Chapter 62 - I have money

Chapter 62 - I have money

The Alchemist Association worked very quickly, and dispatched a few Gold rank Demon Spiritualists and Fighters to guard the Heavenly Marks Family. This caused the guard of the Heavenly Marks Family to be even heavier. Several Aristocratic families around the Heavenly Marks Family were depressed. The Heavenly Marks Family is a tail-end existence among the Aristocratic families, so why would a family like that get the attention of the Alchemist Association?

They were both envious and jealous. With the care of the Alchemist Association, the Heavenly Marks Family's position suddenly became incomparable to the past.

Those who had a hostile relationship with the Heavenly Marks Family felt uneasy. They were afraid that the Heavenly Marks Family would take revenge on them. Those who are not close with the Heavenly Marks Family, sent representatives to befriend them.

The influence of the Alchemist Association is too great. Furthermore, now that the Alchemist Association had elixirs like the Soul Concentrating Pill, Soul Tempering Pill, and various other pills. Their influence has increased several fold. Even the Snow Wind Family has to rely on the Alchemist Association for their elixirs.

But that doesn't mean that the Heavenly Marks Family has nothing to worry about.

Aside from the Sacred Family, there is also the Dark Guild that has been hiding within the shadows. Nie Li did not dare to be careless. After he handles the matters within the family, he will continue working on his cultivation.

Although he has already reached the Silver rank, and integrated with a demon spirit, Nie Li still has a strong sense of urgency to cultivate.

Aside from cultivating, Nie Li is practising the combat skills of Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, trying to get it to the pure blue fire stage.

If Nie Li runs into Deacon Yun Hua again, he probably won't be able to escape so easily.

Just as soon as Nie Li crossed his legs to begin training, Yang Xin walked in from the outside. These last few days, Yang Xin has been hesitant to talk to Nie Li. Whenever she sees him, she would think back to the other day, causing her cheeks to be slightly flushed.

"Nie Li, did your master tell you of any other elixir formulas? For example, some mind clearing elixirs that are need to go against hallucinatory-type demon beasts, antidote elixirs for poison-type demon beast......" Yang Xin sat beside Nie Li, finally couldn't keep it any longer and asked.

"If there are new elixirs, we would be able to expand our business," said Yang Xin. The previous elixirs have extremely important significance to Glory City. She originally had orders from Gu Yan to meet with Nie Li's master. However, after waiting for several days, Nie Li's master hasn't shown himself yet. She also does not dare to ask for anything. A hidden expert, like Nie Li's master, isn't someone that is easily seen by others.

"This is big sister Yang Xin's request or president Gu Yan's?" Nie Li looked at Yang Xin and asked as he decided to tease this woman.

"It's President Gu Yan's request."

"Then, forget it. President Gu Yan has no sincerity. He wants more elixir formulas, yet he does not come to ask for them personally." Nie Li slightly closed his eyes as he said.

"President Gu Yan has been busy with refining the elixirs recently, so......" Yang Xin said, slightly embarrassed. She suddenly figured out something, revealing a charming smile, blowing at Nie Li's ears and said, "Good little brother, you have more elixir formulas with you, right? Why don't you tell big sister? No matter what you want to do, I'll agree to it." [TLN: Ahem...]

Hearing Yang Xin's words, Nie Li bitterly smiled. This devil is obviously tempting him. As he watched the amorous woman in front of him, he knew that an ordinary guy definitely couldn't resist her temptations. If he didn't share some more formula’s, who knows what she might do to him. He quickly waved his hand and said, "Fine, since big sister Yang Xin asked me for them, I'll tell big sister a few more elixir formulas!"

Nie Li took out three elixir formulas: Spirit Pacifying Pill, Detoxifying Spirit Pill and, to counteract Snow Wind demon beasts, the Flame Type Cold Resistance Pill.

[TLN: Direct translate is Cold Resisting Alcohol Flame Pill, but removed Alcohol because it sounds weird and more like you'll get drunk off it instead lol]

‘There's even a Flame Type Cold Resistance Pill formula?’ Yang Xin's eyes lit up. Within the St. Ancestral Mountains, most of the demon beasts are Snow Wind type. Therefore, cold resistant pills are extremely useful. It’s a pity that the formulas were lost thousands of years ago. With this Flame Type Cold Resistance Pill, Glory City will have a better chance at resisting the Snow Wind beasts.

"I only have these three, at the moment. These elixirs are extremely effective, especially the Flame Type Cold Resistance Pill. I believe that big sister Yang Xin knows of it's usage," Nie Li said, looking towards Yang Xin. Truthfully, he actually knows at least thirty types of cold resisting pill formulas, however, after he carefully researched each one only the raw materials of the Flame Type Cold Resistance Pills can be found within Glory City. Even though some of those cold resisting pills have a better effect, their raw materials cannot be found in Glory City.

"Thank you, little brother Nie Li. You have made great contributions to Glory City. If the City Lord knows of this, he will definitely present you with a nobility rank!" Yang Xin said emotionally.

"There’s no need for me to be given a nobility rank, I have no interest for such prestige. I do hope that big sister Yang Xin can help me keep this a secret," Nie Li waved his hand.

Yang Xin couldn't help looking at Nie Li with surprise. She wonders how this monstrous child was raised. He’s only a thirteen year old kid, but he's so calm. Even the thought of nobility rank does not shine within his eyes. Yang Xin, being totally helpless, said, "Since little brother requested to keep this a secret, then we'll definitely not let it leak out. Of course, your share of profit, we, the Alchemist Association, will pass to you on time."

Nie Li slightly nodded. During this period of time, he has already gotten over one billion demon spirit coins. All of which were stored in card form. Every demon crystal card represents ten thousand demon spirit coins, hence, it can greatly save the interspatial ring's space. If that wasn't the case, Nie Li's interspatial ring would have been full.

"If you have any new elixir formulas, don't forget to tell big sister," Yang Xin was smiling to the point that her eyes were closed. Suddenly, she revealed a charming smile and said, "Little brother really doesn't need big sister to do anything? No matter what little brother's request may be, big sister will agree to it."

Yang Xin bent her body down, her two seductive semi spheres leaked out. That voluptuous figure, and slender legs, emitted an indescribable temptation.

"Recently, big sister has been listening to your advice, and mixed Purple Haze Grass together with Tiger Gaze Grass. Look, doesn’t big sister's chest seem bigger?" Yang Xin's eyes were as fluid silk.

Nie Li has to admit, Yang Xin is indeed a woman capable of charming everyone. Although he would occasionally tease Yang Xin, his heart has remained calm the whole time. Even if he isn't as powerful as his previous life, at the moment, his mentality still remains strong.

Nie Li innocently blinked while looking at Yang Xin and said, "What is big sister Yang Xin intending to do? I'm just a thirteen year old kid. I don't know anything!"

Seeing Nie Li's innocent face, Yang Xin's face flushed a deep red. Even though she had thoughts of teasing him, she was defeated by his innocent look. She awkwardly said, "Nothing! I'll return to the Alchemist Association first!"

Although her heart had an indescribable heart throb, after she thought about Nie Li's age again, she felt guilty. 'What exactly am I thinking? Nie Li’s just a kid!’

As he watched Yang Xin's desperate figure leave, Nie Li couldn't help finding it funny. However, he soon calmed down and continued practising.

After several hours, Nie Hai and Nie En walked in from the outside, and saw that Nie Li was still cultivating. They decided to wait until he was done. Although this behaviour doesn't fit a Patriarch and Grand Elder, they don't dare to do anything else.

At this moment, Nie Li is an important person to the Heavenly Marks Family. His status is no longer any less than theirs.

Nie Li opened his eyes, however, he did not rise from his seated position. He looked towards Nie Hai and Nie En and asked, "Patriarch, Grand Elder, is there something that I can do for the both of you?"

"Oh, Nie Li!" Nie Hai laughed, not having any of his usual majestic tone and said, "Today we were looking for you to ask if you are interested in going to the Treasure Auction?"

Nie Hai received an invitation from the Hong Yue Family. The Hong Yue Family is a Noble family. To able to receive the invitation of the Hong Yue Family, of course, Nie Hai felt proud. Although the financial situation of the Heavenly Marks Family is still a little in distress, since he received the invitation from the Hong Yue Family, he must definitely go.

The reason so to why Nie Hai called for Nie Li is to build up good relationship with him. With the backing of the Alchemist Association, Nie Li's position within the family isn't comparable to the past. In order to not land himself in an awkward situation, he purposely pulled Ni En with him, since Nie En's relationship with Nie Li isn't that bad.

"The Treasure Auction?" Nie Li's brows slightly uprise and said, "Okay, I'll go too!"

After hearing Nie Li's reply, Nie Hai felt relieved. He's worried that Nie Li would’ve refused.

"That being the case, we'll be going in my carriage," Nie Hai said, slightly smiling, "It has already been prepared."

Nie Li stood up. Since the place wasn't far, Nie Li did not pack anything and followed Nie Hai and Nie En and boarded the carriage. The carriage slowly started with several Gold rank Demon Spiritualists and Fighters following behind. They are there to protect Nie Li.

Nie Hai secretly thought to himself, ‘What is Nie Li's relationship with the Alchemist Association exactly for him to be of such high importance to the Alchemist Association?’

"Director Yang has already returned back to the Alchemist Association. Before leaving, she specially told me that I must take care of you. It seems like your relationship with Director Yang isn't bad," Nie Hai said, lightly smiling.

Nie Li lightly threw a glance a Nie Hai, not saying anything.

Nie Hai felt awkward at this moment. Nie Li did not give him, the Patriarch, any face.

Nie En also felt helpless. Nie Li belongs to his branch, and in the past, he was able to freely reprimand Nie Li. But now, he's completely lost to Nie Li's change of character, turning a little solemn. However, he didn’t dare to say anything.

The atmosphere in the carriage was a little awkward.

"Nie Li, if you have anything you like in the auction, you can tell me. I'll get it for you," Nie Hai said. Although the stuff at the auction isn't cheap, he's prepared to bleed heavily for once. Even if he spends a little more money, he must get one or two things for Nie Li. After all, kids are still easy to handle.

"No need. If there's anything I like, I'll buy it myself. I have the money to pay," Nie Li said, shaking his head. In terms of wealth, the whole Heavenly Marks Family combined was not richer than him.

Nie En smiled and said, "The things at the Treasure Auction aren't simple. The cheapest piece would be worth at least few thousands demon spirit coins. The most expensive ones would be from ten thousand demon spirit coins onwards!"

"So cheap, I'm not interested." Nie Li lightly said.

Hearing Nie Li's words, Nie Hai and Nie En were slightly stunned. They bitterly smiled at each other. Seems like they haven't understood the situation correctly. Seems like Yang Xin gave Nie Li quite a bit of money. When they thought about it again, it makes sense. Yang Xin is willing to dispatch Gold rank experts to protect Nie Li, so she has definitely given him quite a bit of pocket money.

They both thought that Nie Li only had a good relationship with Yang Xin, hence they were sheltered by her. What they didn't know is Nie Li's relationship with Yang Xin is an equal partnership relation. Within Nie Li's interspatial ring, is not only just simple pocket money.