Chapter 480 - Reunion

“No need to go that far, isn’t it just some extract of the Divine Phaseless Fruit? Here, I’ll give it to you!” Nie Li took out a few bottles as he tossed them to the Demon Lord, which the latter took and stored them.

“Aren’t you going to check if they’re the real stuff?” Nie Li’s brows raised as he looked at the Demon Lord.

“No need for that. You’re a smart person, and I believe that you won’t be that stupid.” The Demon Lord replied faintly.

Nie Li felt a pull from his side as Ye Ziyun tugged the corner of his clothes, “Nie Li, is he… trustworthy?”

“At least the Spring of Life that he gave me is the real stuff, and with it, I will be able to revive your father. Aside from this, there’s no other enmity between us.” Nie Li replied calmly.

“But… Glory City has always been under his threat!” said Ye Ziyun.

“At least they’re all dealt with. Right now, the Sage Emperor is the greatest threat.” A cold flicker flashed in Nie Li’s eyes as he continued, “If he continues to refine the Draconic Ruins Realm, regardless of the Tiny World or the Draconic Ruins Realm, they will all erased with everyone dying!”

“Thus, enemies can also be turned into friends. At least before the Sage Emperor dies, we share the same mission.” Nie Li replied.

“Although I don’t get what you’re saying fully, I will support your decision.” Ye Ziyun declared confidently.

Xiao Ning’er also nodded her head by the side, “Me too.”

When the rest heard about the conversation between Nie Li and the Demon Lord, they grew doubtful. They couldn’t understand anything from the conversation, whether it was the Spring of Life, Divine Phaseless Fruit or the Sage Emperor.

However, they never expected that Nie Li and the Demon Lord actually knew each other!

“In the world, only the two of us are conscious of what’s happening.” The Demon Lord faintly smiled as he continued, “Before the Sage Emperor dies, we’re comrades. After his death, we will then determine the winner between us.”

“Deal!” Nie Li faintly smiled.

Sweeping his glance out at the surroundings, the Demon Lord said, “You’ve spent such a great deal of effort to gather so many people, are they even useful in the final battle? Why don’t you just focus on yourself to reach your limits before fighting with the Sage Emperor?”

Glancing at the Demon Lord, Nie Li smiled, “I once had the same thoughts as you, and my cultivation had also neared the limits of Heavenly Dao. However, I still lost in his hand, do you know why?”


“Because he has six Deity Rank Demon Beast Generals, and thousands of servants. All of their cultivations are above the mid-level of the Heavenly Dao. Not to mention he still has the Demonic Sects beneath him. I was already exhausted by the time I faced him after defeating all his subordinates.” Nie Li bitterly smiled.

“You’ve fought with him before?” The Demon Lord’s brows raised.

“Yes, I have. I believe you must be the reincarnation of a Supreme Expert, right? When you fought with him, he still didn’t have that many subordinates. But as time passed, he had the luxury of time to build up his forces. If we want to defeat him, just the two of us are insufficient.” Nie Li weakly smiled.

“No wonder you’re roping all the Six Righteous Sects together.” The Demon Lord said as he swept his glance at the surroundings.

“Indeed, not only do I want to rope them together, but I also want to increase their strength to break through the Martial Ancestor Realm and reach the legendary Heavenly Dao Realm.” Nie Li said before balling his hands. “Only with this, can we fight with the Sage Emperor.”

“It’s not possible for you to get so many people to step into the Heavenly Dao Realm,” said the Demon Lord.

“Since the Sage Emperor managed to accomplish it back then, so can I.” Nie Li spoke with confidence.

“Then I hope that you can succeed, but I’m not interested in them. Since I have obtained the extract from you, I will be preparing to go into secluded training for months!” The Demon Lord said calmly before his silhouette slowly faded and disappeared. He had already left, only leaving his voice echoing out in this hall, “I hope that next time when we meet, our cultivation won’t be pulled that far apart!”

A thought came from the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, it was from Yu Yan. She asked, “Nie Li, do you know which reincarnation he is?”

“No idea.” Nie Li bitterly smiled. “That fellow is filled with an extremely unusual aura that even made me feel fearful of him.”

Duan Jian turned to look at Nie Li as he reported, “In the Phaseless Sect, I fear no one even amongst the Martial Ancestor Realm experts. However, I feel an unfathomable power from that fellow, even I’m not his opponent.”

“It’s normal, even I can’t see through him completely.” Nie Li continued, “At least we’re not enemies for the time being.”

Very swiftly, the Sect Masters of the Six Divine Sects gathered. Aside from Nangong Xianyin, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect and Sect Master Xiu of the Phaseless Sect, the Sect Master of the Thousand Flowers Sect, Hua Quanyue and the Sect Master of the Sky Origin Sect and Skyblaze Sect, He Lianlie and Yan Ying were all gathered along with Du Ze, Wei Nan, Zhang Ming and the rest.

“Nie Li.”

“Nie Li!”

All of them joyfully gathered beside Nie Li. Although they’ve exchanged letters, they haven’t seen each other for a long time. All of them have undergone a great change in this period of time.

“I trust that you guys are well?” Nie Li looked at everyone and smiled.

“I’m great.” Du Ze replied with a faint smile.

“Us as well, our cultivation has grown greatly as well.” Wei Nan, Zhang Ming and the rest replied.

“They are…?” Nangong Xianyin suddenly asked as she looked at Nie Li.

“All my brothers.” Nie Li smiled.

Nangong Xianyin’s expression drastically changed with great shock. As the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect, she had a great information network. She practically knew about every single talented elite amongst the other Divine Sects, not to mention those like Du Ze, who stood out from the masses and held great authority in their respective sects.

She never expected that Nie Li would stick his trusted aides in every single Divine Sect! 

Not to mention that every single one of them were extremely talented as well!

Nangong Xianyin naturally had no idea that the reason why the cultivation of Du Ze and the rest was so powerful wasn’t merely because of their talent. All of them have cultivated a top-tiered Cultivation Techniques, something that those ordinary ones couldn’t be compared to. Not to mention that Nie Li even gave them so many Sacred Elixirs. So it would be tough for them not to stand out from the masses.

Naturally, they’re also extremely hardworking in their cultivations without slacking behind. With their talents paired with their power in their Sects, every single one of them held authority in their sects. So when the other Sect Masters headed towards the Heavenly Note Sect, they brought them along, which was undoubtedly a glory amongst the Disciples.

“Today is the day of our reunion, we must celebrate this!” Nie Li laughed.