Chapter 91 - Living together?

Chapter 91 - Living together?

Glory City, City Lord’s Mansion

Endlessly large courtyards, the view was magnificent. Pillars and bridges were picturesque. At the same time, the place was heavily guarded. Casually, a soldier would have the cultivation of a Silver rank Fighter. At the same time, there would be Gold rank Fighters patrolling back and forth. It’s said that within these courtyards, Black Gold rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists were housed.

This is the core area within the whole Glory City.

Nie Li and Nie Yu were arranged to one of the courtyards. As long as there isn’t Black Gold rank experts attacking the mansion, this place is safe. One can see how much importance was placed on Nie Li with how heavily guarded he was.

“Big brother Nie Li, why are we living in the City Lord’s Mansion?” Nie Yu timidly asked. Ever since she entered the City Lord’s Mansion, she had been very nervous.

“Because this place is safe!” Nie Li patted on Xiao Yu’s shoulders and said, “There’s no need to be afraid. As long as big brother is here, you can be at ease. Furthermore, the City Lord’s daughter is your sister-in-law. Next time when you see her, remember to call her sister-in-law, okay?”

“Sister-in-law? Okay.” Nie Yu looked at Nie Li in surprise. She never thought that Nie Li would have found a sister-in-law so fast. Furthermore, she’s the daughter of the City Lord.

Nie Yu was filled with doubts, but Nie Li did not do any explanation. The City Lord would never thought that his action of protecting such a genius has lured a wolf into his home. Nie Li has had ill thoughts from the start.

‘Tsk tsk. Coming into the City Lord’s Mansion, aside from the usual training, can also tease Ye Ziyun when I’m bored. Life is so perfect. If there wasn’t any Sacred Family or Dark Guild, and without the attacks of the demon beasts, life would be even more perfect.’

For the comfortable future life in front of him, he has to find some methods to destroy the Sacred Family. In his previous life, if it wasn’t for the betrayal of the Sacred Family, Glory City wouldn’t have fallen so easily. The root of the problem, is usually internal.

Nie Li is still 2-star Silver rank now. However, strength wise, suppressing a normal 1 or 2-star Gold rank shouldn’t be much of a problem. But, this is far from enough. He has to hurry up and practice.

“What is there that can raise my cultivation the fastest?” Nie Li patted his head, “How could I have forgotten that. To actually forget the Heavenly Sacred Border.” Within the Holy Orchid Institute, the only thing that can arouse his interest would be the Heavenly Sacred Border.

‘Prepare first and then find a chance to make a trip to the Heavenly Sacred Border!’ Nie Li thought to himself.

Nie Li crossed his legs and started to practise. Nie Yu also obediently sat beside Nie Li and practised. She is very sensible, so she did not emit any noise that could disturb Nie Li and concentrated on practising.

One day, two days……

As time passes, Nie Li and Nie Yu’s life here wasn’t bad. Aside from not allowed to go to the core area of the City Lord’s Mansion, there wasn’t any restrictions. Furthermore, three meals a day were delivered by servants. Outsiders can also visit anytime. It’s rumoured that in a few days time, the City Lord and Ye Mo will personally meet with Nie Li. Therefore, the surrounding guards and maids were very polite to the brother and sister duo.

Nie Li’s cultivation was steadily rising. At the fifth day, his cultivation finally raised once again, his soul force reached 3-star Silver rank.

After reaching 3-star Silver rank, Nie Li did not continue to go further up. At the beginning, it’s best not to have one’s cultivation rise too fast, it’s best to give some time in between. He blinked. After entering the City Lord’s Mansion for so many days, Ye Ziyun still hasn’t come and look for him.

Evening approaches, the sunset was a layer of gold in the City Lord’s Mansion, causing the place to look even more magnificent.

‘Probably because a girl’s face is too thin, she does not dare to come. Seems that I have to come and find you!’ Nie Li thought to himself. He chuckled and looked at Nie Yu beside him and said, “Xiao Yu, I’ll go look for you sister-in-law. You remain here and practice.”

“Okay.” Xiao Yu’s big bright eyes looked at Nie Li fully puzzled. How is big brother Nie Li preparing to go look for Sister-in-law? Although she is curious, she did not enquire much. She obediently remained at the courtyard to practise.

After Nie Li stepped out of the courtyard, he called the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit and disappeared. The several Gold rank experts that were guarding Nie Li’s courtyard felt faint aura. They looked at their surroundings, not finding anything, then retracted their gazes. They thought that they had sensed wrong.

‘My void-form combat ability isn’t perfect yet, the ability of hiding the aura isn’t strong enough. When encountering Gold rank, I can still barely pass it. If I were to encounter a Black Gold rank, I will definitely be noticed.’ Nie Li thought to himself, familiarly moving towards where Ye Ziyun was staying.

Although Nie Li has never come here before, he heard all about the City Lord’s Mansion from Ye Ziyun. Therefore, he also knows where Ye Ziyun lived.

‘The daughter of the City Lord, interesting.’ Nie Li thought to himself as he couldn’t help lightly smile.

The experts that filled City Lord’s Mansion, were bypassed by Nie Li with no one hindering. Gold rank experts don’t have any threat towards Nie Li.

A small courtyard appeared in Nie Li’s view. It was a very unique yard. The inside is filled with all kinds of plants and flowers. Bursts of fragrance was coming out from it. Looking from afar, an exquisite two floor building could be seen, that’s the place that Ye Ziyun is living in.

The gate of the small courtyard were passed through by Nie Li while he was in his void-form. After removing the void-form, Nie Li walked in.

On a stone at a corner of the yard, Ye Ziyun was currently sitting crossed legged as she practised. The Soul force coiling around, behind her had an unclear white figure.

That white figure wore a white fluttering robe, and bore a beautiful face. On the top of her head, is an ice crown. She is the Snow Queen demon spirit. Among the demon spirits, she was the one that looked the most human. It’s said that in ancient times, the Snow Queen was a goddess.

Snow Queens are extremely rare. Furthermore, they have extremely powerful Snow Wind combat abilities. It compliments with Ye Ziyun who has practised the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix].

When Nie Li’s gaze fell onto Ye Ziyun’s body, his nose felt slightly warm, almost leaking out blood. Ye Ziyun should have just finished her bath. Her hair is still wet. She wore a thin veil over her body, the slight bulge on her chest could be vaguely seen.

This scene made Nie Li recall his previous life. That night, under the moonlight, Ye Ziyun was as holy as a goddess. They both hugged, listened to each other’s breaths. Nie Li’s hands gently kneading that softness. Some say that the proudest moment of a man is when he’s holding his lover’s peaks.

Nie Li took in a deep breath. Although the current Ye Ziyun has yet to grow, she’s already extremely beautiful. After practising the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix], she became even more charming.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun, who is currently deep in her practise realised something. She opened her eyes and hostilely said, “Who?” When she saw Nie Li, she felt relieved. She was puzzled and asked, “It’s you? How did you come here?”

If it were anyone else who suddenly appeared in this courtyard, Ye Ziyun would certainly suspect their motives. Even with those whom she is familiar with, Ye Ziyun couldn’t put her guard down completely. However, not even Ye Ziyun knows why that when she saw Nie Li, she subconsciously felt relieved.

“I came here to have a look. Your courtyard seems to be very unique. However, living here alone must be very boring. How about I move in here to live with you?” Nie Li looked at all four directions, looking extremely satisfied as he nodded.

Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li dumbfounded, feeling shy. ‘This person, how can he be so shameless to such a degree?! Have I ever said that I’m very bored? Even if I’m bored, I also wouldn’t have you move in here!’