Chapter 481 - Ancient Legend

The banquet was lively with Nie Li and everyone happily chatting and drinking.

Nangong Xianyin was dumbfounded for a long time before she sighed.

Despite the reluctance in her heart, she knew that if she continued to go against Nie Li, then it’s undoubtedly death that awaited her. Not to mention that she might even bring the entire Heavenly Note Sect along with her.

Judging from the situation right now, the Heavenly Note Sect could only become the vassal of the Divine Feathers Sect, and the moment they become the vassal of the Divine Feathers Sect, it wouldn’t be easy for them to pull themselves out. With so many disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect marrying to the Divine Feather Sect, how can the Heavenly Note Sect stand alone? They could only fall deeper in the future.

As for the other sects, all their most outstanding disciples were Nie Li’s subordinates, and they even received the Sacred Elixirs from Nie Li.

Amongst the six righteous sects, the Divine Feathers Sect already stood at the top right now.

There were hundreds of people in the hall, and all of them were experts of the various sects. The Sect Masters of the six sects were also gathered over, and they’re naturally here to see Nie Li. After all, they’ve received so many favors from Nie Li, so it wouldn’t sound right if they had no idea how their benefactor looked like. Not to mention that they’re also curious about the person who changed the entire situation in the six Divine Sects.

Nie Li was younger than they had imagined, and he’s genuinely something since he could become the Divine Feather Sect’s Sect Master at such a young age.

Just when everyone was chatting, Nie Li stood up and raised the cup in his hand and said to all the Sect Masters, “Welcome, everyone, to the Heavenly Note Sect. I’m extremely honored with your presence.”

This fellow really knows how to outshine the host. Nangong Xianyin rolled her eyes, but she did not refute his words. After all, Nie Li just gave her a bottle of Sacred Elixir, and it was said that the effect was ten-odd folds stronger than the ordinary ones. Thus, she could only suck it up.

“Sect Master Nie, you’re too courteous.” Sect Master Xiu of the Phaseless Sect laughed.

“I wonder, what’s the current relationship between the Heavenly Note Sect and the Divine Feathers Sect?” The Sky Origin Sect’s Sect Master calmly looked at Nie Li. He never expected that the latter would speak on behalf of Nangong Xianyin.

Nie Li laughed, “Sect Master Wu, the Divine Feathers Sect and Heavenly Note Sect are close, like a family.”

When Lu Piao heard Nie Li’s words, he burst into laughter. With all the disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect becoming part of the Divine Feathers Sect, how could they not be as close as a family?

“Oh? Really?” The Sect Master of the Sky Origin Sect cast a glance at Nangong Xianyin but saw that the latter did not respond. The Divine Feathers Sect’s connection was truly terrifying, even the two most outstanding talents of their Sky Origin Sect, Du Ze, and Hua Huo were Nie Li’s friends.

Thus, he couldn’t help doubting whether Nie Li wanted to rule the six Divine Sects.

“That’s the matter I wanted to declare. All the Sect Masters must think that I have the ambition to rule the six Divine Sects now that the Divine Feathers Sect is so powerful, right?” Nie Li turned to look at the five other Divine Sect’s Sect Master.

All the Sect Masters remained silent. They did not respond and wished to hear Nie Li’s answer.

“Haha, on the contrary, the Divine Feathers Sect has no intention to rule. If the Divine Feathers Sect wanted to rule, we wouldn’t have given out so many Sacred Elixirs. We just need to use it on ourselves, and we’d be the first in just a few years. I wonder if everyone here agrees with what I’ve just said?” Nie Li faintly smiled.

Hearing his words, all the Sect Masters felt relieved, since what Nie Li said made sense. If the Divine Feathers Sect wanted to rule, why would they distribute the Sacred Elixirs to them and make them stronger?

“The entire Sky Origin Sect would like to have a toast with Sect Master Nie.” The Sect Master of the Sky Origin Sect raised his cup towards Nie Li.

“Ever since we obtained Sect Master Nie’s Sacred Elixir, the entire Phaseless Sect has undergone a great boost. My Phaseless Sect will certainly not forget Sect Master Nie’s grace!” Sect Master Xiu and the rest of the Phsaeless Sect also respectfully raised their cups, and so did the rest. After all, they’ve all received Nie Li’s favor.

“Naturally, I’m not helping everyone for no reason.” Nie Li smiled as he continued, “Everyone has their own motives, that goes the same to me as well.”

“Sect Master Nie, if there’s anything you need from us, we will surely do our best!”

“Sect Master Nie, go ahead and tell. We will surely repay your favor!”

Nangong Xianyin had also raised her ears. It looked like Nie Li did have a motive, but she had no idea why he wanted to gift so many Sacred Elixirs to the various Divine Sects.

Nie Li smiled. “Listen to a story of mine. There are countless powerful Deities in this world.”

When everyone heard the word “deities”, they instantly raised their ears. As Sect Masters of the various Divine Sects, they’ve naturally seen the ancient records in their own Sects. Thus, they knew that Deities existed in the world, and they even reincarnated into the bodies of many experts. Even their Ancestors were practically the reincarnation of deities, establishing the Divine Sects that existed today.

“There’s an extremely formidable deity in the world, and he’s pursuing towards the peak. He wants to become the pinnacle deity, so he wants to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm, turning all lifeforms into his power.” Nie Li looked at everyone as he continued, “I believe that everyone has this deity recorded in the ancient texts. This deity is called the Sage Emperor.”

All the Divine Sect’s Sect Masters exchanged looks.

“But that’s only a legend.” Nangong Xianyin knitted her brows.

“Did you think that your Ancestors were bluffing you?” Nie Li smiled.

“My Sect does have such records.” The Sect Master of the Sky Origin Sect nodded his head.

“So does mine!”

“Mine as well!” All the Sect Master nodded their heads.

Everyone was instantly inwardly shocked. Could it be that this Sage Emperor really existed? They suddenly recalled Nie Li’s speech with the Demon Lord just a moment ago.

“What I like to say is that those records aren’t legends, the Sage Emperor really existed. He has never stopped trying to refine the Draconic Ruins Realm. To fight the Sage Emperor, several deities went into reincarnation and even established the Ancestral God Land to resist him.” Nie Li swept his glance at everyone.

“The Ancestral God Land is the location that our Ancestors levitated heavenwards. Only those who have broken into the Martial Ancestor Realm or chosen candidates are allowed to head there.” The Sky Origin Sect’s Sect Master said.

“But it’s a pity. For the past millions of years, the Ancestral God Land has been recruiting powerful experts to face the Sage Emperor. Even now that the Ancestral God Land is on the verge of collapse, they still have not managed to defeat the Sage Emperor. The Sage Emperor will soon refine the Draconic Ruins Realm, and the disaster will soon befall upon us. It’s just that all of you are still unaware of it.” Nie Li bitterly smiled.