Chapter 93 - Confrontation

Chapter 93 - Confrontation

In his previous life, Nie Li did not have much contact with Ye Ziyun’s father. However, he knows that her father is a hard-hearted person and had a strange character, making him extremely hard to handle. Nie Li heard from Ye Ziyun that her father is extremely strict. Ever since she was young, his relationship with Ye Ziyun wasn’t that good.

If he were to be found by such a father-in-law while he was in his daughter’s room buck naked, who knows what he’d do.

Nie Li swept away that calm mindset that he had previously, and anxiously threw on his pants. He then called out the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, activating the void-form combat ability and moved out.

He had to leave immediately leave, otherwise there wouldn’t be a chance to do so! Everyone knows that the City Lord is a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, an existence closest to Legend rank!

At this moment, in the yard

A robust man majestically walked in. He’s wearing a grey robe with his hair tied to the back. His face was solemn. He had a biting cold aura emitting from him, while, at the same time, having a feeling of prestige around him.

Ye Ziyun was scared stiff. She never expected that her father would come in at this time, and therefore she was in a dumbfounded daze. If her father knew that Nie Li was currently bathing in her room, who knows what he might do.

“Yun Er, your facial colours don’t seem too good. Are you recently sick?” Ye Zong slightly frowned and asked.

“N…...No.” Ye Ziyun hurriedly shook her head. Her heart was fluttering endlessly, wondering if Nie Li, who is currently in the room knew that her father has come. He mustn’t be found! If Nie Li were found, he would be in danger under her father’s anger.

At this moment of time, Ye Ziyun was worried for Nie Li’s safety.

Ye Zong suddenly felt something. He frowned, “Why is there an aura of another person here?”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, Ye Ziyun was surprised. She knows that her father is a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, furthermore, he has already reached the peak of Black Gold rank. He is only a step away from Legend rank, therefore, his senses are extremely keen.

“How could that be? I’m the only one here!” Ye Ziyun hurriedly shook her hands and said, looking nervous.

Ye Zong coldly glanced at Ye Ziyun. He can tell that Ye Ziyun is lying with just a glance. Not only was another person’s aura here, it’s a male. Ye Zong snorted, releasing a majestic soul force to envelop the entire yard.

At this moment, Nie Li who was preparing to leave the yard, felt a powerful soul force pressure from the sky. He did not dare to move. Turns out that what he feared has come true. He desperately retracted his aura. All of his soul force was exiting from his body, into the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit.

Ye Zong’s soul force swept the area again and again. After awhile, it locked onto Nie Li’s surroundings.

Nie Li felt incessant grievances in his heart. In this life, he didn’t have much time to cultivate, therefore his soul force is only a 2-star Silver rank. If he had reached Gold rank and recasted the hiding ability of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, he definitely wouldn’t be found so easily.

But now, Ye Zong has already found his location.

“It’s actually the void combat ability, never thought that he’d have a little capability, not a total idiot!” Ye Zong snorted. He’s had a wide variety of experiences, therefore he knows a little about the void combat ability. Waves of soul force surged out, forming into ropes, and tied up Nie Li.

Under the shackles of the powerful soul force, Nie Li’s void-form disappeared. His body gradually reappearing.


Ye Zong’s soul force mercilessly threw Nie Li onto the ground, causing cracks to surface.

“Urgh!” Nie Li spewed a mouthful of blood. His body was wounded, his internal organs shocked from the impact. If it wasn’t that Ye Zong had given mercy, with his strength, Nie Li could be killed with one attack.

“Nie Li, are you alright?” Seeing this scene, Ye Ziyun suddenly went anxious. She ran to the side of Nie Li and helped him up. She frowned and angrily stared at Ye Zong, “Father, how can you hurt my friend for no reason?”

“Friend?” Ye Zhong let out a snort, furiously staring at Ye Ziyun, “Explain to me, what exactly is going on?”

“My name is Nie Li, greetings to the City Lord!” Nie Li operated his soul force to heal himself a bit and said to Ye Zong, cupping his hands. No matter what, he is still the father of Ye Ziyun, his future father-in-law. Having their first meeting like this, is still a little embarrassing.

“Nie Li? I seem to have a vague impression of you. You’re that kid that was recruited to the City Lord’s Mansion? Talk! What are you doing in my daughter’s yard?” Ye Zong coldly looked at Nie Li. Nie Li is only wearing a pants, his upper body was shirtless. His gaze coldly swept on Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.

“Of course I’m here to visit. Me and Ziyun are classmates. Knowing that she lived here, I came here to have a look.” Nie Li bitterly smiled as he said.

“Visit? Do you need to undress to visit?” Ye Zong let out a furious snort, it was like thunder bombarding into Nie Li’s heart. Looking at Nie Li, his face solemned down, “Ziyun, you have disappoint me greatly! I never thought that you would do such a thing that could ruin our family’s reputation!”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, her slender figure was slightly startled. Her eyes reddened and sad.

Looking at Ye Ziyun’s sad expression, Nie Li raised his head, looking at Ye Zong and said, “Uncle, don’t misunderstand. There is nothing between Ziyun and I. If there is any problem, direct them at me, leave her alone!”

After hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong became more furious. He walked towards Nie Li slowly, dust and small stones was flying around in the yard. The rage of a Black Gold rank is extremely fearful. Nie Li and Ye Ziyun felt a terrifying aura pressing against them.

“Direct them at you? Seems like you still have a little backbone. You dare to ruin my Snow Wind Family’s reputation, don’t dream on leaving alive!” Ye Zong waved his right hand, a tidal wave of soul force rushed towards Nie Li.

Nie Li’s face changed. He thought that Ye Zong would at most lock him up and punish him a bit. He never thought that Ye Zong would be so merciless. With his current strength, there is no way he can compete with a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. Nie Li was depressed in his heart. If his cultivation was raised a little and reached Gold rank, he would have a fighting chance.

If he died here, then everything would be lost!

The whole Glory City still awaits for him to save them!


His soul realm shocked, Nie Li flew spitting out blood and heavily hit the wall and fell.

“With that little strength of yours, you dared to be presumptuous in my City Lord’s Mansion?” Ye Zong’s right leg stepped out, another wave of soul force raged out.

“Father, no!” Seeing this scene, crystal tears flowed down Ye Ziyun’s cheeks. She leaped, blocking Nie Li. Surging her soul force, the vision of the Snow Queen appeared on top of her. The snow wind covered the sky, forming into a powerful storm, and forming a thick snow wall in front.


Under the attack of Ye Zong’s soul force, the snow wall disintegrated into pieces.

The difference in strength is too big. Even if Ye Zong doesn’t call out his demon spirit, he can easily defeat the Nie Li and Ye Ziyun who had already merged with their demon spirits.

“To actually integrate with a Snow Queen demon spirit and dare go against your father, seems like you’ve grown up! Move!” Ye Zong’s gaze coldly stared at Ye Ziyun.

Ye Zong emitted a frightening aura all over his body.

This kind of aura made Ye Ziyun feel unfamiliar. She cried as she said, “Father, I beg you, let Nie Li go! If you can let him go, I’m willing to accept any punishment.”

Seeing that icy cold expression on Ye Zong’s face, was knife. Nie Li wiped the traces of blood at the corner of his mouth and slowly stood up. Waves of soul force were circling around him, gradually forming into large wings on his back. This is soul forming. However, the wings that were formed behind Nie Li were much bigger compared to Xiao Ning'er. Furthermore, it’s three pairs. Six huge wings were slowly flapping behind, waves of soul force were confronting Ye Zong’s.

“The only reason I’m not fighting back, is because you’re the father of Ziyun. It’s not because I’m afraid of you……” Icy cold words slowly came out of Nie Li’s mouth. That gaze of his was as sharp as knives.

At this moment, Nie Li was suspend in the air, like a god. His eyes had faint hints of a frightening aura.