. The forceful stretching of the soul realm was very difficult to bear.

This Heavenly Sacred Border is actually a sacred place for raising soul force!

Remaining inside for a while is even better than training for several days outside!

His soul realm expanded a total of one third! The terrible pain caused Nie Li’s face to twitch.

Nie Li opened his eyes, and was looking afar. He saw a figure sitting crossed legged on a grass patch far away. It seems to be Xiao Ning'er. Except, Nie Li’s sight is very blurred, and he was unable to see clearly for a moment.

Within his soul realm, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit and the Fanged Panda were constantly growing stronger.

It really is indeed worthy of being called the Heavenly Sacred Border. Nie Li can feel that the two demon spirits within his soul realm were constantly getting stronger. Their cultivating speed was extremely frightening.

Suddenly, from the depths of Nie Li’s consciousness, a hoarse voice sounded.

“Brat, why are you able to integrate two demon spirits into your soul realm?”

“Who are you?” Nie Li asked back. While he’s consolidating his rise soul force, he can feel that a wandering soul was currently spying on him. However, this soul could not threaten him and therefore, Nie Li did not mind it.

“Haha, answer my question first and I’ll tell you who I am!”

“It’s because I practised a special cultivating technique and therefore was able to……” Nie Li calmly said.

“Ohh……What cultivating technique is so magical as that?”

“This is already the second question, right?” Nie Li rolled his eyes, “Constantly asking others questions and not answering the questions of others, doesn’t that seem to be lacking manners!”

That hoarse voice laughed and said, “You are really difficult to deal with. I have been asleep in the Heavenly Sacred Border for centuries. Although, I have met a few genius’ previously, they were unable to enter my eyes. You and that small lady over there have quite the talent. However, your talent is a little bit better. Today, I have my eyes on you. I will accept you as my disciple!”

“You accept me as your disciple? You want me to have you as my teacher?” Nie Li said with disdain. Become my teacher? Who are you? Are you even able to teach me? If some random guy come ups and wants to be my teacher, then wouldn’t I have lots of teachers already?

“Brat, do you know who I am?” The hoarse voice proudly said.

“Who are you?” Nie Li somewhat scornfully asked.

“After the Age of Darkness arrived, we five Legend rank Demon Spiritualists brought tens of thousands of lucky survivors to Glory City and withstood the tidal attacks of the demon beast horde! I’m one of the five ancestral founders of Glory City, Founder Ye Yan! I’m also the founder of the Snow Wind family. Brat, are you scared straight after hearing my name?” That hoarse voice sounded a little proud, “I sealed my soul within the Heavenly Sacred Border and have been protecting Glory City. If it wasn’t for me, Glory City would have fallen!”

“So you’re one of the five founders!” Nie Li understood in a flash, he slightly cupped his hands, “Really sorry. However, Lord Founder, I’m not interested in becoming your disciple.”

“Not interested? You’re actually not interested to being my disciple?” Ye Yan was angered, “Brat, do you know how good of an opportunity you’re giving up? With my guidance, you might be able to become a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist in your lifetime. Or at least a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist!”

“I don’t need to have you as my teacher. I can become a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist!” Nie Li muttered loudly. Even if I respect you as the founder of Glory City, that doesn’t mean that I have to have you as my teacher!

“You……are simply too arrogant! You think that it’s easy to reach Legend rank Demon Spiritualist? Legend rank Demon Spiritualist is a pinnacle existence within this continent! Other than those with extraordinary talent, ordinary people can absolutely not touch that realm!” If Ye Yan were still alive, he would have been angered to explosion. A Legend rank Demon Spiritualist such as him, wants to accept Nie Li as his disciple and was rejected. This is simply intolerable! “You know how many people have begged me to become my disciple?”

“Okay, okay!” Nie Li said defeatedly, “Lord Founder, since you want to be my teacher, what are you going to teach me?”

“As a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, other than knowing everything in the continent, I’m also proficient in astronomy, geography and inscription patterns. I also have several extremely powerful heritage cultivation techniques. I can also give you guidance on the combat abilities of demon spirits!” Ye Yan proudly said, full of himself, “I have five powerful heritage cultivation techniques here, you can choose one to practise!”

Five lights suddenly appeared in front of Nie Li, each one was shaped like books.

“Let me see what powerful cultivating techniques you have!” Nie Li’s gaze fell onto the five books, “What? You have to nerve to even take out the [Revolving Spiritual Wood] cultivating technique? This play thing can only cultivate to Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, right? This cultivating technique is simply flawed. The third chapter actually requires to inject soul force into the Tianshu point, wouldn’t it ruining your own future? The Tianshu Point is used to communicate with the heavens and earth!”

[T/N: Tianshu Point should be a Meridian point.]

“Uh…...I brought out the wrong one.” Ye Yan was looking a little awkward. One of the books disappeared.

“Let me have a look at this. What? [Yang Spiritual] cultivation technique? The speed of this cultivation technique is simply too slow. You could only practise this at a location with the most sun and are unable to practise at night. Even if I reached Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, I’m afraid I would already be in my seventies or eighties. Furthermore, not to mention the overall technique, if I change the Blazing Yang into the body into Yin Yang crossing, the cultivation speed would increase by thirty percent!”

“......” Ye Yan was silent for a moment. He felt that what Nie Li said was very profound. He was choked beyond words by him.

“Let me look at this. Isn’t this the [Ash Wolves] technique? A technique that requires the integration of a wolf-type demon spirit? It’s indeed possible to reach Legend rank Demon Spiritualist realm……”

“So, you like this cultivation technique?” Ye Yan asked with a little joy.

“This cultivation technique? I say, why is this [Ash Wolves] technique only nine chapters? It’s finished after 3-star Legend rank Demon Spiritualist. I also have [Ash Wolves] technique with me, do you want me to give you the tenth chapter? I can guarantee you can cultivate to 5-star Legend rank Demon Spiritualist realm!” Nie Li said.

“......” Within his speechlessness, Ye Yan was simply going crazy. Just what’s the origin of this kid? He’s actually going to teach him a cultivation technique instead?

Over the years, the amount of geniuses that Ye Yan has seen before, even if it didn’t amount to tens of thousands, it would at least be in the thousands. They were all elites of Glory City. However, there wasn’t anyone as monstrous as Nie Li. The five cultivation techniques that he took out, were already extremely powerful cultivation techniques. But in Nie Li’s view, they were simply worthless.

Ye Yan really doesn’t understand. How old is Nie Li, to actually have such vast knowledge? It’s actually even more frightening than a thousand year old master like him.