Chapter 78 - Treasure

Chapter 78 - Treasure

Shen Ming slightly nodded. This Nie Li exposed the Sacred Family on the matter with the [Scarlet Sunburst] inscription, causing the reputation of the Sacred Family to be greatly affected. They definitely have to teach him a lesson. This martial arts tournament is led by the Sacred Family. People of the Divine Family and the Snow Wind Family wouldn’t be there. With Shen Ning and Shen Xiao, their win is already guaranteed. Adding Shen Fei wouldn’t harm them.

“This martial arts tournament concerns the face of our Sacred Family. Therefore, we will host a bet. The various Patriarchs from the various families will also bet.” Shen Ming said, “Regarding this matter, it’s very crucial. It cannot have a flaw in it. Otherwise, when the Patriarch returns from his isolation training, you two will know of the consequences!”

Shen Ming’s gaze swept on Shen Ning and Shen Xiao. He doesn’t care if Shen Fei messes around, but if Shen Ming and Shen Xiao were to have problems, their punishments would definitely be severe.

Shen Ning and Shen Xiao were a little anxious. They hurriedly bent their bodies and said, “Yes, Main Affairs Elder. We will definitely do our best!”

Shen Fei’s prideful gaze swept pass Shen Ning and Shen Xiao. Although they are unhappy with Shen Fei, they are members of the branch member of the Sacred Family, they do not dare to voice out. They obviously have higher cultivation compared to Shen Fei, however, they were not treated fairly. How would they feel balance within their heart?

‘In recent times, because they are sheltered by the Alchemist Association, the Heavenly Marks Family has not put us in their eyes anymore. When the Patriarch returns, we’ll show them a good time!’ Shen Ming thought. The Patriarch of the Sacred Family, Shen Hong, already at the peak of Black Gold rank cultivation. He wonders when he’ll be able to breakthrough into Legend rank.

Once Shen Hong manages to break through the bottleneck into Legend rank, the standing of the Sacred Family will instantly no longer be the same. They will be able to even make some decisions regarding some of Glory City’s matters. Even the City Lord has to take the opinion of the Sacred Family seriously. At that time, what ripple can the Heavenly Marks Family cause?

‘I heard that the Heavenly Marks family has been recruiting a large amount of experts and spent tens of millions in the process. Where did all that money come from? It seems matter must be connected to the Alchemist Association! Is the Alchemist Association determined to nurture the Heavenly Marks Family?’ Shen Ming thought to himself. The Alchemist Association has been repeatedly going against the Sacred Family to protect the Heavenly Marks Family. Furthermore, they have been secretly checking up on the Sacred Family. Could it be that the Alchemist Association found something?

The collusion between the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild can not be found out! Shen Ming has been very careful when handling these matters. He will not let the Alchemist Association catch them by the tail. Once the Patriarch returns from his isolation, he will definitely have to report to the Patriarch about this matter.

It does not matter if the Alchemist Association is sheltering the Heavenly Marks Family. This time, they have to show the Heavenly Marks Family some colours, otherwise, how could the prestige of the Sacred Family remain?

The territory of Heavenly Marks Family

Nie Li has been locking himself up, bitterly training while acquiring demon spirits. He was refining a God level growth rate Snow Wind Demon Spirit for Ye Ziyun and a Lightning Demon Spirit for Xiao Ning'er. Furthermore, he still has three other God level growth rate demon spirits. Which are of the God attribute, Sacred Flame attribute and the Holy attribute which are prepared for Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun and Zhang Ming respectively.

In recent times, Nie Li has been busy with his integration with the Fanged Panda and raising his cultivation. He hasn’t had the chance to go into the treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family, until now. Under Nie Hai’s lead, they entered into a secret passage behind the Patriarch mansion. They passed through layers of thick defenses, and arrived at the treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family.

Treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family

Nie Hai was a little embarrassed. He pointed towards the stone chamber and said, “This is the treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family!”

Hearing Nie Hai’s words, Nie Li’s gaze swept through the stone chamber. The walls of the stone chamber was filled with hooks, however, there was only around one-two hundred items. Nie Li’s gaze fiercely glanced at Nie Hai, and heartlessly said, “Patriarch, are you sure that this is the treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family?”

“Of course!” Nie Hai’s cheeks were slightly hot as he nodded.

“Why is there so few items in the treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family?” Nie Li glanced at Nie Hai from up to down and said, “Patriarch, it couldn’t be that the items in this treasury have been dug empty by you, right?”

“No such thing!” Nie Hai’s face instantly reddens and said, “Everything within the treasury is registered. If one wants to take an item out, it would have to pass through the agreement of all the elders. During these recent years, the Heavenly Marks Family was strapped for cash. In order to ensure the development of the family, we had no choice but to take some of the treasures out to exchange for money. By doing that, only did we had managed to maintain the Heavenly Marks Family until now!”

“I’m only casually saying. Why is Patriarch being so agitated?” Nie Li shrugged, walking forward.

Watching Nie Li’s back figure, Nie Hai was dazed. How was Nie Li’s brain developed? It’s basically no different from an adults. He actually playing around with him, causing Nie Hai to feel a sense of powerlessness.

“The treasure that we sold, were those that were able to bought in the market. There is still some goods within the treasury that we are unsure of their uses, therefore, we do not dare to sell them recklessly.” Nie Hai continued.

“Probably these treasures with unknown usage couldn’t fetch much of a price, right?” Nie Li lightly glanced at Nie Hai.

“You…… Xiao Li, can’t you save some face for me? Now that it’s only the two of us, it’s fine. But when there are outsiders….. after all, I’m still the Patriarch.” Nie Hai was depressed. As a Patriarch, he was actually made speechless by Nie Li. However, he can’t get angry towards Nie Li because the rising of the Heavenly Marks Family heavily relied on Nie Li.

“Of course. When we are outside, I’ll definitely save some face for you.” Nie Li said, nodding his head.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie Hai was slightly stunned for a moment, then bitterly smiled. What Nie Li meant is that, when there is no outsider, he will not save any face for him.

Nie Li looked at the various treasures hanging on the wall. Although the Heavenly Marks Family has declined, it’s still a big family that has been passed down since the Snow Wind Empire Era, and so they still do have some good treasures. The treasure that Nie Hai knows of, have basically all been sold off. However the items that have left over, are the real treasure.

“These last couple hundred treasures, I don’t know any of their uses nor power.” Nie Hai said, bitterly smiling as he looked at all the dazzling treasures.

It’s normal for Nie Hai to not know what these treasures can do. The majority of these treasures are from way before the Sacred Empire Era. Nie Li knows over ninety percent of them and the usage of each one. As for the left over ten percent, even Nie Li wasn’t even sure of their usage!